Priya Kapil Astrology

Rahu is the north node of the moon, it is known as the head of the dragon, and is a shadow planet. It is mysterious, unexplained, explosive, and sudden in nature. It is a natural malefic planet, and always causes an affliction wherever it sits or aspects.

Some of the things that Rahu represents are: paternal grandparents (and old people), poison, snakes, prison, imprisonment, anger, addictions, gambling, theft, hidden things,  cheating/lying, violence, explosions, sudden things, dirty/unclean, bad habits, delay & obstacles.


Rahu is mysterious and scary at the same time. It gives an obsessive nature when placed in the 1st, 7th houses, a person gets all engulfed with a particular idea and will not rest till they have an outcome that they desire. Rahu is about desire and wanting things.

Wherever Rahu sits in your chart, that will show you what you subconsciously fear & desire the most. Some also say that it shows areas that you have to work on from past lifetimes. This will shape your personality to be able to deal with karma that’s due.

Rahu in the 1st house makes one very shrewd and manipulative, they have the potential to squeeze information out of people like detectives. In fact their nature can be very much like a detective, wanting to know everything, asking lots of questions, being suspicious, following people, stalking, and not trusting anyone completely. They have their barriers up and always on guard to protect themselves.


Rahu in 5th house of love and romance
Rahu is a negative planet, and in love relationships it can cause a lot of issues if it is badly placed or conjuncting any other planets.  Rahu in 5th house of love and romance, is non traditional, meaning it will introduce you to partners that are different to you in terms of race, colour, or caste. Rahu represents foreign. The person enters into love relationships without
thinking about how they will fit in with their family, or tradition. That is not important to them, unless there is aspect from other planets like Jupiter, which then means that the person has a lot of heartache trying to conform to traditional and family ways, but at the expense of giving up what they are attracted to.

Rahu here will also give high expectations of their partner, and they will want them to be an ideal lover. The problem is that the expectations will be unrealistic causing frustrations and arguments, spoiling the peace between them. If there is connection of other malefics, it can bring an explosive temper to the individual.

Rahu in 7th house and marriage

Rahu causes delay and obstacles in marriage, and many times a person just does not have the inclination to get married in the first place. In the 1st or 7th house, Rahu in marriage will give arguments and a lot of friction unless supported by some benefic influence. It is seen that Rahu in the marriage axis, gives trust issues to the marriage, and a lot of questioning
of the spouse, wanting to know every detail of where they are etc.  

Rahu brings possessiveness and obsessiveness to the marriage. This can result into controlling behaviour that is a form of bullying and can be very damaging to the relationship.

Rahu for these reasons is a strong reason for causing divorce and separation in marriages when in 1st, 7th or 4th houses (house of domestic peace).

The influence of Rahu is nearly always negative, the only thing that minimises it is the aspect or influence of strong benefics which mitigate some of the adverse results.

RAHU and your CAREER

The professions represented by Rahu are; out of the ordinary/ unusual professions, magicians, assassin, labourer, jobs related with alcohol or drugs/intoxicants/poison, illicit professions, thiefs/criminals, prostitutes, prison officers, circus people, researchers, electricians, detectives.

Rahu in 10th house and career

Rahu in career, especially in the 10th house has the ability to make a person rise very suddenly, and also fall very suddenly. Rahu is about sudden actions. In 10th house, it makes the person a very demanding boss. However as a subordinate, it may create such an environment for the person where they feel pressured, bullied, or made to leave a post.

Rahu is poison, so it can be seen that leaders of major pharmaceutical companies will have prominent Rahu in their charts, dealing with medicine, poisons, and research to find
cures for hidden diseases.

As Rahu is an expert in manipulation and thinking very quickly, this position also makes a person good in politics, and their rise is usually due to underhandedness.

Rahu transiting the 10th house will always give some disturbance to the persons job, and it will not be comfortable unless there are beneficial dashas in operation that mitigate this
affect. Rahu in 10th transit will defame or demote a person if they are already having issues at the workplace.

Rahu in 6th during transit will create situations of bullying in the workplace or backbiting.

RAHU and your HEALTH

Some of the things that Rahu represents in medicinal astrology are; poisonous bites, radiation, epilepsy, body pain including legs, addiction to things, heart palpitations, health epidemics, unexplained diseases, nervous diseases, tremors, paralysis, weak immune system, surgery, injuries due to accident, hormonal imbalance, gastric problem including indigestion.

Rahu generally causes unexplained issues in health. Sometimes a person can get so sick, and when the doctors have checked them, they can’t find anything significant, but yet the
person is suffering so much. This is the nature of Rahu.

Rahu in 5th house can cause severe digestion problems where acidity and gas cause a lot of pain and stress to a person, a connection with mars can also mean this exacerbates
into problem passing the stools, through rectum causing piles and other diseases.

Rahu represents poison, so when placed unfavourably it creates excess toxins in the body which if not eliminated adequately can cause a variety of diseases itself, and come out on the skin in the form of acne. Also a badly placed rahu makes one prone to addictions to alcohol, smoking, drugs or gambling. So they should stay away from these things in the first place.

Rahu is very sudden in nature, and sometimes a problem will start so quickly, but last so long. Rahu with Sun in transit can cause heart problems to the person or to their father.
With benefic influence this can be mitigated.

Rahu with venus and moon can also cause hormonal imbalance, and result in thyroid issues or menstrual irregularities.

Rahu and Saturn can cause depression.

Rahu and Mars make a person prone to infections of the immune system and blood.

Overall Rahu will always afflict the house and planet that it is with, or aspecting. It will always have some affect over the significations of that planet/house.


Recite Rahu Beej Mantra

“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum sah Rahave Namah”

Recite Rahu Mantra

“Om Namo Rahave Namah”

– Feed the birds daily

– Donate to charity

– Donate items relating to rahu; black urad dal,
coconut, black/blue blankets to the needy