Priya Kapil Astrology

CANCER is the fourth sign of the zodiac.
Ruled by the Moon, its symbol is the crab.

Positive traits Cancerians

Cancerians are ruled by the moon, so their underlying nature reflects the qualities associated with that. They generally
have moods that fluctuate, extremely upbeat with the waxing phase of the moon, bright and optimistic, and then around 15 days of downbeat behaviour through the waning stages of the moon.

Cancerians are extremely sympathetic; this is due to their naturally caring nature. They are motherly and nurturing, and have
a warm reassuring touch physically and mentally. They have fleshy hands that give that healing touch when someone is tired or lacks energy, they are able to give the best massage, usually because they genuinely want to make others feel better and take away their pain.

Cancer signs are fair individuals who cannot stand for unfair treatment towards anyone. They refuse to go against their
principals, and will not want to even ‘white lie’ on any application forms, as they believe in being ‘correct’ at all times.

Cancerians are generous people, and will not leave anyone at a loose end if they need help, even if this means that they
disadvantage themselves at the cost of making someone else benefit. They are extremely hospitable, and for this reason do well in hospitality based services.

When a Cancer person is positive, they are very self assured, and able to make good informed decisions, and prove the best
at giving guidance to others. They have an intuitive streak about them which makes them give good advice from their ‘gut’ feel/instinct.

The qualities of the moon as the lord of Cancer sign enable them to get on well with people from all different circles and backgrounds. They are good at talking and making others understand things. They are magnetic and a peoples’ person.

Cancerians are imaginative and creative and have good taste in fashion and home decoration, they are great at interior
design. Their houses are nicely laid out and have a relaxing atmosphere, the stereotypically homely feel to them.

Negative traits of Cancer signs

A Cancer person will be known for the emotional nature and over sensitive personality. They may either get angry and
lose their temper very quickly, or not get angry but instead go into a super sulking mode, bit like a crab digging himself into the sand to hide away.

The oversensitive nature that comes with a Cancerian, can be due to them having high ideals and expectations of situations
which are only suited to a fantasy world. Because of these expectations they develop a slightly nagging nature about them that can be especially annoying to others. The thing is, they don’t believe that they are nagging at all! Another factor related to this, is that their positive hospitable side actually turns into an over mummifying experience…too motherly to everyone without realising, but they mean well.

Cancer signs have a weakness in that they can’t let go of the past. Whether it’s an argument, an incident or a bad memory, they
find it extremely difficult to let go and move on. Even years later, they are able to recollect and bring it up as an example. This is not beneficial as it only harms them and creates anxiety and a sense of hurt.

Cancerians are generous and don’t like seeing anyone in distress, so they try their best to help people. This part of their nature can often get taken advantage of, where they find that the favours are not always returned, the generosity of both time and effort is not always reciprocated when they need help.

A weak attribute is that the Cancer person needs a lot of assurance about everything at times. Even if they know they have the full capability of doing something, they still need reassurance from another person. This can become burdensome on the  ‘other’ person, and drain their energies, which can result in them not wanting to be around them in the future. This lack of confidence causes the crab to retreat back into the sand.

Cancerians have hard lessons to learn as they grow up. When young they have a gullible nature, and may believe anything
someone says. This can get them into trouble on more than one occasion. With this the Cancerian grows wiser and more independent as a result.