Priya Kapil Astrology

Planetary snapshot
In 2021, Saturn will remain in your 10th house of Capricorn which represents your career, image and relations with father figures. Rahu (North node of moon) will transit your 2nd house of Taurus representing Income and Family; Ketu (south node of the moon) will be in the 8th house of Scorpio to do with unearned income, losses and health issues. Jupiter will come out of its sign of debilitation on 5th April and move away from your 10th house of career and into your 11th house of earnings and achievements. It will then move back to your 10th house of Capricorn in September 14th where it is again debilitated; It then will make its third and final transit of this year back into Aquarius your 11th house, on the 20th November.

Mars is your ruler and therefore you may be adversely impacted during its debilitation when it dips into the sign of Cancer between 2nd June to 20th July. Mental peace, family dynamics can be disrupted. Try not to make decisions about land and property investments or buying a new car in this period.

Mercury retrogrades thrice this year. Being the lord of your 3rd and 6th house, it is a time to manage your expectations regarding recognition from the people you work with. Be patient as you may particularly sensitive and impatient around the times of the retrograde so careful this does not come across in a negative way where you have to revisit issues. Key periods to watch out for mercury retrograde are: Jan 30th- Feb 21st, May 29th – June 22nd, sept 27th – Oct 18th, and the mercury debilitation when it will be in Pisces your 12th house (31st March – 16th April).

Venus will be closely associated with the Sun and therefore ‘combust’ or ‘ast’ between the Jan 25th – April 23rd. As Venus is the lord of your 2nd and 7th house, to do with Income, family and love relationships, you may find that there is unsettled feeling to do with financial security aswell as unfulfilled expectations from relationships. Keep the peace, see the bigger picture and the grass is not always greener. Ride this time out, do not make any big decisions relating to relationships yet. This also applies for the period between 11th Aug – 15th Sept when Venus is debilitated in Virgo.

Career & Finances:
This year will continue to be a time of change for you on the job front. Saturn remains in your 10th house of career which means there can be further changes to your job role. You may be given more responsibility, a promotion can take place. There will be a rise in earnings which is more likely after April when Jupiter the planet of luck and expansion enters your 11th house of earnings. As Jupiter has been debilitated in your career sector for most of 2020, the issues that you may have experienced with people you work with will start to resolve from March onwards. Work with sincerity and determination and you will surely be recognised this year.
There is a chance of you investing money into property or spending on renovations at your home. There will be a growth in your assets. Be careful to carry out the right due diligence as Rahu in your income zone can create unnecessary issues. Do not lend or borrow money from family members or friends without the necessary legal contracts in place.

With Rahu transiting your 2nd house of family, there can be issues with family members especially in-laws, try to see the bigger picture and not rise to conflict. Keep the peace.
There will be an improvement in love relationships this year. Try to see things from your partner’s point of view and be aware that you are not over dominating. Make efforts to maintain peace and plan for regular quality time together. There are chances of an addition to the family if you are planning. If you are single, you will have good chances to meet someone significant after April as Jupiter will be aspecting your 5th house of Romance. Point of caution, don’t take your work stress out on family members, try to keep a good balance. Overall this is a good year for building positivity into relationships and looking forward.

You may be prone to headaches, sinus related issues. As you are an active sign it is important for you to use your excess energies by remaining active through exercise, dance, yoga or maybe even take up something new like martial arts. For those that suffer from chronic health conditions related to digestion, gynaecological problems there can be flare up between the months of June and July when your ruler Mars enters Cancer its sign of debilitation. You will be able to manage this through the right approach.

For students this will be a much better year as Jupiter the planet of wisdom and study will finally be out of its state of debilitation and be aspecting directly onto study zone in your chart. Between Jan – March try to keep your focus and set yourself small goals and achievable study targets, the work you do now will set the foundation for success in the second quarter of the year onwards. You will find you have a renewed passion and drive for success. Make sure you put in the groundwork to reap the benefits.