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Mars signifies our passions and actions. How we act or react to certain situations. Mars is also known as a warrior and therefore is high with an adrenaline rush when on the battlefield. We can also say the same for when we are on the go in every day life, charged with energy, thinking straight with direction, and so pursuing our goals or daily initiatives.

So when mars is “upset” or not able to deal with certain situations it chooses to rest away and recuperate

Mars in our chart shows “how” we get angry and how we deal with those emotions. For example a person with :

Mars in Aries – volatile, loud and people certainly will know they are angry

Mars in Taurus- a stubborn angry whereby its very hard to pacify this person. Takes almost begging to make them at peace again, and mostly this mars will bottle up everything till the end and then explode like a volcano

Mars in Gemini – will be angry but try to deal with it by witty hurtful comebacks, will also throw its anger around by expressing it to multiple listeners sometimes losing the real facts around what they are angry about in the first place

Mars in Cancer – also debilitated position for mars. And so comes across as a depression and will hide away under the duvet. Will “beat themselves” up over and over by rethinking the reasons they are angry. And possible revenge

Mars in Leo- fiery and dramatised expressions. Not being able to back down and will defend their point to the end. Hard to accept other views. Loud to prove a point but eventually anger turns into a depression and find it easier to hide under a duvet.

Mars in Virgo – critical analysis of an arguement and multiple points of action are evaluated and put across. Ultimatums given and conclusions reach a point of no return.

Mars in Libra- so angry but want to forget they are angry and so ignore things which in turn imbalances them and so they will just agree with the opponent to keep the peace.

Mars in Scorpio – will act cool on the outside and leave a situation but will internally curse the reason for anger and test each avenue of the problem in their head, thinking how they can get back at whoever just angered them. Revenge is plotting

Mars in Sagittarius- anger is dealt with pretty blunt words and blame game is used. Everything is turned onto the opponent and nothing is their own fault. They carry on as normal brushing the anger and the issue off as if the blaming has suddenly made it go away.

Mars in Capricorn – sign of exaltation- anger is very practical here and solutions for the anger are sought and ways to calm down are looked at.

Mars in Aquarius – basically don’t give a damn who thinks what. They want to be on their own until they calm down and their own high opinion of themselves makes them ok again.

Mars in Pisces- overflowing anger emotions lead to feeling helpless and lost until they find a way of getting back control. Some try to manipulate or emotionally blackmail the cause of their anger whilst others will hide away under a duvet to block everything else out.

The whole “hiding under a duvet” when angry relates to Mars being depressed or too downright angry. The natural energies of mars cannot handle depression aptly at Times and so it’s easier to fall asleep or block out the light. In a battlefield a warrior needs rest and time alone to recuperate and build back its energy and the same applies to mars energy within us.

Try notice this next time ur angry! 

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