Priya Kapil Astrology

MERCURY RETROGRADE Will commence 17th February 2020 And will last until March 10th when it becomes progressive again.

Retrograde is when the planet appears to be moving backwards whilst orbiting. It then becomes stationary for a period before resuming direct motion. Astrologically mercury retrograde can have an affect in various ways. Being the planet of communication, it can cause miscommunications or misinterpreted information that can be detrimental on many levels.

Plans may be delayed or have to be changed.
Travelling can become a nightmare journey or problems can occur and hence it is better to have a plan B and leave extra time for hiccups.

If you are a Virgo or Gemini, or your 5th/7th house falls in these signs, then you are more likely to be affected in your love life. This tends to be a period of frustrations due to lack of mutual understanding and unsatisfaction stemming from unfulfilled expectations

It is best to stay calm and not take things overly seriously … sometimes it’s best to ignore certain comments from a partner which are said in the heat of the moment. But unfortunately that’s easier said then done especially in mercury retrograde… we are far more sensitive in this period…and whilst mercury gives the ability to analyse things as a skill, it can also gives the tendency to overanalyse critically and be sharp and rude about how conclusions are put forward.

Confusion is also a mayhem in new relationship, there will be an inability to make up your mind about what u want hence potentially leading to the wrong decision being made. Hence why it is said to avoid making major changes or decisions in this period.

Paperwork relating to projects , purchasing items or property can be overseen and may have to be revisited or resubmitted due to errors. It is advised to read small print for this reason. If there is aspect of Saturn on the mercury there are chances of fraud or completing deals through deception.

So basically
Stay logical and rational- or atleast try
Have a plan B for travel arrangements
Leave extra time for journeys
Count to 10 when in a situation for arguement
Avoid major relationship decisions
Be less critical with what is said by those close to you
Ground yourself through meditation
Chant mercury mantra
Indulge in yoga to curb anxiety
Double check important paperwork’s
Be alert for scenarios where deception is possible

Mercury will remain in Aquarius even after resuming direct motion until April 7th 2020