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Benefits of Loban & Guggal – If ur feeling negative, burn some Loban – If you’re feeling energyless and down for no reason , burn some Loban. 

There is a distinct and mostly pleasant smell released from burning Loban and Guggal on charcoal. It’s very smokey but somehow satisfying and calming.

It is one of the best cleansers and purifiers of the home or work environment and has the power to take away negative energy or vibes that might have been carried in by yourself or others unknowingly, also any nazar or evil eye.
Being used in prayers and rituals in many different cultures, it’s naturally positive and powerful and the smell also helps to lift mood and reduce negative feelings.
Burning guggal with ghee on charcoal along with Loban, cleanses the air as the smoke released is a natural pest repellent, keeping likes of flies and mosquitoes away.
If you feel you have nazar or are experiencing constant negative situations regularly , try burning Loban and guggal in your house for five consecutive Tuesdays and Saturdays and notice the change in the environmental energy around you