Priya Kapil Astrology

Ketu generally creates a strong feeling of emptiness relating to the area which represents the house it sits in within a chart.For example in 7th house it can create an emptiness relating to marriage and relationships, 4th house ketu can make you feel your family doesn’t care about you or your mother is not loving towards you, 5th house makes one feel your children are not there for you and so on..

Sometimes it becomes a situation where you have so much in one area but it is not enough. Eg accumulating so much wealth through income (if it’s in 11th house) but feeling it’s still not enough…so there is a feeling of drainage or constant yearning.

Rahu is always directly opposite Ketu. So where there is an emptiness in one area it’s also that rahu is the driver for wanting more and never being satisfied with what you have. In my opinion it is also the “illusion” of not having enough when in reality you do have enough but you are under the impression that you have a void, as this is what Rahus aspect does.

The placement of Rahu and Ketu is very much your past karma. And the dashas (timing periods) of these planets is where the majority of your karmic debt plays out. Ketu placement will be the area where you will struggle and feel empty , detached and lost, have disease or strange weird events taking place- that don’t always have a logical reason.

Ketu is the greatest or most important planet in Jyotish spiritually because it is the ultimate truth for life here.

Jupiter is also important but there teaching more about our Dharma, but Ketu is the hard truth that really drives it joke through the challenges it puts us through.

The benefits Jupiter and Venus are teachers and are somewhat softer, but the cruel planets saturn and Ketu teach lessons in a way which embeds in the soul and forces us to use the teachings of Jupiter and Venus.

depending on how strong Ketu is in a horoscope, it can give it’s impact at a peak till 42 years of age.

Ketu is considered “the bed”. A bed provided by the inlaws or parents after marriage is a good remedial measure for luck in marriage and it is said that until that bed is being slept on, the inauspicious effects of Ketu are kept at bay.

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