Priya Kapil Astrology

CAPRICORN is the tenth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Saturn and its symbol is the goat.

Positive traits

Capricorn are self made people and are known for their hard work and commitment in getting them where they are today.

They take pride in their work and often give more importance to professional concerns than regular home life. This is no bad
thing providing a healthy balance is maintained.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, capricorns are likely to have a reserved and somewhat stand offish nature. They are meticulous planners, and have great organisational skills.

Anyone can depend on them for getting things done, however they do not like to depend on others as they believe only they
themselves can do things in the ‘right ‘ way. Capricorns like to be in control and run a tight ship.

Capricorns are known for being great at managing tasks and sticking to timelines and budgets. They always look ahead
and this is one of the reasons why they do well.

Another quality that their ruler Saturn bestows is that it makes capricorn very practical and responsible, presenting a very prudent nature where it deters them from taking uncalculated risks.

Being an earth sign, Capricorn is very much in its element when they are grounded and have rational and realistic plans and

Negative traits

Some of the negative qualities that are associated with your capricorn sign are that they can be very stubborn once they
have made up their mind on a certain issue.

Capricorn likes to stand its ground as they do genuinely believe that they are the expert on many things and therefore the solutions provided by them are the best ones! For this reason they may unknowingly annoy others, as capricorn finds it hard to listen to others ideas, because they are the ones that need to be in control.

The ambitious side in Capricorn can sometimes come across to others as being rude, harsh and sometimes insensitive. This
should be worked on, and it is probable that  as they mature, they will have learnt how to temper this side of their
personality over the years.