Priya Kapil Astrology

AQUARIUS is the eleventh sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Saturn and its symbol is the water carrier.

Positive traits

Aquarius people maybe feel that they like to be different to others and have a certain uniqueness . Although they like to be around people, internally they may prefer their own company, and may often feel ultimately they are alone.

They actually understand others very well, as they are very observant. They can instantly pick up what others are all about. Being deep thinkers they are able to analyse situations from all angles.

They are loyal and when in a relationship, are devoted to their partner, whether they show this in a romantic way is another story!

Being an Air sign, Aquarius needs intellectual stimulation else they get bored easily, so they are very good at general  knowledge and keeping up with current affairs and all things new.

Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart and likes to help others when fighting for a just cause.

Negative traits

Aquarius may come across as being emotionally detached and this is because they have a strong desire to be independent, and others sometimes see this to mean that they don’t care about them. This is not the case, as Aquarius does care but just
cant help giving off an aloof appearance. They hate feeling constrained or restricted as Aquarius loves freedom.

Aquarius can come across as having a lot of pride, and for that reason sometimes they can a bit too defensive about things that are important to them. They want to be accepted as they are, and if anyone doesn’t like this, then Aquarius will end up purposely doing more of the same thing to annoy them further! They are secretly a big Rebel inside.

They sometimes lack tact when trying to get their views across, perhaps because it doesn’t really matter whether anyone agrees with them or not, as they feel they are enough to stand their own ground.

They have an unpredictable nature and can’t always control their tongue with diplomacy when provoked.