Priya Kapil Astrology

Planetary snapshot
In 2021, Saturn will remain in your sign which will bring positive changes. Rahu (North node of moon) will transit your 5th house of children, study, confidence, love life; Ketu (south node of the moon) will be in your 11th house of earnings. Jupiter will come out of its sign of debilitation on 5th April and move away from your sign into your 2nd house of income and family, which will be positive. It will then move back to your sign of Capricorn in September 14th where it is again debilitated; it then will make its third and final transit of this year back into Aquarius your 2nd house, on the 20th November.

Mars is lord of your 4th and 11th house representing mental peace, land, family and earnings. You may be adversely impacted during its debilitation when it dips into the sign of Cancer between 2nd June to 20th July. There can be misunderstandings in relationships or ego clashes that cause arguments with others. You may find you lack focus and concentration. You may find there are issues with family members, disputes. You may have issues with your mother or her health may need attention. There can be financial losses, avoid new investments in this period. Keep active and look after your health.

Mercury retrogrades thrice this year. Mercury rules your 6th and 9th house. You may need to review travel plans, as there can be disruptions. Try to avoid big events in these periods as you may struggle to get things done due to being anxious and overworked. Check your work thoroughly. Key periods to watch out for mercury retrograde are: Jan 30th- Feb 21st, May 29th – June 22nd, sept 27th – Oct 18th, and the mercury debilitation (31st March – 16th April).

Venus will be closely associated with the Sun and therefore ‘combust’ or ‘ast’ between the Jan 25th – April 23rd. As Venus rules your 5th and 10th house of romance, study , children and career, you may have issues in these areas due to your expectations of what you think you want versus what you appear to be getting. Try to be realistic. Try to be practical. This also applies for the period between 11th Aug – 15th Sept when Venus is debilitated in Virgo, relationships will need attention, be patient and understanding.

Career & Finance
Changes on the job front have already been surfacing over the past year, and you may find that you are starting to acclimatise to being outside your comfort zone into the beginning of this new year. There may be more changes to your job which will be positive in the long run. More responsibility and a change of department or location cannot be ruled out. You may be feeling a sense of dissatisfaction at the start of the year as Jupiter remains debilitated with Saturn in your sign but this will start to ease after March.
With Ketu (south node of the moon) in the 11th house of earnings, there can be fluctuations in income. Any rise in earnings may be accompanied by additional and unexpected expenditures on home and property investments. Be cautious with spending habits. You may be in the mood to make big changes, but be cautious of leaving a job before you have something else to step into. Business owners, it is a time to plan and think ahead. This year will be better but with Ketu in the earnings zone, it is likely to bring results less than expectations, so have a plan B.
There are good chances of buying a property, renovating or investing in some other tangible asset this year.

With Saturn aspecting your 7th house of marriage and relationships, there continues to be a feeling of distance between loved ones. You may find you are too busy to give time to family and this adds to the frustration between you. Try to keep a good work life balance and acknowledge that a softer side needs to be shown to those who love you. With Jupiter entering Aquarius in April, you will find wider family disagreements start to resolve. You will feel protective of your family and do your best to look after them. If you are single, you will find that you can go through periods of frustration and confusion as Rahu in your house of romance causes things to seem different to reality. Be observant and ask questions. Don’t take things at face value. You are likely to meet someone special, they can be from a different background to you, either culture, community or country of birth.

Take care of Back, legs and feet. Keep active. Try to take time out for relaxation. You carry a lot of energy and often bottle things up which can result in problems bought about through stress and anxiety. Breathing exercise, meditation and water therapy will prove beneficial.

This is a year where your hard work will pay off provided you invest time in putting efforts in. Saturn is the karmic police and being the lord of your sign and placed IN your sign right now, it will give you results according to your efforts. You shall reap what you sow is the theme. Having Rahu in the 5th house of study can cause issues with concentration. You must work hard and maintain good study habits. A disciplined and structured approach is a must, else you run the risk of wasting time and not achieving your set goals. Make short study sessions with clear targets. You may find it difficult to sit and revise for long periods. You need short burst of revision which will be more productive for you. Take on some side hobby so you have a means for motivation. If you can indulge in meditation and mantra recitation this will be advantageous to your success. Remember the key to your success is patience, planning and perseverance.