Priya Kapil Astrology

Ketu is the south node of the moon, known as the dragon’s tail. It is headless, therefore directionless. It is a shadow planet and is known for its spiritual qualities and the journey to attain salvation, moksha. Ketu is a detached planet, and therefore shows a detachment from certain things, depending on the house that it is sitting in the chart. Ketu is a natural malefic.

Some of the things Ketu signifies are; spiritualism, detachment, maternal grandparents, karmic results/lessons from past life, intuition/ psychic abilities, tantric practices, natural healing.


If Ketu is in the 1st house, the person speaks sharply and says things how they are without any care of how it comes across. They appear to be rude. They also are analytical and therefore are prone to starting arguments or petty quarrels when others don’t think in the same way as them. These people are very independent, as ketu has the quality of detachment, and in the 1st house ketu makes one very independent and egocentric. They don’t like compromising.

Sometimes, a badly placed Ketu in 1st house will give a lot of self doubt, lack of self  confidence which can cause a negative/ pessimistic personality, always complaining about things or comparing themselves to others.  On a positive note, ketu makes one spiritual; this is different from being religious. If Ketu is able to find a proper guru to guide it, it can reach extraordinary heights. These people are naturally intuitive, and if they try, they can develop their psychic abilities to help others. Many good astrologers, tantrics have highly placed ketus in their charts, as do healers.


Ketu is the planet of detachment, and depending on where it is in the chart, it gives a feeling of emptiness, a void in that area.

Ketu in 5th house, love and romance relationships makes it difficult to open up to the other person, and often appears a closed book. These people are never satisfied with their
lover as they set up such high and unrealistic expectations of what they want in a partner. For this reason they struggle at relationships.

They really want things to work, but have a feeling of something missing, and so a love relationship carries on but with arguments and struggles most of the time. They are quick to
end things and move on to something they think is better. But ultimately these are lessons that they are carrying forward from previous lifetimes, and fulfilling their karmic path. Eventually through the suffering and heartache, they learn the value of true love, and this is after they have had a few breakups.

Ketu in 7th house, and in marriage

In marriage, ketu in the 7th house is a factor which will cause a loss in domestic peace, similar to my article on Rahu. However with ketu, they will eventually become less bothered about their spouse and seek other things in life.  Ketu is not materialistic, and these are the lessons which the person will learn slowly, and through this process they get distant from what they originally thought they wanted in their partner.

Ketu in 7th house can cause divorce and separations, especially in the malefic dashas and transits over 1st or 7th houses. Ketu makes a person cry from deep within, this is all about the karmic lessons that they need to learn before the soul moves on.

Influence and aspect of Jupiter and benefics mitigate a lot of the effects, as does regular meditation and praying, thereby Ketu takes the person onto the path of higher spirituality.

KETU and your CAREER

Some of the areas that Ketu governs over professionally include; alternative medicine, ayurveda, pharmaceuticals, poisons, secretive affairs, occults jobs, healers, astrology, tarot, translators, paranormal experts, tantrics.

Ketu in 10th house and career

Generally Ketu will give ups and downs in the 10th house, as the person will take on jobs early on but will find that they keep changing frequently for whatever reason. These people like to work independently and we often see that they work better and with more stability as self employed people, or contractors working for themselves.

Ketu is mystical and spiritual, and it is not surprising that psychics, clairvoyants and tantric posess a link of Ketu with their lagna, 8th and 10th houses.

Ketu also represents animals, so aspect or relation with Mars can give opportunities of being in veterinary sciences.

Ketu with Jupiter can bring one into the line of spiritual & religious teachings or care of the elderly such as working in a care home.

Ketu and venus can bring in the line of secret affairs, or working medically in the area of gynaecology if there are other suitable factors for study of medicine in the chart. This doesn’t have to be as a doctor, it could be as a trainee, nurse or other works in for example, sexual health clinics.

KETU and your HEALTH

Some of the areas that Ketu governs in medicinal astrology are; sharp cutting instruments, fracture of bones, ulcers, drug addiction/intoxication, body pains, phobias, depression,
hidden diseases, intestinal worms/parasites, infections.

Ketu and hidden diseases and health

Ketu presents diseases that are hidden or not easily diagnosed. Depending on where it is in the chart, it will affect the body parts that are represented by that house- of it is badly afflicted or with lords of the 6th, 8th, 12th houses.

In the dasha of Ketu, a person normally suffers emotionally, and the stress from whatever is causing these overwhelming, explosive emotions, brings out the illnesses in their body.
Ketu with the moon especially is a predisposition for anxiety and depression.

Ketu with moon and Saturn can mean that the person has certain phobias that are deep seated, a fear of something.

Mars relation with Ketu brings surgery, ketu is the surgical instrument, and usually the surgery indicates removing something – ketu is the loss of things. This could be for example, removing a hernia, or appendix, or even an ingrown toe nail! All depends on the placement and strength of the planets involved.

Parasites, worms are an area of ketu, and tape worm, or some infection in the body relating to parasites is also a possibility of ketu. Ketu is the also the significator for poisonous bites, bee stings etc.

As Ketu is explosive in nature, it will create issues relating to fire in the body, or pitta dosh according to ayurveda, ulcers, skin boils can all be attributes of a malefic ketu.


Recite Ketu Beej Mantra:

“Om Shram Shreem Shraum sah Ketave Namah”

Recite Ketu Mantra

“Om Namo Ketave Namah”

-prayers to Hanuman ji & Ganesh ji

-donate items relating to ketu ; sesame oil, brown
blanket or clothing,

-feeding or caring for a dog

– feed the birds daily to release negativity