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Venus is one of the brightest planets in our solar system, it is always around a maximum of two zodiac signs away from the Sun. Venus is the planet of Love, beauty, arts, luxuries and attraction. Like Jupiter, it is also a guru, teacher and hence a counsel.

Some of the significations of Venus are : Wife/ Lover, Vehicles, House, Skin, Beauty, Luxury items, Marriage, Glands & veins, Arts, Nice Clothes, Bedroom, watery places, Kidneys & Bladder, Theatre/Dance, Models, South east, Eyes, nose, throat, neck, Music, Sex life, Ovaries/ uterus/semen, Voice, larynx.

Venus and your PERSONALITY

Venus is associated with beauty and generally people having Venus in prominent houses especially the kendra’s or trikona’s, tend to be very attractive. They have sharp features and a pleasing manner about them. They are naturally magnetic and people are attracted towards them, to talk to them without always knowing why they are pulled to them.

Venus the people’s person…

As I consider the 1st house to be a key part of a personality, I would say that Venus in 1st house makes a very social personality, always needing to be with people, talking and socialising as this is where the Venus feels comfortable, on the centre stage of life, dancing and acting. Obviously the nakshatra lord needs to be considered on how well they support this Venus, as for example if Venus is in nakshatra of ketu then it might somewhat be a bit more shy, or reserved in its performance , however the individual will still ‘want’ to be an extrovert internally but can’t do so fully.

Venus & flirting..

A prominent Venus makes one have natural flirting qualities- whether this is a subtle method of seduction or a purposely full on one. There is such a charm about these people that is hard to resist. They like music, movies and drama. They have good taste, and choice is almost always of an expensive nature, as Venus also represents money and expenditure.

Venus the counsellor…

Venusians tend to have a hot temper too, and like to be regarded as very important. Venus was the guru of the demons , known as shukaracharya, and therefore Venus people make good teachers but their style is very different compared to a jupiterian, as they are more testing and show a ‘tough love’ approach when needed.

Negative Venus..debilitated Venus

When Venus is in prominent houses but afflicted, then some of the fine qualities are lost, and the person may not take so much interest in their appearance or the way they dress, but this has to be extremely afflicted, as Venus generally is the planet of natural beauty.

A debilitated Venus or combust can mean there are periods within transits that the person gives up on their appearance and can’t be bothered to look after their appearance, not shaving, grooming, or caring about how they look. This usually corrects itself quickly either within 14 days of it starting (time period of Venus) or until the transit finishes.


Venus is the planet of Love and relationships, so it is soooo important when it comes to analysing a chart on marriage and relationships. Everyone wants love, and the placement of Venus shows the way or the style of loving that comes naturally to us.

Venus in marriage compatibility..

In relationship or marriage compatibility, it’s always good to look at the placement of Venus in both charts to gage an understanding of how compatible the ideals of loving of
the two people are. Big differences can lead to a long struggle in getting to know each other, and sometimes it might be impossible to change the way that naturally comes to you.

Venus in Saggi Man & Venus in Cancer woman..An Example

For example, a man with Venus in Sagittarius will naturally be someone who likes a lot of independence in their relationships, not wanting to be tied down and who subconsciously
hates the idea of someone ‘needing’ them. They will normally treat love and sex as a passion to hunt and get their ‘kill’, they love the chase, but once they have it, they are ready to get on with things and move on. Interest has gone after the result.

However a woman with Venus in cancer will naturally want the closeness, emotional connection in love, and they might not take so much interest in ‘the chase’ but their connection starts after they have decided to be with someone, and they then look for that same interest in their partner. They need to be needed and wanted.

In the above examples of Venus in Sagittarius man and Venus in cancer woman, you can see that there will be extreme differences in the way the give and expect love. It will be
hard to make it work unless there are other supporting combinations in the charts.

Love signs are such a huge topic which I will try to cover in a future article, but for now going back to Venus in love relationships…

Venus in 5th house – romance

Generally Venus in 5th house of romance gives a lot of opportunity for love affairs, and in early stages of life the person can go through a lot of heartbreak… so many lovers/ ‘wanters’ and not enough time!

