Priya Kapil Astrology

Full moons can prove to be quite unsettling for some people. Moon has a big effect on our emotional well-being, mental state.

It is a fact that at times of full moon and even new moon, when sun is directly opposite or directly conjunct the moon respectively, our inner and outer world can be in conflict. What we have or see is not fitting in with the expectations of what we want. And so the inner turmoil takes over.

Sometimes u may have noticed a day before or few days before a full moon, #moodswings seem to be apparent for no real reason. Some people get overtaken by extreme anger whilst others are very withdrawn with depression.

Families who have more than one individual with a weak moon placement in their chart or ruled by Moon (cancer risings) especially, will notice there seems to be world war going on leading up to the full moons. This can be very stressful and energy draining.

Signs affected include:
#Scorpio moon signs
Moon in 12th house individuals
Moon in 4th and 10th house
Eclipsed charts

Children are also quite affected. For babies and younger children, you may notice that child becomes very clingy around this day, and may cry or be irritated for an unknown reason. At this time with moon also representing mother, it is calming for the mother to spend more time giving affectionate cuddles and just being present.

For those affected by Full moons
▪️- Recite mantra Om namo Somayae Namah
▪️- Recite #mantra Om namo Shivaya Namah
▪️- Start the Full moon Day With meditation
▪️- Light white candle the day before full moon, and on the day itself and do some flame gazing
▪️- For kids who are disturbed or irritated on full moons, waking up in the middle of night, put drop of milk on their foreheads starting two days leading up to the full moon n on day itself. Lots of love and affection to keep them feeling secure and safe.
▪️- Mop floors with sprinkle of natural sea salt in water to keep family relaxed