Priya Kapil Astrology

PISCES is the twelfth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Jupiter and its symbol is a pair of fish.

Positive traits

Pisces people are very caring and generous individuals. Ruled by Jupiter they are generally noble and good hearted souls. 

There is a natural intuition within a pisces and they will sometimes make decisions based on a gut feeling, and it is often right.

Pisces people are very creative and imaginative and do well in careers related to arts such as writing or drama. There is a natural flair of emotion hidden in a Pisces as they are very deep thinkers. 

Many friends and relatives may come to pisces for advice or guidance, as they are known for their compassion and good counsel. They have a natural way of making people feel at ease, and this makes them very apt for careers in healthcare also.

Negative traits

A Pisces downfall can be that they sometimes confuse dreams or fantasies with reality. They can get so carried away in their own thoughts that it becomes hard for them to separate what is true and what is just an idea in their head. This can lead to frustrations with partners who may get fed up of bringing them back down to earth. Problem is Pisces cannot see what the problem is, they are so convinced about their own thinking.

Pisces is an emotional sign, and they therefore are prone to getting hurt. They must learn to be strong and train themselves to be practical where its necessary. Over sensitivity needs to be managed by a Pisces.

Because they are good hearted and try to help others as much as they can, they run the risk of being led astray or taken advantage of. A Pisces must learn to be able to say ‘NO’, and know where their helpfulness must draw a line.