Priya Kapil Astrology

My Client for this case study will remain anonymous, but we will call her Sandra. She has done well in her career up to now, but has struggled with her marriage. There have been instances of deceit and after a marriage of over 20 years, it now is beginning to fall apart.

As part of learning, you can use the details below to do your own analysis, and I will follow with my interpretations below:

DOB- 7th May 1968
TOB- 09:09am
POB- UK, London

I am trusting that you will draw up your own kundlis, along with supporting charts and dashas, but here is the main snapshot of the D1 chart for reference.

Questions for you to consider about her chart before reading my analysis below:

1) Determine her overall nature and personality
2) What are your findings on her profession
3) Comments about marriage
4) Current issues (as at 2016)

5) Analysis & Findings

Prediction on Personality
Sandra is a Gemini rising person. Looking at her chart she is a very social personality and peoples person outside the home, gets on with everyone, is a bit of a gossipy nature and generally likes talking. She has a Leo Moon, and is very generous. She can do anything for her family and can get quite defensive also – and this is what has happened, she has been taken advantage of by her husband who has taken all her assets and transferred them to his own name without her knowing, as she trusted him completely.

Going back to her nature, she has a bossy nature, that once she makes up her mind its hard to change it. This stubbornness can be seen by the malefics, Ra, Ke and Saturn in Kendra, making her headstrong when she wants to be.

Prediction on Marriage & Family life
Ketu in her 4th house of family shows her domestic peace is disturbed. Ketu here makes her think that her parents and siblings are against her, that they don’t care about her, and that only she cares for them. Ketu is giving that misconception and making her detached from them, when the reality is that they care deeply for her. This position also makes her feel that she is treated differently to her brothers and sisters by her parents.

Looking at this chart, you can see that the marriage has been disturbed from the very start. She is Manglik, as she has mars in the 12th house. The marriage has been full of arguments and mars being with the lord of her 1st house afflicting the 12th house, actually made her a victim of domestic violence, with her husband abusing her. 

Another thing that can be said about the lord of her 1st house with mars in 12th, is that it makes her so confused about things in marriage related decisions. And there have been opportunities of interference by outsiders in the marriage. If you consider the Mars Dasha, her husband was actually involved with another woman, so deceit took place.
Her lord of the 7th Jupiter is with moon, and this has given her the power to keep going, and saved her from severe depression so far. It is also a reason why her marriage has not broken legally until now. However if you consider the dasha that she is going through at the moment, she is about to start Ra/Sa at the beginning of 2017, and Saturn is also going to be entering her 7th house in transit. This shows high chances that divorce will go through, as she is already beginning to think this way. Her husband has named all her assets and money under his name without her knowing and is ready to leave her, so the transit and dasha is supporting this separation we can see. And as transit rahu and ketu are making their way to moving into her 2nd and 8th house next year, we can therefore deduce that she is more likely to be at a loss in this matter.

Prediction on profession

She is very ambitious about her career, with Rahu in 10th house, it gives her a drive and determination to be the best and climb higher and higher. But Saturn also in the 10th delays her efforts and gives struggle, so this combination gives her a lot of frustration that why she is not reaching the top even though she is working so hard. Nevertheless, she is still on a high position, but she feels it is not good enough for her. 

Sun exalted shows she has the potential to get to senior management levels, and success cannot be ruled out, but it is with struggle. However in the right dasha timing this will take her forward. According to her dasha, she will do better after 2019 when she starts antardasha of mercury which is her lord of lagan. Even now she has chances of changing jobs, but because of the transits and current dasha starting in January of ra/sa it will bring her jobs that will not be according to her satisfaction. 

With Saturn entering Kendra 7th house early next year in transit, she has chances to relocate or move jobs for certain. However due to her stress levels with her marriage breakdown, she will not be able to concentrate to her best on this.
The overview above is a general analysis, as a detailed reading would be too much for purposes of a case study, but I hope this gives you a good indication of the logic behind some of the interpretations relating to this chart.