Career is such an important part of our life. In today’s world we spend more time in our jobs and workplace than with our own families. So it is so important to make sure we are happy in what we chose to do, and we do it with ease and not struggle.

Career report can show you which field your strengths and weaknesses are in, and you can adapt your approach with the help of knowing what suits you.

This report is for those that want to know more about how their horoscope chart affects their career.

It includes:

1. Specialised personalised and detailed career report

2. Analysis of planets affecting 10th house / lord of 10th , in D1 and D10 charts

3. The 5th house and your natural creative instincts

4. If doing Job- Professions that are most suited to you

5. If doing Business/ Self employed – areas that are most beneficial to you

6. Next 2 year Dasha & Transit Analysis of Planets and impact including

• Chance of any promotion

• Change of job / workplace

• Working environment stressful/peaceful

• Remedies

Once you order you can contact Priya Kapil via the order form below to leave your birth details. You will recieve a written detailed report within 10 working days.


Please note this is a personally written report and will take 12-15 working days to be completed and sent to you. In busy periods it may take longer.


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