Priya Kapil Astrology

Planetary snapshot
In 2021, Saturn will remain in your 2nd house of Capricorn which represents income, family and in-laws. Rahu (North node of moon) will transit your 6th house of work environment, debt and enemies; Ketu (south node of the moon) will be in your 12th house of detachment, loss and foreign ventures. Jupiter will come out of its sign of debilitation on 5th April and move away from your 2nd house and into your 3rd house of efforts, siblings and media related ventures, which will be positive. It will then move back to your 2nd house of Capricorn in September 14th where it is again debilitated; it then will make its third and final transit of this year back into Aquarius your 3rd house, on the 20th November.

Mars represents children, study, confidence and love life in your chart. You may be adversely impacted during its debilitation when it dips into the sign of Cancer between 2nd June to 20th July. There can be misunderstandings in relationships or ego clashes that cause arguments with others. You may find you lack focus and concentration. You may get into problems due to being with the wrong people at the wrong time, or have issues due to third party interference in your dealings. Try to stay away from trouble and avoid confrontations in this period.

Mercury retrogrades thrice this year. Mercury rules your 7th and 10th house. If you are self employed, the retrograde periods can bring fluctuations in income. If you are in a fixed job you can have issues with other key workers and may have to redo tasks due to errors or miscommunication. Relationships can prove tricky in these periods as you have less patience than normal. Try to see the bigger picture, don’t rise to petty issues. Check your work thoroughly. Key periods to watch out for mercury retrograde are: Jan 30th- Feb 21st, May 29th – June 22nd, sept 27th – Oct 18th, and the mercury debilitation (31st March – 16th April).

Venus will be closely associated with the Sun and therefore ‘combust’ or ‘ast’ between the Jan 25th – April 23rd. As Venus rules your 11th house of friendships you may feel as if your friends don’t value you or have become distant. Remember it works both ways, pick up the phone and make efforts. Avoid big unnecessary expenditures in this period as your guard may be down regarding value of money. This also applies for the period between 11th Aug – 15th Sept when Venus is debilitated in Virgo, relationships will need attention, be patient and understanding.

Career & Finance
You may take on some new training this year that expands your professional horizons. You have chances of some increase in your earnings after April. Projects that have been in the pipeline for some time now, will start to move forward at higher speed and that will be positive.
There are chances of investment and you may take out a considerable loan or mortgage. If you are not planning an investment, be cautious of large unexpected expenses coming through. Legal matters in the coming year are possible. Avoid big decisions between Middle of June through to mid October if you can as your ruler Jupiter will be retrograde and this can cause change in perceptions to risk. With Rahu (north node of moon) in the 6th house, you may find yourself feeling undermined, at work, try to improve your relationships with the people you work with.

Do give your partner the due attention and don’t be complacent in making efforts. You can sometimes appear uninterested and distant, ensure this doesn’t make your partner feel unwanted. It feels like you are a little on auto pilot when it comes to relationships and you are just going with the flow which is fine for now, but from start of February you may be required to put a bit more efforts into keeping the spark alive.  If you are married, try to keep relationships with in-laws diplomatic. If single, you may find you are confused about what you want from a relationship. Dating will prove complicated between Jan 30-Feb 21st, May 29th – June 22nd, Sept 27th – Oct 18th, as mercury the ruler of your relationships sector will be retrograde; have a practical mindset and remember another person should complement you – not complete you .

Take care of your diet, the position of Rahu can cause problems with digestion and other abdominal issues. Keep up with regular exercise and maintain a good weight.

You will find it easier to focus and concentrate this year once Jupiter your ruler moves out of its sign of debilitation in April. You will have a good year in terms of education and will be able to grasp concepts and learn easily. You will have increased motivation and ability to succeed in your endeavours. Rahu in the 6th house however means that you do need to make sure you don’t cut any corners and make sure you follow a good study plan. However although it is generally a good year for educational pursuits, you will have to watch out for mercury retrograde periods when you may find yourself having to revisit things or re-do work. There are three retrogrades this year: Jan 30-Feb 21st, May 29th – June 22nd, Sept 27th – Oct 18th. So be prepared and be on the ball.