Priya Kapil Astrology

Scorpio’s are the super detectives of the zodiac. If u know a Scorpio you will understand that they are always trying to test whether you are true to them or not; they are as good as the secret spy agencies in gaging what the reality of a person is.

It is very hard for a Scorpio person to trust anyone completely… and for this reason they always have their barriers up because it’s a defence mechanism to not get hurt.

If you are with a Scorpio partner, be prepared for them to ask you a million questions because it is through these questions that they will understand you to the deepest level and build that deep connection that they crave
There will be a number of “tests” that you have to pass before Scorpio opens up to u. And if you betray them or hurt them , they will never totally forgive you and be ready to feel the sting of revenge ! 
Scorpio’s are very passionate and caring
Can be known as possessive and somewhat obsessive too. But this is because their love (or hate) knows no boundaries.
Be in for a deep deep connection if you have anything to do with a majestic Scorpio 

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