Priya Kapil Astrology

D7 chart is needed to look at how children will be, this is the saptamsa chart. Look at 5th house in D7 for first child , 7th for second child, 9th for third child and so on.

Was interesting today came across a chart where D7 had Saturn , moon , mars in Lagna and rahu in 3rd house. Interestingly the first child was normal delivery and no known health problems. But here’s the thing – all the malefic aspects were being cast onto 7th house which represents the second child. This was not a normal delivery but Caesarian, and also there was a slow growth, speech delay and being on the autism spectrum.

Saturn afflicting in conjunction with moon mars and rahu caused the slow learning and speech delay, and mars with rAhu aspect causing the behavioural issues.

The question by the mother was how would a possible third child be as she has had a lot to deal with the last few years and is worried due to past experience.

Good light was D7 9th house was having Jupiter in my experience this is a great negator of malefic influences. So wishing all the best !

So whilst lagna chart can show us general about offspring and childbirth, D7 tells us more about the individual children and how they will be in terms of wellbeing , delivery and relationship with parent. For this time of birth is very important.