A detailed horoscope report personalised using your birth details. Analysis of your personality, nature, emotional instincts as based on your Ascendant rising sign and Moon sign. Your nature in love as through analysis of the planet Venus placement in your birthchart and influence of the sign it is in.

It gives information and analysis about your :

1. Ascendant sign & your personality

2. Moon sign & your emotional instincts

3. Venus sign & your love nature

4. Analysis on key planetary aspects and impacts in your chart

5. Comments on key planetary yogas / combinations in your chart

6. Analysis of current Dasha period and affects

7. Next two years transits impact on you.

8. Horoscope charts


Please note this is a personally written report and will take 12-15 working days to be completed and sent to you. In busy periods it may take longer.




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