Priya Kapil Astrology

Mars is the fiery, red, hot planet and is known as the God of War in Greek mythology and known as Mangal in Vedic Astrology.Mars is a natural Malefic with the ability to cause great havoc in a horoscope. Yet it can be beneficial when it is theyogakaraka in a horoscope of Leo and Cancer ascendants.

Mars is the planet of action and getting things done and can therefore give massive amounts of energy and ambition when placed favourably. It makes a person bold and confident of themselves, and also denotes courage in a chart.

Mars Positive traits
When Mars is placed favourably in a chart, it gives stamina, vitality and confidence in ones own self. It makes them achieve their goals because they have a plan that they stick to and put efforts into.A good Mars gives the person a flair for persuading people about their own point and getting them to do things theirway- this can also be called good manipulation abilities. They are also good at maths and applying logic to things, hence accountants and doctors/scientists have well placed Mars in their charts.Mars also takes a person into sports, and you may see that children with prominent mars in their horoscopes often love physical education and competitive sports as this is a channel for their abundant energy.Positive Mars gives the person the ability to heal quickly from illness and wounds and they have a strong healthy immune system subject to the placement of Jupiter.

Exalted Mars
In the sign of Capricorn, mars is exalted and here it has great strength. It makes one goal orientated and gives the power and ability to see through plans and projects. It makes the person a good organiser running a tight ship. Their ambitions are realistic and they are tactful and diplomatic, and respected in their fields.

Mars Negative traits
A negative Mars firstly makes a person prone to accidents and injury. A negative mars is one that is afflicted by othermalefic planets, or one that is placed in the dusthana bhavas (houses 6,8,12). Mars that is malefic makes one have an angry temperament and the high energy that the person has, turns into frustration and unsatisfaction. The assertiveness from an otherwise positive mars, turns into uncontrolled or poorly controlled, aggression. This can mean that the person does not think before they speak and loses respect from people, or a reputation of being a loud mouth. A badly placed mars causes moodiness and the person can be perfectly fine one day and then totally opposite the next. They have a quick temper but can calm down very quickly too if the right things are said. Therefore it can be said that they are sensitive people even though externally they will portray a tough wall.
If their Mars is with Moon, then they are hyper sensitive and very easily annoyed, and may have a nagging personality.Mars with other malefics when exceptionally badly placed by house and sign placement can cause the person to have a violent nature or be subject to violence in life.

Debilitated Mars
Mars placed in Cancer, in its sign of debilitation will make a person lazy, lethargic and frustrated. They will bemoody and lack self control. Mars is a fiery planet and represents action, so in the sign of cancer it is totally energy less and feels drowned, the frustration caused by this will make it cause havoc and spoil the significations of thehouse it is in.Mars CombustionMars with Sun gives a lot of energy to a person and also a strong immune system and quick thinking, brain power and quick wit. However Mars is combusted when it is within 17 degrees proximity to the Sun. depending on the degree of combustion it can weaken the Mars and influence the person’s nature to that associated with a weak malefic mars.

Mars’s friendship & enemity
Friends: Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Enemies: Mercury
Neutral: Venus , Saturn
Mooltrikona: Aries 0-12 degrees
Exalted: Capricorn
Debilitated: Cancer

Mars Karaka, MarsSignificationsMars is the bhava Karaka or significator for:

3rd House, younger siblings, courage
4th House, Buildings and land
6th House, Disease, illness
some of the things Mars represents include:Mars Significators:

Competitive Nature
Fiery Places
Mountains, Forests
Power Confidence
Weapons/ surgical instruments
Land, Property
Energy Levels