Priya Kapil Astrology

GEMINI is the third sign of the zodiac
Ruled by Mercury, its symbol is the sign of the Twins

Positive traits

Ruled by mercury, the air sign, Gemini is a social butterfly, they love to interact with people from all walks of life and get on at every level as they are able to adapt themselves to the personalities that they are with.

Gemini’s are highly intelligent intellectuals who are often great mathematicians or scientists, they are able to think outside the box and come up with ideas/solutions to complex problems by thinking in a mental capacity which is higher than others. This is another reason why they are very quick to learn new things or grasp ideas and concepts without much trouble. The  mercurial element in them is at its best helping them to be quick at everything and multi talented in technical, mechanical and
lingual areas. They are great at picking up new languages. They are good at writing, comprehensive literature and poetry.

The air element associated with this sign along with Mercury’s lordship makes Gemini’s very witty, with the ability to give a sharp finely tuned answer to questions, along with a great sense of humour. They are bubbly and their mood becomes infectious when in a group.

Gemini’s have a very seductive side to them and even in general public they can come across as charming and flirty. This is just their nature. They have very analytical minds and can quickly and easily see both sides to an argument before they decide which way they want to proceed.

Gemini’s are all about interaction with others, they need to be engaging with other people, and for this reason we find many Gemini’s in communication related careers.

Negative traits

Another part of Mercury’s nature is to be adaptable, and whilst this is strength it can also become a weakness. Gemini
people find it very easy to change their opinions based on who they are with. This can be seen as fickle, or disloyal if they are seen to be agreeing with one person on a certain thing and then have a changed view when they suddenly speak to someone else.

Because of this interchangeable side they have, and perhaps also a sign of a twin personality, they can be seen to be extremely moody. They may be downright upset or depressed one day and then the next they may act absolutely normal, as if nothing was wrong. The dual nature of the sign Gemini is also responsible for this trait. But this changeable mood can make them appear unstable in the worse cases, making others lose trust in them. Another disadvantage about the duality of this sign is that, they sometimes cannot make their mind up and end up choosing the wrong path/field.

Gemini’s have a selfish streak about
them, where they will look for their own advantage in situations. This shows
their practical nature and survival of the fittest instinct.

Gemini’s, ruled by Mercury are information hungry individuals, they want to know everything about everything, how something works, why someone acted the way they did, why the sky is blue what causes this etc. whilst this can be advantageous in a work related context, on a social front it can make the Gemini seen to be nosey and interfering in others business. Once they know the answers to their questions, they then like to communicate these to others – a negative of this is that they can be seen to be a Gossip.

This is a sign which needs intellectual stimulation, and if this doesn’t happen, they can become extremely bored and agitated. Gemini’s can be restless people and it is not surprising that they are prone to nervous issues. Again not surprising as Mercury also represents nervous disposition.

Overall Gemini is a lovely personality and has a lot to offer on all fronts !