Priya Kapil Astrology

SATURN: MARS: JUPITER – three power planets conjunct in Capricorn. The constricting energies of Saturn will be clashing with the expanding energies of Jupiter, along with the igniting energies of Mars. It is an explosive time right now.. individually we need to calm our mindsets and consciously practice self control, meditation, and counting to ten..

As everyone is staying at home and unable to disperse outside, it is especially true that anger issues will be on the high, and there can be increased domestic violence related problems. Actually It is a fact that it has increased over the last couple of weeks. Saturn and mars Conjunction increases the chances of mental and physical abuse due to an inability to manage anger. It is essential to get the right help if you are in this situation or know if anyone who is suffering.

This conjunction of three significant planets can also cause flare ups in pre existing medial conditions. It is a time to pay attention to diet and management of conditions that are already being treated, including areas of digestive system/ stomach, lungs/chest/heart, lower back / spine.

The critical period is ongoing and will continue more so for next 3-5 days before settling down somewhat.

Ayurvedic diet and simple exercises will be beneficial at this time.
Avoid conflicts over petty issues. Look at the bigger picture.

Reading of Durga sapthshati, maha mrithunjaya mantra will be most effective as will all prayers done with sincerity.

Charity to those in need is important
Donating to food banks is a good start.

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