Priya Kapil Astrology

I had a reading with A lovely young mother for her young twins. And it was fascinating seeing how the astrology for both was panning out.

Firstly, with just a few moments between birth times, twins generally have the same #horoscope chart. So it is possible that early family conditioning, environmental conditioning etc does provide similar foundations for #personality.

However when one child seems to be requiring more emotional attention than the other what makes their astrology different… or if one twin is doing better in a specific area… why? Or if both twins have different personalities despite having the same chart…. how can we analyse this ..

In these cases it is imperative to use the D60 divisional chart Shiatsmsa. And for this, the exAct birth time must be known as this divisional chart changes every two minutes- but boy does it tell an accurate picture!

Using these charts for both children it showed very distinct pictures of both different personalities and therefore was able to predict the right attention and remedies that were needed to help situation.

So it’s useful to note down exact birth times for when a baby is born, especially in the case of twins to get the most out of their horoscope.