Priya Kapil Astrology

Retrograde is when a planet is so close to the earth that it appears to be moving backwards. This tends to somewhat reverse its natural qualities that are associated with it, or atleast change them. Venus will be going retrograde from 13th May until 25th June this year, 2020 in the sign of Taurus.

Venus is the planet that represents love, romance, relationships, beauty, luxury items such as nice watches, expensive clothes aswell as money matters, financial securities, economy and so on.

So how will it affect Relationships with Partners?

Venus Retrograde affects our perceptions and our expectations from a partner.

Firstly my first observation is that it is retrograding in the sign of Taurus which is an earth sign so this can bring up problems to do with finances and other materialistic issues. Suddenly the attitudes change within a relationship and one person may start looking more into what is being spent and where. This becomes a problem when one person feels they are contributing more than the other and they question why they should.

It can give the feeling of lack of security and independence within a relationship if one person feels more dependent on the other if they, for example, have had to leave their career to stay at home and manage the home and children. Suddenly these issues become really important in Venus retrograde as it makes us question our identity and our financial independence. If you are not happy with the standing situation, then find practical solutions with action points. Hot headed arguments will not resolve anything without tangible and measurable plans
in place, so this retrograde can be a time for new goals.

What also happens in Venus Retrograde is that we start really over analysing our current situation, is it good enough? Do we deserve more? Venus retrograde can make you feel that you are not getting the attention that you deserve for whatever reason. This reassessing of relationships can cause heated arguments because the way the expression comes across to the partner, will not be from a place of calmness, it will be more of a prosecution, demanding answers to why they are not being valued as much as they want. The level of ‘value’ is determined by the expectation they now have with this new found thinking in venus retrograde.

So the key here, is to have these assessments of self worth but hold back and think about the points you want to make calmly, rather than blurting out statements that cannot then be taken back. Try to structure your thinking and have a productive one to one. And if you think you are not being valued enough or getting the attention you deserve, ask yourself the question – Are you giving your partner what you want back from them?

When Venus retrogrades sometimes it causes us to become less expressive and this can also cause issues within a relationship. It is important to be aware of the tendency to become distant to your partner and keep communication in tact. There are so many times when the person that lives with you may aswell be a stranger, and this is what you should work on

Revisiting the past?

Any planet that retrogrades, is effectively moving backwards. Hence we tend to revisit the past and find we have to deal with old issues that have not been put to rest properly. In the coming Venus retrograde, many people will be thinking about their pasts, and how things could have been different. This is the clouded perception, or maybe clearer perception in some
cases, that Venus will bestow. There may be instances when an ex partner, old flame turns up out of the blue or makes contact… when defenses in the current relationship are down, this can lead to wrong decisions being made under clouded and misguided perceptions. It is important to note that important decisions should not be made in this period. However sometimes decisions that are taken, usually seem like they cannot be put off, and this can either later be seen as a big regret or a much needed karmic intervention.

What about New Relationships?

Generally it is said to avoid starting new relationships during Venus retrograde as it causes your attitude, expectations and thinking to be quite different to the ‘normal you’. This could be a good thing, but the problems then start when the retrograde has ended , and you then feel why on earth did you even get into something which you normally would not have even

Relationships started in Venus retrograde do not last the long run usually, but if they do it should be noted that it is probably someone that has come about in life to teach important  lessons, and a karmic relationship which may have its own struggles. This retrograde can also make you feel as if you do not deserve love, and therefore accept a partner that is not right for you.

It is important to work on self love and increase your own confidence and esteem. Venus retrograde may encourage you to take on a brand new look, change your hair colour, style or go on a diet. It can also make you feel like you need to change things on an extreme level such as cosmetic surgery, this is not advised during a retrograde as you may regret it at a later date.

On a financial note, it is advised against gambling with large amounts in this period, or making large investments that have not been thought out in advance without sufficient due diligence.