This Phone reading helps you to understand more about your child’s nature and their developing personality. It is never easy being a parent, and astrology can help to show us what help and encouragement is needed for children at the most crucial times. This is an indepth analysis of your Child’s birthchart designed to empower you as a parent with the best astrological guidance.

In this consultation you will learn about your child’s horoscope covering:

  • Nature & Personality of your child through their Rising Sign

  • Your Child’s emotional make up and how you as a parent can support their development and teach them how to deal with challenging energies
  • Key areas of strength and how you can encourage them to build on these
  • Key developmental areas that may need your attention
  • What subjects they have a natural liking towards
  • What they are feeling right now under the ongoing transit of planets
  • What affect is their ongoing current astrological dasha having on them and how you can best support them
  • any questions that you may have for them.

This reading is for parents to ask about their children aged between 1 – 16 years.


” You described my daughter exactly, and it is good to know how she might be feeling internally without showing me. You were right about her health problems also…”   Maya Patel, Hertfordshire

“I had an astrology reading with Priya for my son. She clearly picked out his personality traits and nature which was bang on. But the most useful part was telling me the things I did not know and why certain behaviour changes were happening with him. She correctly picked out him being bullied at school and helped me realise this issue is still ongoing. This has made me put more efforts into my relationship with my son and raise these matters at school..”  Anonymous

“The reading was very interesting and informative. Priya was spot on regarding health and personality for my daughter. It has helped us make important decisions about our future…” Prakash Mehra, London

“Priya gave very useful advice to us for our two children, one of who is autistic. It has really helped us knowing about their personality and natures as me and my husband can change our behaviours and expectations to best help our kids…” Anonymous

“I have enjoyed the astrology reading from Priya for my daughter. It has helped her to chose her subjects for A-levels. The remedies suggested will also be good for her..” Faiza, Birmingham

Once you order you can contact Priya Kapil via the order form below to leave your birth details. You will recieve a reply within 24 hours to arrange an appointment.

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