Priya Kapil Astrology

Medical Astrology is an area which really fascinates me and I have a great interest in this. Our ancient scripture the Vamana Purana stated how the different signs of the zodiac were to be used as representing the different parts of a man’s body, this being the body of Lord Shiva – the KAALPURSH.

Kaal means time, and Purush means man. The Kaalpurush is therefore a representation of the man through time and its associated with imagining the body of a man being transposed over the whole of the zodiac signs, so that each limb, each part of the body falls into a particular zodiac house/sign. 

The Kaalpurush Kundli is massively Important when it comes to studying health & illness in a person’s horoscope – in my opinion! It is almost the ultimate roadmap to point you in the direction of making a useful prediction which may help the person to look into an area of concern before it is diagnosed medically, allowing the appropriate treatment to be planned before a problem gets to a worser condition.

If in a horoscope a certain house is afflicted then by using the Kaalpurush kundli you can determine what part of the body will result in an issue. You can judge the severity of the issue by looking at the strength of the house, and the strength of its lord and also that of the afflicting planet.

We can also use the knowledge of the general nature of the planets as to how they might affect the health of the person. For example:

• Sun afflictions will cause issues with vitality, energy, general immune system

• Mars afflictions likely to cause issues through accidents, fire related incidents, rash/infections, cuts with weapons or through surgery

• Saturn is a slow natured planet, so can give problems that are very slow to develop but are chronic

 Rahu affliction, represents issues of a sudden nature, could be related with poisons, mysterious and unexplainable diseases, things which the doctor may not be able to find

 Ketu again would be unexplainable illness, hard to detect, insect related, viruses, and resulting in the loss of something

• Jupiter when a functional malefic or severely afflicted can cause excess growth, enlargement of something which is unnatural

Here is a summary of some of the things that we can take from the KP kundli:
1st House
ARIES – represents the Head, Brain, Skull
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause, headaches, fevers, migraines, brain malfunction, inflammation, accidents to the head, sinusitis

2nd House
TAURUS – represents the Face, neck, throat, larynx, right eye, nose, lips, chin, right shoulder
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause thyroid problems, throat disease, problems with swallowing, constant cough, oesophageal reflux problem, neck pain, ENT problems, tooth problems

3rd House
GEMINI – represents arms, right side, hand, shoulders, larynx, voice, right ear, lungs, upper respiratory tracts, nervous system
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause problems with breathing, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory issues, coughs & colds, ENT issues, ear infections/hearing problems

4th house
CANCER –represents the chest, breasts, lungs, heart, ribs
Afflictions to this house or sign can indicate breathing problems, breast problems, chest infections, tension or depression

5th house
LEO – represents Heart, Back, spine, stomach (upper abdomen)
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause poor circulation, heart attack, weakness of the stomach/digestion, back pain, cholesterol problems.

6th house
VIRGO – represents lower stomach (lower abdomens), intestines, kidneys, bowels, hip area
Afflictions can cause digestion problems, constipation, acid & gas, ulcers, diabetes, appendix problems

7th house
LIBRA – represents the reproductive organs, egg, semen, also kidneys, urinary system
Afflictions can cause fertility issues, sexual problems, urine infections

8th house
SCORPIO – represents genital organs, rectum
Afflictions can cause piles, inability to pass bowels properly, haemorrhoids, sexual arousal problems, prostate problems, hidden diseases related to Sexual activity

9th house
SAGITTARIUS – represents thighs, liver, hips,
Afflictions can result in high cholesterol, pelvic weakness, sciatica, obesity, liver diseases

10th house
CAPRICORN – represents Knees, spine, back, bones, joints, skin and teeth
Afflictions can cause knee problems, pain in legs, arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, skin and dental problems

11th house
AQUARIUS – represents legs, ankles, calf muscles, left ear and left hand
Afflictions can cause arthritis, rheumatism, leg pain from poor circulation, varicose veins, muscle pains, gout

12th house
PISCES – represents feet, left shoulder, left eye,
Afflictions to this house or sign can indicate foot pain, fluid retention, insomnia

There is a lot of experience and research needed to apply medical astrology in the proper and correct manner, so we cannot jump to conclusions without doing analysis on a variety of factors in a chart. We must consider the strengths of the planets, the house, aspects from benefics and afflicters. Also the dasha the person is undergoing along with the transit planets impact will determine whether or not they will see the problem that’s indicated in their chart or not, in this lifetime