Venus in 4th & 7th house – marriage partnerships

Venus in 7th in marriage gives a spouse who is very attractive, and at the same time raises your status after marriage.

Dig Bal Venus..

Venus in 4th also tends towards happy home, and things associated with the 4th house, as Venus is happy here due to it having directional strength, being Dig Bal in 4th. However another school of thought that has been practically in research is that, 4th house Venus actually makes a person quite flirtatious, and can cause situations to arise that can defame
them – 4th is opposite 10th house of status – so to keep the Venus strong, any extra marital affairs should be avoided.

Afflicted, debilitated Venus in Marriage

An afflicted Venus does however cause marital disturbance and a wide variety of factors within the chart need to be looked at carefully for this. A debilitated Venus, if not cancelled through neechbang yoga, causes petty disagreements, and the person to get wound up for no big reasons, or lack faith in their spouse. The main reason for this is that they have such high expectations, that ultimately become totally unrealistic, setting themselves up for failure, and they should really work at this to learn how to change these habits and thinkings.


Professions related to Venus lend towards the fields of musicians, actors, transportation, jewellery, poetry, singers, perfumery, restaurant, fashion, modelling and so on. These are
the traditional Venusian jobs so to speak. 

Venus and Business Partnering at work..

But in today’s day and age, a strong Venus conveys leadership qualities, it shows the ability to get on- communicate- relate and build relationships with people. In the business world, there is a term called Business partnering which is a skill many employers look for. This means the ability to partner across the business with different functions, sales, finance,  marketing, technical etc. A strong Venus in business gives you that ability and flair to present yourself – and the company /product you work for.

A strong Venus makes a good sales person as they are able to use their charm and magnetism to make the opposition onside. Same goes for politics.

Venus in 10th house, love at work

Venus in 10th house usually gives a nice working environment, flash office, friendly colleagues. It also shows that the person will have good relations with seniors and a good image in the workplace.

I have seen practically that if the lord of the 10th is Venus, or Venus is in the 10th, then the individual gets opportunities for love affairs through their place of work. Clients I have seen with these placements, often find their partner for marriage through work. If the Venus is the lord of your 10th or in 10th and is afflicted, it can cause dishonour or damage to image in unfavourable transits or dashas, and precautions should be taken to avoid any works or undertakings that are scandalous. This is also true if you don’t have this 10th placement, but are in the line of a Venus career such as modelling or glamour, media and so on. Remedies would be helpful.


Venus rules urinary system, genitals, reproductive system, hormones, glandular disease, sexual problems, skin, neck, throat and the pelvic area.

Venus in negative trik houses

If Venus is lord of the trik houses, 3, 6, 8,12, and it is placed unfavourably, it will cause some health disorder relating to where it is posited and what other planet it is sitting with. Similarly it can be said if it is in any of the trik houses, it is also affected.

Venus & Jupiter affliction

Afflictions with Venus and Jupiter have seen to cause diabetes as an example, but would require further analysis on other conditions in the chart. The same planet combinations
have also produced charts with problems of conceiving child, as Jupiter shows enlargement and on some instances it has shown issues of scar tissue growth in the fallopian tubes hence causing problems.

Venus & Moon, Sun, Mars afflictions

Unfavourable moon and Venus combinations also can cause issues with fertilisation, moon being the seed and afflicted Venus showing difficulties in sperm/semen.

Sun/Venus combinations can show problems arising with skin, inflammation, acne, and glandular fever.

Mars /Venus in 12th house can show surgery related to reproductive organs, activated in dasha or transit of concerned planets.

Please note that these are observations, and many other factors of supporting planets and aspects have to be considered in a chart before such conclusions can be drawn.

Make your Venus Stronger! Quick Remedies

– Venus Beej Mantra:    Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah

Or  Om Namo Shukraya Namah

– Donate items related to Venus: rice, sugar, white or pink materials, cow, silver item, ghee, yogurt, perfume, mishri.

– Worship Goddess Lakshmi

– Avoid extra marital activity