Priya Kapil Astrology

With Aries there is always a stubbornness or hot headedness. They are quick to take action without thinking and you may have a lot of break-ups and make-ups. They can be quite childish as the first sign of the zodiac; they have a lot of growing to do and a lot of lessons to be learned.

They believe in loving number 1 first, so they are known to be a little bit selfish. They don’t believe in ‘discussing’ things because they are so important and will be happy to make decisions on their own. They can be risky, fun is important to an Aries and so it can be hard to turn down temptation. They are adventurous and not afraid of consequences. Ruled by Mars, they can be direct but also quietly manipulative to get what they want and very blunt. However when they are given the chase and they finally fall in love, they will do everything to keep their partner thinking they are the best lover they can ever have.  An Aries woman is actually too hot to handle! She will not tolerate being told she can’t do something. She will not like chauvinistic behaviour and will very quickly tell you who is in charge if she has to! She wants passion and lots of it. An Aries man is driven and always wants to win. They can be dominating but it’s often from a place of genuinely believing that they know best. They will want to be in charge and love playful adventures. They often hide their softer emotions but are extremely hot headed.

Aries & Aries – too close for comfort
This can be interesting because both compete to be the best and this can be a problem. It can bring out the best, but also the worst in both partners, because someone has to be the passive one, right? The good things are that both people are independent and so give time to the other.
They are both enthusiastic when it comes to enjoying life and having a sense of adventure which means it keeps the relationship alive and away from boredom.
But oh can there be massive ego clashes! Both are hasty and both want to be the driver. A level of compromise is going to be needed else. The tempers can be a problem and a serious conversation around ‘arguemental etiquette’ can help avoid a never ending spat.

ARIES & TAURUS – difficult match
Both are very strong willed, stubborn and independent. Neither will be able to back down in argument and this can be a problem. Taurus wants stability and loyalty but Aries is just so impulsive and makes all the decisions quickly and thinks of consequences later in hindsight.
Taurus will not be able to stand disloyalty or the need for fun ‘in the moment’
There is bound to be a good physical chemistry as both have a high stamina and enjoy the romantic thrill. Arguments will be just as hot headed and Aries will not have the patience to pacify Taurus who takes their time in coming back to normal only after someone has effectively begged for forgiveness. Aries will not beg. They would rather turn around and walk away.
However Taurus can bring structure to Aries, and Aries brings fun and adventure to Taurus. Overall it’s going to be a clash of the titans. Lots of adjusting needed.

This is a spontaneous, fun filled and exciting relationship! Both don’t care much for others and will be busy in their own bubble like teenagers in love. There can be a sense of immaturity in both and someone will have to grow up at some point.
Chemistry is amazing, both very passionate but both can shy away from emotional commitment. Aries can be a bit controlling for Gemini who needs independence. They can be good match if they set some ground rules

This is hard relationship. There can be issues around commitment with Aries, which is something Cancer will definitely want. Cancer may have to compromise on their expectations of cosy time together as Aries cannot live in pockets. Aries has a quick temper which is portrayed loudly and with rash actions, whereas Cancer gets upset and emotional and cannot handle too much drama, they will always blame Aries for everything, this can push them away.
Cancer can feel controlled and dominated by Aries over powering nature, and it can seem that they are getting taken advantage of.
Cancers is too sensitive as a water sign to deal with a fire sign like Aries.

ARIES & LEO – can be a wonderful alliance!
This is a good match. Both compliment each other’s passionate, fun and adventurous sides, although both are fixed in what they believe in. there can be a lot of positive energy at the start of a relationship especially when the exciting flirting kicks in.
These two fire signs both love being the centre of attention so this can be an issue if one is getting more appreciation than the other. But they can learn to balance this. Neither likes to be dominated and they are likely to be loyal to each other and have similar interests. They will fight to stay together.

ARIES & VIRGO – a bit too imperfect
Aries can be quite vocal about what they feel they want whereas Virgo likes a bit of privacy. Also Aries will be rough and tough and not necessarily the most careful when it comes to keeping their environments mess free whereas cleanliness and order is a massive thing for Virgos and this can cause resentment. Virgo always looks at all the info available and makes ‘perfect’ decisions and will get annoyed at how Aries doesn’t really care about this. Aries can demand a lot of affection and be over passionate which Virgo might find unattractive.

ARIES & LIBRA – good match
Both are fun loving and love to be free spirited and outgoing. However they both want attention, Libra will often end up sacrificing their own wants to keep Aries happy which can turn into a bit of a dominator and submissive relationship. This can work if the balance is just right otherwise it can be disastrous. It really is a case of opposites might attract. Libra likes to have their own lazy time and this can bore Aries.

ARIES & SCORPIO – disastrous!
This is not a great match. Scorpio is full of mystery and mind games whereas Aries doesn’t like being played as they will lose interest if they have to try too hard. The secretiveness, clinginess of Scorpio can be off-putting for Aries who just doesn’t like to be cornered. Aries is action oriented and fast paced whereas Scorpio can spend too long just figuring out whether they should trust Aries.

ARIES & SAGITTARIUS – Pretty dam good!
They are both fire signs and the passion is HOT! There is definitely a chemistry that brews and both love the adventure and chase in getting to know each other; they get the physical needs that they both have. They love fun and behave like party animals when together; one of them will have to be the ‘grown up’ because otherwise there can be a lack of discipline. They both give each other the space that’s needed and can enjoy their independent natures during the day only to come back to being a loving and affectionate couple in the evening.

ARIES & CAPRICORN – hard work
Aries loves fun and adventure and is risk taker at heart whereas Capricorn loves to weigh things out and only go for well calculated risks – this can be a good balance in the long run if they can also balance out the other contradictions in personality. Because Aries is fast paced and makes decisions quickly, they can find that Capricorn is too slow and organised for them which dampers their style; this can lead to hot headed arguments as neither is prepared to get out of their fixed approach. Capricorn wants to be methodical and plan everything in life, the next steps, but Aries just can’t be bothered and doesn’t always stick to plans anyway because they have so many things going on in their mind at the same time anyway.

ARIES & AQUARIUS – can be pretty awesome
Aquarius can be totally unique and customised to think of new things to impress Aries and this is what Aries loves- being centre of attention and adored. However problem is that Aquarius only does this when they are in the right mood and can easily switch off. Aries is very passionate craves affection but Aquarius can be on and off about this and can sometimes be totally cold and aloof which annoys Aries in love. However both are very independent signs and this ability to exist without each other for sometime can actually be very beneficial in the long run. When they are on the same page, the chemistry is amazing.

ARIES & PISCES – disaster!
The emotions just do not match. Aries wants to be part of the crowd and enjoy the limelight whereas Pisces prefers the spiritual bond and just wants to hideaway and enjoy a deep, emotional commitment, something to treasure in their fantasy world. Pisces will get jealousies quickly seeing Aries banter with others, even though it is harmless. But Pisces will be too hypersensitive to handle Aries independent streaks. Mood swings can be the nature of this match. Also the negative controlling, dominating and manipulating side of Aries can be overbearing on Pisces who may start to feel a victim of anger and frustration from Aries. They bring out the worst in each other.

*based on general compatibilities between rising, moon and sun signs, overall match must take into account full chart analysis as other factors may override*