Priya Kapil Astrology

LIBRA is the 7th sign of the zodiac.

It is ruled by Venus, and its symbol is the scales.

Positive traits 

This is an airy sign and is ruled by the planet of beauty Venus. You have sharp features and a pleasant appearance.

Its symbol is the scales that represent balance, justice and harmony and these are things that are generally important to Librans.

Libra cannot stand things which are unfair to others, unethical or cruel treatment as this would make you feel very uneasy. This makes you a genuine, nice and noble individual.

They hate confrontations as they can make them very anxious, and therefore Libras try to keep within all rules and regulations as you don’t want all the unpleasantness of arguments to unsettle them and so they try to keep out of trouble.

Libra likes to maintain harmony, and for this reason, when arguments do start, they tend to quickly retreat backwards and want to settle things asap for the sake of peace of mind.

Libra likes to be with someone else all the time, they work best in groups or partnerships- and they want everyone to get on well!

They are always busy making everything perfect and balanced, a Libra likes to be organised!

Being an AIR sign, Libra’s are very fast in everything they do. They think fast and often come up with a solution to a problem before someone has even finished their sentence as their mind is two steps ahead. You are good at picking up and learning new things quickly and are good at telling others what you think they should do.

Negative traits

Whilst Libra is ready to take the stand against unethical behaviour’s when needed, on most occasions, they prefer to take the middle ground, and do not like being caught up in unnecessary issues with others. This can sometimes be seen as simply sitting on the fence and not being able to take decisive course of action / strong decisions.

Another reason that they try to keep in the middle is that Libra knows that they have the ability to sway from one extreme to the other very rapidly, and this can be very unsettling.

Being the sign of the scales, Libra has the tendency to be either very positive and energetic, or the total opposite, moody, drained and pessimistic not caring about how they come across to others. This is something that Libra will need to learn to control and keep more of a balanced approach to every day happenings.

Libra may see others opinions as the benchmark and do not often know what their own opinion actually is at times, and so can find it hard making up their own mind