Priya Kapil Astrology

The Moon is known for its magical, mysterious and supernatural significances from many ages, and in many cultures. Moon is used as a guide for festivals, calculating good muhurta

for starting auspicious works, and used in many religions as a means to when to break a fast. Moon represents our mind and emotions and how we instinctively react to things.

Our Moon sign is often enough to tell a great deal about who we are and our internal personality. Some of the things Moon represents are: 

Karaka for mother, happiness, state of mind/ mental state, beauty, milk & milk products, cow, water, face, blood & flesh, silver, pearl, fertility, fluids, feminity


It’s said generally, that people born when the moon is in the waxing phase (going from new moon to full moon, growing), are positive, ambitious and have a very infectious, vibrant and full of life type of attitude. Those born in the waning phase (going from full moon to new moon, decreasing), are less optimistic, more cautious, and things can get them down easily- in a general sense.

The moon is eloquent, graceful, full of beauty and charm, therefore those with a prominent and well placed moon in a chart, tend to be magnetic and attractive, they have an appeal
that is hard to resist. They often have many friends for this reason. Further to this they have a caring and empathetic nature, and are good listeners to others’ problems, offering good guidance as they want to genuinely help people.

This caring side and nature, can often get taken advantage of, and strong moon people often find that they learn various lessons in life the hard way through experience, which makes them stronger and wiser as they get older. 

Strong moon bestows a strong mindset and the ability to think clearly and make good decisions. It brings with it a ‘gut feel’ instinct which proves to be right, as these people are highly intuitive, and can even be psychic. A negative, or not so well placed moon, affects mental state of a person, and if it is highly afflicted, it can cause a person to be a pessimist, and negative all the time. It can cause extreme mood swings, which unsettle the person and the people around them.


Moon in 5th house, love & romance..

Moon in 5th house, makes one very creative and have childlike qualities, and infact love being around children. This attracts partners who admire this quality about them, and who yearn for a motherly, nurturing type of person that can fulfil their desires for a traditional family.

The 5th house placement of the benefic moon, makes the person enjoy gatherings, and so will want a partner that is an entertainer, and mixes in with their family and friends, in the same way that they would do. They love gatherings, parties and social events where they can shine.

Moon in 5th and casual flirting..

People with this placement need to be careful with their casual flirting, as in the house of love and romance, the moon can be mischievous, and send signals to people attracting them without realising. And because of this, they sometimes get taken advantage of in love relationships, because when a person shows interest in them, they find it hard to say NO, because they don’t want to hurt someone, so they end up seeing them or seeing how the relationship goes just because they find that easier then ending something. They are too caring about the partner, and put them first before even themselves.

In a relationship, a strong moon in the house of romance means that they need a lot of warmth and affection and crave this. It’s a necessity. It can almost feel that the person ‘mothers’ their lover.

Moon & confusion in love

A badly placed moon in the 5th house of romance, gives a lot of confusion in early relationships on whether the person satisfies their expectations of love. They will to and fro between being with them, and not being with them. But then will stay with them in a confused state just because it’s easier and less emotional then breaking up with them. This is not healthy for either lover. As the moon fluctuates during the month with the waxing and waning phases, so will the decisions and mindset of the person, first half up and positive about the relationship, and second half confused and ready to break it off.

Moon in 7th house marriage, and matching compatibility, Gun Milan..

In Vedic Astrology, moon has been given a lot of importance in marriage compatibility analysis, mainly called Gun Milan. I won’t go into too much detail about gun Milan in this article as it is a lengthy topic in itself, but in short, looking at the various associations of the girl’s moon and how they tally with the boy’s moon and its characteristics shows a general picture of their emotional compatibilities.

Moon in 7th house, gives a very royal feel to the person, and their partner will have characteristics of a ‘Queen’, as Sun is the king in astrology, so the moon is known as the queen.

People who have moon in the 7th house of marriage, generally develop a dependency on their partners very early on, they crave the warmth and caring from someone else. They feel very alone if they are not with someone. Another thing is that they hold their partner on a pedestal, they become completely absorbed and magnetised by them, making them think there is nothing else in the world that’s worth more than their partner.

They search for the traditional marriage, husband wife relationship. But when the moon is afflicted then this search becomes a frustration and a fantasy which they idolise over, bringing nothing but heartache.

