Priya Kapil Astrology

SCORPIO is the 8th sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Mars and its symbol is the scorpion.

Positive traits

Scorpios are born leaders, they always know what they want and think up plans of how to  achieve that. Ruled by Mars , they have a natural energy to get into action. Scorpio’s try their best at remaining focused on their goal.

They are very passionate about what they believe in and will defend these beliefs with all their might. For this reason they are also very faithful individuals, they value trust and loyalty, especially as they don’t actually trust anyone too easily in the first place. Once they do, then they can do anything for them.

Scorpios often have various nests around their house where they tend to hide things that are special to them, they may not even realise that they do this, but they often find things they think they have ‘lost’ in strange places, including money.

Scorpios are very passionate lovers, they are the most intense starsign, they offer a very deep and meaningful relationship to the person they are with.

Negative traits

As much as they offer a very deep side of themselves to their partner, they also expect the same back. This can be a problem if the person they are with does not naturally have the same expectations. This can lead to over possessiveness and control issues within a relationship.

Once a scorpio has lost trust in someone, whether it is a friend, family member or a business partner, then Scorpio puts up a barrier as a defense mechanism and will never let them re-enter that special trust zone again. Infact subconsciously, a Scorpio cannot help but feel vindictive and revengeful inside, whether they let these energies manifest is another story.

Jealousy can be an issue for scorpios as they often tend to compare themselves to others, or their material posessions against what others have. This can be quite a negative act for a Scorpio as it can make them feel low and depressed if they do not like the conclusion, or it can make them feel proud and egoistic.

Scorpios are extremely deep thinking individuals, and they need to be careful that they do not become over sensitive as this can lead to either not being able to control themselves crying, or to more serious  anger issues.