Priya Kapil Astrology

For purposes of a Vedic Astrology case study I have shown below the analysis that can be carried out for one of my clients – who will remain anonymous, but for this case study we will refer to her as Mansha! This general analysis will be based only using D1 chart for ease.

To construct your own charts, the birth details are as follows:

DOB- 23 Aug 1981

TOB- 06:50am
POB- New Delhi, India.

I am trusting that you will draw up your own kundlis, along with supporting charts and dashas, but here is the main snapshot of the D1 chart for reference.

Questions for you to consider about her chart before reading my analysis below:
1) Determine her overall nature and personality
2) What are your findings on her profession
3) What are your findings on health
4) Comments about marriage

Analysis & Findings

Prediction on Personality
Mansha is a Leo rising sign, with moon sign of Taurus.
She is an extremely loyal and generous individual, and her family are the most important thing to her in the whole world. She would look after them to the highest standards always. She will look at the needs of her family before her own and can become very defensive if anyone says anything against them as she believes that the only meaningful thing in life to her are her blood and her husband’s family. She regards friends and other people as secondary outsiders and feels that she doesn’t need anyone else as she is happy in her own world.
This is the reason why she may have very few or no ‘best’ friends. It’s because she chooses not to get close to outsiders – but this does not mean that she is not sociable – as with the sun in ascendant she shows outwardly, that she is infact a people’s person and puts 100% efforts in with everyone.

Also having the sun in 1st house, she can be very fiery at times and get hot tempered quickly, but will calm down just as quickly. She needs a lot of love and attention being a Leo. She will totally melt if someone shows genuine care and appreciation towards her. She loves being the best at everything and likes to be rewarded through praise and admiration – and if she doesn’t get this praise or respect she can become irritable- because being a Leo person she needs to feel needed.

Moon exalted in Taurus, 10th, gives her a very persistent personality, and she doesn’t give up easily. She is very persistent and puts a lot of energy into whatever she chooses to do. But her downfall is her stubborn nature which also comes from this Taurus moon. Although she doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone, she does however find it hard to forgive and forget and this means bringing things in the past up again and again. If you annoy a Taurus person you have to work very hard for them to accept any apology!

Prediction on Profession & Finances

With her having mercury in the first house, she is in a job to do with talking and teaching. The Sun in lagna also gave her links with government which gave her a job as a teacher in a public school. Moon in 10th house again shows links with caring and children, hence she works in a school, an element of childcare.

She has Sa/Ju/Ve in the 2nd house- she is a person that will gradually get better at saving money. She does have a lot of potential for large expenses as Rahu is in 12th BUT generally I feel that she is cautious enough as Sa in the 2nd house does give a slightly reserved nature and she will definitely learn to save as she goes through life.

Prediction on Health
With all these planets in the 2nd, she is likely to have a sweet voice if you interpret the ju /ve. She is in fact also a good writer of poetry. She did have an ENT problem when she was younger as the Sa is afflicting the 2nd house.

The Mars aspect on 6th house has given her slight issues with digestion over the years and piles. This heat from being a Leo and also the mars affliction will give issues with being hot and fiery, so I did advise to keep the pitta dosha in balance.

Prediction on Marriage

In terms of the married life, in general there is nothing overly negative, except arguing domestically due to the nature of both husband and wife. This can be seen through the aspect of Sa & Ra on 4th house which shows a disturbance in domestic peace. Also the influence of Sun on 7th house- tends to make her a bit dominating and this is a part of her nature which she was told to adjust accordingly.

The differences which I saw were with her in-laws, as the Sa in 2nd house can affect family harmony, however her nature was that family is the only thing that is important to her, so she was ok in this respect. But I think the fact that she lived away from them, was the saving grace.

General conclusion
Finally, as a general overview of her chart, she will be settled abroad away from her birthplace as Ra in 12th and Sa aspect on 4th house do indicate settlement abroad. However she will be having trips back to her birthplace over the coming years. Overall future in Mansha’s chart, she has started a new golden period from 2015 in the form of the Jupiter Dasha which will last 16years. It will be the lord of the 5th and 8th house and it will make her more creative and wanting to do things differently in a good way. She will feel more positive and also there are chances of her income increasing through finding a good job/ new venture.

She needs to make sure she does not put on extra weight though as it could worsen her current health issues.

The overview above is a general analysis, as a detailed reading would be too much for purposes of a case study, but I hope this gives you a good indication of the logic behind some of the interpretations relating to this chart.