Afflicted moon in 7th house

In many cases, a seriously afflicted moon makes one have tendencies of ending life if the marriage is not going well – and this needs to be analysed very very delicately by looking at all factors, dashas, transits, supporting planets and so on – you can’t just say that any badly placed moon will cause these tendencies, there are many delicacies to consider before this conclusion is made. But yes, in those cases, the person can fall into depression and think what is the point of living if not in a stable relationship- and this is not the right way to think,
as there are many things in life other than a ‘partner’ that can fulfil your needs, and there is always hope to meet new people who have evolved in their life and can offer you much more.

In cases of a positive moon in 7th house of marriage, then the person is very well connected with their spouse, and cares in a way that nurtures and ‘mothers’ them. Knowing their every need and thought pattern, as moon makes one very intuitive and having a power to connect deeply. They are brilliant cooks!

MOON and your CAREER

The moon governs professions concerning: shipping, navy, fishing, dairy, petrol ( fluids), hospitality, service and transportation related works, writing, acting, cooking/chef/restaurants, nursing, import/export, childcare.

Moon in business and careers impacts how well you can make relationships with people, which is very important in today’s fast paced world. People with a full moon in their charts
are naturally magnetic, and instantly attract people to like them. With this also comes jealousy and they may well find issues at certain times in life due to backstabbing / jealousy.

Moon in 10th house of career can cause a person to change their career multiple times throughout life. This is also true if moon is the 10th lord, as moon is a fluctuating planet, changeable. Moon in 10th house makes the person very concerned about their public image, and often they will have a much respected image. If this house is then afflicted, during
transit then there would be opportunities to be defamed, or lose their status.

Hospitality is an area which is very suited to the characteristics of the moon, where it nurtures or looks after others, as does nursing and childcare.

Some combinations with moon

Saturn with moon causes change of location and roles whenever they get together through aspect or transit.

Jupiter with moon causes rise in status or a due promotion to be received, along with an increase in wealth.

Rahu with moon, in career can cause a termination of employment that is very sudden, if aspected by benefics there will be some moneterial settlement with this.

Ketu with moon, makes a person cry in their workplace, as they are not able to take the stress of the situations they endure.

MOON and your HEALTH

In medicinal astrology, moon represents stomach, breasts, left eye, lungs/ breathing, fertility (egg), lymph, mucous membranes, nutrition, mind, colds, menstrual cycle

Severe affliction to moon will no doubt cause mental issues, and these can take the form of depression, bi-polar, psychosis, schizophrenia, and breakdown, more so if there is impact of another negative planet on the moon. I have broken down the combinations of these mental illnesses below.

Affliction by:
Saturn + Moon – depression

Ketu + Moon – loneliness, suicidal tendencies

Rahu + Moon + Mercury – Bi polar,

Rahu + Moon + Mercury + Mars – psychosis, schizophrenia

Mercury + Moon + Saturn – Nervous breakdown

These are some examples of the Severely afflicted combinations with moon which need to be analysed very delicately by looking at nakshatra placement, supporting benefics, strength of planets and dasha, transits before coming to a solid conclusion, as many times an aspect of a well placed benefic can mitigate much of the negative effects of these.

The other area moon represents is fertility. Moon is the seed or the egg in a female. Afflictions to this, especially if related to 7th house or 5th house, can cause a low egg count, or a hostile environment in the uterus which is unable to nurture the egg.

Jupiter afflicting the moon can cause problems with unnatural growth in the area it is in, such as tumour or enlargement of tissues, or problems with breast tissue.

Moon affliction in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th houses causes health problems due to excess fluid in the ears, nose or chest area, and impact of mars can cause recurrent ear infections or chest  infections. Moon also represents breathing and lungs, so person can be prone to asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions and allergies.

Moon affects the menstrual cycle of females, and thus is susceptible to fluctuations if afflicted.

Saturn afflictions to moon also can cause eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, as moon represents the food or nutrition in our chart. But Jupiter also needs to be analysed for this.


Recite Moon Beej Mantra

“Om Shram Shreem Shraum sah chandraya namah”

Recite Moon Mantra

“Om Namo Somaya Namah”

-donate items relating to moon; white items, rice, yogurt, sugar, white clothing, silver

-wearing a silver bracelet

-wearing a pearl ring or in locket