Priya Kapil Astrology

We start the month in Kaalsarp Yog where all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu. This adds to our feelings of being restricted, constrained, not able to do what we desire. We have the ambitions but lack the means to get things done. The Moon will finally pass Rahu on the 2nd of April, somewhat breaking this Kaalsarp grip.

The big factor as of end of march/beginning april is the move of Mars and Jupiter into Capricorn conjoining with Saturn. Three power planets are now conjunct in Capricorn. The constricting energies of Saturn will be clashing with the expanding energies of Jupiter, along with the igniting energies of Mars. It is an explosive time right now.. individually we need to calm our mindsets and consciously practice self control, meditation, and counting to ten. It will be necessary to look after health especially if there are any pre-existing conditions as this is a time for potential flare ups.

Mercury moves into Pisces on 7th April where it will be in its sign of debilitation. This can cause confusions and miscommunication. It is also a time where there will be heightened expectations from those close to us, which will only add to the frustrations that are being felt due to the Saturn-Mars-Jupiter stellium in Capricorn right now. Best advice is to be self independent and try not to have expectations from others. Mercury will be debilitated until the 25th April, avoid any major work decisions till after this time.

Sun moves into Aries on 13th April where it will be exalted. This will bring strength and hope to people. There will be a sense of getting control in situations and more practical mindsets. Also the conjunction of Sun and Mercury both in Aries this month, will indicate a slight boost to the economical market, albeit a temporary improvement.

Venus will remain in Taurus as of 28th March for the next three months. This is a good position for it as it is in its own sign, therefore bringing some balance to an otherwise tense current transit.

Learning to depend on yourself, introspecting, setting time for meditation and getting back to basics in diet will prove helpful this month.