Priya Kapil Astrology

Saturn is a cold and restricting planet, it is slow and disciplined. It teaches lessons through hard work and struggles, after which a person becomes stronger, wiser and more practical about life Saturn has a lot to do with justice and is a karmic planet, and the saying ‘what goes round comes round’,takes effect in a person’s life when there are significant Saturn transits

in the persons horoscope chart, during sade sate or dhaiya, or during the maha and antar dashas of Saturn. This planet is also a moksha karaka.Saturn can take a person to great heights of achievement but can also reduce them to rags, hence it is aplanet which many want to appease and keep calm in their charts.

Saturn Favourable, positive traits
When Saturn is favourably placed in a horoscope and it is devoid of malefic influence, it has the potential to take a person to great fame, riches and respect from the public. This is especially if the person is an Aquarius or Capricorn where Saturn is the lord of their ascendant.Saturn when favourable gives a person meticulous planning and organisational skills and the stamina to work around the clock if necessary to achieve their objectives.A well placed Saturn gives the person the ability to speak very diplomatically, while internally being very shrewd and clever. This nature allows the person to get ahead in both career and life in general as they win the trust of people in authority and therefore get what they want to move ahead.A person is able to make good judgement, and has great observational skills, good common sense, and a business mind set with a favourable Saturn in their birthchart. They are practical and magnetic, evenif they are not necessary good looking they are still attractive to people and have a following.They have good leadership qualities and find themselves in managerial positions. A strong Saturn is also good for the person to have their own business.

Exalted Saturn
Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. Here it will give results depending on the house that it is in. It gives one the ability to attract people to them, and make the most of other people, a good power to manipulate people nicely.

Saturn Negative traits
A malefic Saturn can cause all sorts of upheaval in a person’s life when it comes to the dasha of Saturn, or during Sade Sati, dhaiya, transit over birthchart houses.Saturn is restrictive and gives struggles when it is unhappy in the sign it in. it can delay events, and make the person feel as if they are taking one step forward and 3 steps back. The aim of Saturn is to make a person learn an area thoroughly and hence it slows out the process and makes a person totally absorbed in their situation until they understand the core of the matter. Only then it allows for them to move ahead.Saturn when placed badly gives a depressed, pessimistic outlook on life. The person feels low in self esteem, loses their self confidence and is unsatisfied with what they have. It gives a feeling of laziness, feeling tired, and constantly under mental pressure. with stress related headaches/neck shoulder pains/body aches.There are a host of illnesses, diseases that come about as the result of a malefic Saturn, and most of these are slow to develop and are chronic. Where a positive Saturn gives the person diplomacy in speaking, a negative Saturn will do the opposite, and tarnish the self image of a person, make them say things without thinking and have a rude or impolite way of speaking, rough manner about them.During unfavourable Saturn transits, including sade sati and dhaiya, there are financial losses and discord with family members or people of authority.

Debilitated Saturn
Saturn is debilitated in Aries. Here it becomes uncontrolled and unhappy and creates misery for the person, disturbing mental peace, financial security and creates struggles to get ahead in life.

Saturn Combustion
Saturn is combusted when it is within 15 degrees proximity of the Sun. this is not a good combination, Saturn and sun are enemies and this gives the person a bad temper and a lot of frustration. They do not have cordial relations with their father who may live away or have health problems. There are likely to beproblems with the law and people of authority during the dashas or transits of these planets.

Saturn’s friendship & enemity

Friends: Mercury, Venus

Enemies: Sun, Moon, Mars 

Neutrals: Jupiter 

Mooltrikona: Aquarius 1-20 Degrees

Exalted: Libra 

Debilitated: Aries

Saturn Karaka, Saturn Significations 

Saturn is the bhava Karaka or significator

4th House, Real estate
6th House, chronic disease, debt
8th House, longevity, chronic illness, accidents, inheritance, loss
10th House, career, fame
12th House, Losses, isolation, expenses, separation

Some of the things Saturn represents include:



West direction





Blue Sapphire



Legs, calves 



Chronic disease

Insect infected places

Black clothes


Laboured workers 

Old people’s homes

Black lentils