Priya Kapil Astrology

The Sun is the King of all the planets. Plants, animals, humans, we all depend on its light energy for survival, an Earth without the Sun cannot exist, it has great importance in both Astronomy and Astrology.The Suns nature is hot, fiery and bright. It therefore has the ability to both burn out whatever it touches, and blind them with its light- thus can be called a cruel planet and is known as a natural malefic.

Although if placed well in a chart it can be very beneficial and take a person to great heights, and this is the part of its benefic nature, the royal king of the planets.The burning out properties of the sun generally lead to the word combustion. The sun has the ability to combust theproperties of any planet it sits with in a horoscope within certain proximity. When a planet is combust then it means its significations have become weak. This means that the things it represents, for example if it is Jupiter as lordof the 7th house, then areas relating to marriage are affected, the area of children ( Jupiter as karaka for children), study/education, liver (parts of the body the planet represents), etc become WEAK. This happens all when the sun is too close for comfort, and the light from it effectively makes the planet look invisible. 

Combustion degrees of planets
The degrees for combustion are different for each planet, but generally I take the rule that if a planet is within 5 degrees of the sun, then it is majorly affected.Jupiter is combust within 11 degrees of proximity of the sunMoon is combust within 12 degrees of proximity of the sunMercury is combust within 14 degrees of proximity of the sunSaturn is combust within 15 degrees of proximity of the sunMars is combust within 17 degrees of proximity of the sunVenus is combust within 10 degrees of proximity of the sun

Sun’s friendship & enemity
Friends: Mars, Moon, Jupiter
Enemies: Venus, Saturn
Neutral: Mercury
Mooltrikona: Leo 0-20 degrees
Exalted: Aries
Debilitated: Libra

Sun Karaka & Sun Significations
The Sun is the bhava Karaka or significator for the 1st House. This is as it represents the soul, the body, face and general vitality, confidence of a person

Personality traits of Positive Sun

A person with a strong unafflicted Sun is a loyal, confident and noble person with a royal manner about them. They are positive and energetic with a pleasant look. They have leadership qualities as the Sun is the King of the cabinet, so therefore naturally bestows them these qualities to rule and lead.Benefic Sun placement gives courage and conviction to the person and they are able to talk with great power and pride, and have followers or admirers both at home and work, people look up to them. Sun posited favourably in a chart gives an x factor, magnetic quality attracting people towards them and a warm character.

Personality traits of Negative Sun

A negatively placed or malefic Sun manifests the cruel or harsh tendencies of the Sun to surface. These make the Kingly approach of the person more like a strong dictator who promotes fear in his kingdom to get his work done.The person can become proud and arrogant, self centred and dominating. They have a tendency to say things bluntly without caring about how rude it may sound to others. They can be on a power trip and want to prove that they are the best and everyone should do what they say.A debilitated Sun is also negative. Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra where it loses its energy and vigour, causinga lethargic attitude, lack of self confidence. In work scenarios it can mean the person is not respected or their opinion doesn’t count.