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I know traditionally astrologers were known to use the term ‘sadesati’ to forewarn of a negative period in life where there could be many downfalls and calamities falling on a person. It was a dreaded period. A lot of readings still seem to instil this interpretation of it. But it is not that clearcut and certainly not always a negative.

What is Sadesati?

Well Sade sati is known as the 7 ½ year impact of Saturn (Shani) on the moon sign. It starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign just before the moon sign, is at climax when Saturn then moves into the moon sign, and then tails off slowly when Saturn moves into the zodiac sign that is next one from the moon sign.

Why is Sadesati feared?

It is said that Sadesati can be a negative period as it causes setbacks in ones accomplishments, struggles, losses, downfall in reputation, and depression amongst other things. Saturn does indeed represent sorrow, grief, struggle and slow progress, and hence why fear is created at the time when it passes the moon sign in a chart. But it also represents hard work, discipline, learning through lessons, and getting fruits of labour, i.e. reaping the rewards of the efforts you have put in. Therefore it is not always negative. In my view it is an everyday part of life. There should not be a feeling of anxiety when an astrologer tells you that you are going through sade sati or that it is about to start. What it should empower you with is the knowledge that it is a time for you to put in extra efforts, work hard, have a disciplined approach where you set specific-measurable-attainable-realistic-timely objectives and then enjoy success which will come after you surpass your comfort zone. 

Having this approach would actually make a person more productive and focussed on achieving their goals as opposed to thinking its sadesati therefore they will fail at everything.
The other thing is that, Saturn is a very karmic planet. It is the karma police in your chart. It keeps track of how ethically and sincerely you have performed in your life and will give results in its period and transits accordingly. If you have worked hard and passionately, you are likely to get rewarded for that during sadesati, and this is even more so if Saturn is placed favourably in your birthchart. You can rise to levels you had not imagined. There can be a promotion, success in legal cases, start of a new business, marriage etc. However if you have used corrupt means or been lazy, taken advantage of things without putting in the due efforts, then the same Saturn will set about to teach you lessons in the period of sade sati through some tough love. This can result in financial setbacks, losing a job, or having seniors question your performance / abilities. It tests a person to his limits.

Examples of a rise in Sadesati are the PM Modi and president Trump who both were both elected during their sadesati. 

Phases of Sadesati

Saturn takes approx 30 years to complete its transit around the whole zodiac (12 signs). Hence an average person experiences sadesati atleast twice in their lifetime. The first phase usually relates to financial or career related issues pertaining to being out of comfort zone, increased responsibility and having to work harder for desired results. The second phase usually relates to health and having to slow down and give attention to the self. For children who are born during sadesati, the first affect will usually be seen as an impact to family finances and grandparent’s health.

Remedies for Sadesati
• Saturn represents the elderly, therefore taking care of elders, those that are vulnerable or in need is always a good thing.
• Reciting Hanuman Chalisa, offering black dal and mustard oil on a Saturday where food is served to the community
• Donating to a food bank is beneficial as helping the needy is a selfless act and increases the good karma.
• Maintaining a simple and pure vegetarian diet helps to keep the body clear of toxins and helps with easier digestion.
• Meditation
• Mantra recitation “Om Sham Shanischeraya Namah”

If you would like to know how Saturn is placed in your birthchart or what you can expect at the time of your Sadesati, get in touch for a reading.