Priya Kapil Astrology

LEO is the fifth sign of the zodiac.
Ruled by the Sun, its symbol is the Lion.

Positive traits 

Leo’s are extremely generous and warm hearted individuals, they try to do everything within their power to please the people around them. They are the perfect host when having people around their own home or workplace.

They are born leaders and naturally take the front seat on any projects, some of this is due to the fact that they love being in the limelight and having all the attention and praise for good work. Some of it is because they know that they are the best at doing everything. Sometimes it is hard for a leo to work as part of a team because they want to do everything themselves.

Leo’s are most creative and can think outside of the box. They are the best actors on the stage of the zodiac, and they are very good at expressing their thoughts, there is always some glamour and drama in the world of Leo.

For Leo, family is everything. They feel they are responsible for their family and put them first even before themselves. Leos are very loyal, and expect the same loyalty back. They purposely choose not to have a big circle of friends, they selectively decide upon having a couple of close associates who they regard as family.

Leo’s are generally positive and cheerful individuals, and they do not like to hold a grudge against anyone, and for this reason they feel very uncomfortable if they have had a fall out with a close friend or family member.

Leo is very ambitious and strives to achieve especially when faced with competition.

Negative traits

Leo genuinely believes they are the best candidate for most things, and for this reason sometimes they can come across as too proud or snobbish.

Leo has a quick temper, and so can be very loud when frustrated or in an arguement , almost to the point of being scary! But they also calm down just as quickly.

Leo needs praise and attention, they crave this, however when they are not given the recognition they deserve, this makes them negative and enter sulk mode.

Being a fixed sign, Leo can be extremely stubborn when it comes to what they believe in. They are not great fans of change, and they prefer things to carry on as they are, which can be a drawback in periods of adversity.

Leo needs a lot of time to themselves to recharge and face the world, more so than others. This is the trait of a Lion in the jungle, they must have time to lie down and sleep even through the day, or even just watch tv to their own accord. However this can lead to unproductivity and thus Leo must learn to shake this habit of laziness.