Marriage Compatibility Report looks at the horoscopes for both the partners and evaluates how well suited they are together. This is for married couples and those looking to get married. Indepth analysis of your natures, emotional needs, any key marriage issues and timings of significant periods in the next couple of years.

This will be a personalised report analysed and predicted by Astrologer Priya Kapil. It will provide the following information:

1. Analysis of issues of your married life

For Unmarried couples– will give guidance on best time for getting married according to your Dasha, transit and horoscope

2. Analysis of your partners nature in love alongside yours

3. How well suited you are with each others emotional needs

4. Analysis of specific planets impact on your marriage, and possible issues/improvements

5. Impact of current Dasha on marriage life if married

6. Next 2 year transit analysis & impact on marriage

For Unmarried couples- analysis of potential to get married within next two years transit

7. Horoscope charts for you and your partner

8. Gun Milan chart

9. Remedies


Please note this is a personally written report and will take 12-15 working days to be completed and sent to you. In busy periods it may take longer.




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