Priya Kapil Astrology

ARIES is the first sign of the natural zodiac.
Ruled by Mars, its symbol is the Ram.

Positive traits:

Aries people tend to be fiery and courageous individuals. They have a massive amount of energy to start new projects with great passion and zeal. They feel that they know it all and they have the best ideas and can imagine themselves winning on all accounts.

As they are ruled by the Planet Mars, they are very ambitious, and energetic. The self confidence that they have makes them good leaders in the workplace. Also having a dominating personality, they prefer to be delegating and in positions of responsibility rather than working under others. It is often because of this reason that many Arians chose to be self employed or freelancers in today’s world.

Being ruled by Mars, they are naturally defensive and can put up a pretty damn good argument when they are in the mood. They therefore portray and aggressive style in the way they speak- they can’t help it unless they consciously try to calm that down. They also speak very fast, like a soldier on a mission.

These people are made to compete and this brings out the best in them. Mars in their horoscope says a lot about how  successful they actually are.

Arians like the Ram, have good observational skills and they notice even little details about their environment and people that they are interacting with.

Aries are known for their high sex drive and energy level. They are very passionate about the person that they are in a relationship with and are a pure sex God /Goddess when it comes down to it! So if you are partnering an Aries be ready for excitement, spontaneity and adventure!
Aries are warm and exciting lovers, they love passion and when they feel comfortable they can make their partner feel like there is nothing better. They can shower their partner with extravagant gestures and gifts and cater to all their needs.And somewhere along the line, they expect the same back!

Negative traits 

The negative side of their personality is that they can be way too impulsive for their own good causing them to make quick and rash decisions, without thinking through the consequences, and then they find themselves in hot soup!

A negative mars in their chart can make them highly impatient, and this is one of the key reasons why they have ideas to start many new projects but don’t always finish them. They find themselves thinking faster than they have time to act on something.

Aries people are actually quite sensitive internally, and this is why they have a short temper and get easily agitated, angry. They don’t always like listening to others, they think their own point of view is usually the best..and ofcourse the ‘right’ one. But this trait mellows down as they get older and wiser with age.

Arians need to be careful that their great managerial abilities don’t turn into dictatorship – as sometimes it becomes easy to get carried away with the buzz of the power that they feel when in control.

Aries people don’t like being told what to do, so they like a relationship which is easy going, and not full of rules and  regulations. They love their freedom, so if they are made to feel like they are being watched or tested, then this will turn them off and make them move on!

There is an element of self centeredness with Aries, but what you see is what you get!

Arians hate Insecurity in their partner, they like to be with someone who also exudes confidence like them, BUT if they  themselves are made to feel insecure then they can become jealous and short tempered.

Things need to be kept interesting in this relationship as Aries can get easily bored but enjoys the chase for sure, they put all their energy into getting the one they have their eyes on. They love the attention once they are with their partner and the partner must also reciprocate this to keep things alive.

One thing to note about Aries partner is that they don’t care what they might say in an argument, sometimes they can say really hurtful stuff, without actually meaning it at all. They can appear to be overly aggressive, but this is just the way they come across, and sometimes this needs adjusting both by them and the partner. This is really because they are internally quite sensitive and don’t always know how to channel their feelings in the correct way. Being the first sign of the zodiac they can come across as a sign with a slight immaturity but this is their lesson in life to evolve through what they must go