Priya Kapil Astrology

Saturn has various affects when it crosses the different sectors of a horoscope chart, but it can have distinct results depending on what planet it conjoins with.

Saturns transit impacts in different ways but one thing in common is that it brings struggle, suffering and delays when it is afflicted by malefics, or placed in enemy sign, or is weak.
some of the affects of when saturn passes over other planets in natal birth chart can be as follows:

SUN- fathers health is impacted, or other male family person or father figure, demotion at work or loss of status, frustration

MOON- impact on mothers health, depression, emotional hurt, financial loss

MARS – Bullying at work/home, loss of status, risk of criminal proceedings, accident & injury, fear and phobias

MERCURY – financial impact and need to be conservative in business, false promises risk, sexual disfunction, mental stress anxiety

JUPITER – stress, worries relating to children, decrease in spiritual devotion or religious activities, lack of concentration in exams or studies

VENUS- attraction of wrong people, possibility of affairs that will lead to trouble, health issues to female family members, separation from spouse

SATURN – changes in location/residence or workplace, stress and struggles leading to positive changes, issues on land or property or expenses relating to buying/investing in property

RAHU- neck pain, body ache, development of mysterious chronic illness which doctors are unable to diagnose straight away, relationship issues, risk of being trapped or problems with authority

KETU – setbacks to health, family disputes, inheritance disputes, hospitalisation or imprisonment, isolation.
this is all ‘possible’ impacts, but a lot needs to be analysed in a chart to come to an informed conclusion as strengths of planets, their conditions, placements with benefics, dashas etc all matter.

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