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Energised Nazariya Black Tourmaline & Sterling Silver



In every culture there have been associations of wearing protective items such as threads, bracelets, talismans to recieve protection from negative energies, ward of evil eye, nazar, and to act as a spiritual shield.

The Nazariya is one such talisman tied on the wrist, in the form of a bracelet using black and silver beads blessed with prayers and positive intentions for the wearer. Nazariyas have been used for generations by the elders passed down to protect and energise the wearer.


With my line of work as an astrologer, I deal with a lot of people who are exposed to various levels of stress and negativity, whether that be situations where there are toxic relations in the family that weigh a person down, or frictions with people in the workplace due to being undermined, or a constant jealousy or silent envy towards them from other people in their
friends circle. All of these type of situations affect the energy and aura of a
person. I see many situations where people just cannot enjoy their small wins and happiness because once they talk about a positive win, they find they have something sad that happens at the same time and takes away the shine. Some of these things are due to nazar, also known as the evil eye – which is not always intentional but yet takes effect.

It is not just about nazar though, it is also about how susceptible one is to others’ energies. A lot of people go out of their way to make others feel better, motivating them, counselling them, imparting their own positive energy to lift another person when they are down. This is all done from the goodness of heart which is wonderful, but what is not so great is if in this process they temporarily deplete their own stores of positivity and then are unable to handle their own emotions. I always say a method of shielding or grounding such as meditation is important. Wearing things that are  protective and positively charged are going to help. Hearing other peoples issues as part of a day job or even a less formal role such as a friend or family member, can be very draining and the emotion can come out in the form of anger, crying, withdrawal from others, ill health, constant arguing in the home.

Personally, this has been a very charged year in many respects trying to help guide others who have suffered with break ups in marriage, issues with children, loss of loved ones, and issues in the workplace that have been soul destroying. It is in this period in trying to find ways to shield and protect myself, that I discovered a love for the black stone Tourmaline.

For those of you that know my stance on Gemstones, I only recommend natural stones and my work encompasses being a Gem specialist in Precious Primary Gemstones as they have a stronger effect than secondary,
tertiary stones and crystals. But I experienced a real pull towards Black

I felt it absolutely necessary to create something that combines the purpose of protection from Nazar and negative energies in the form of a spiritual talisman that can be worn in an elegant yet empowering way…


Made with High quality Natural Black Tourmaline and Sterling Silver. Every piece is hand made in the UK and blessed with prayers and mantras to energise it for the wearer. It is a talisman from Me to You, and the ones you care for, which is what makes it Unique, Sincere and Special. It is set with positivity and good intentions to promote strength, empowerment and protection.


Benefits of Black Tourmaline, one of the most protective stones used since ancient times:

It is a Natural Talisman and shield of protection
Provides powerful grounding
Promotes sense of Power, Self confidence, and assists positive self
Protects against other peoples negativity and psychic
It is a stone that dispels negative energy into positive
Helps with situations of panic, anxiety and nervousness
Activates the Root Chakra to help with low enthusiasm and

– High Quality Natural Tourmaline & Sterling Silver
– Hand made in the UK
– Elegant design
– Not bulky
– 6.5″- 7.5” adjustable
– Perfect for your own protection
– Perfect as a gift for loved ones you care about
– Energised personally by Priya Kapil
– 2 different bead sizes available – 4mm and 2mm in 3 beautiful designs Shakti, Shanti & Sakranti
– £42 plus £3 postage