Priya Kapil Astrology

VIRGO is the sixth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Mercury and its symbol is the virgin

Positive traits

Virgo’s are very analytical people, they have a sharp mind and can examine situations from an infinite number of angles. This is also true that they have a good eye for detail. They do well in careers where these skills are important such as forensics and accounting, and also law.

A Virgo likes to be organised and run a tight ship. They may have a number of planners or ‘to-do–lists’ neatly colour coded, as they love order and being able to tick things off as an achievement. They are forward planners and try to have their life planned out as much as they can – albeit they find it hard to handle if things do not run to plan. 

Virgos are methodical beings, they like things being done in a certain way and to a certain order. They love making their environment classy and pleasing to the eye, they do not like mess as they cannot function then. To them, the state of their surroundings represents the state of their mindset, so if you go to a Virgo house and notice it is not in it’s usual clandestine state, then understand this Virgo is stressed about something.

People born under this starsign  tend to be naturally prudent and economical, and understand the importance of budgeting which helps them in the long run.

Virgos are of pleasant appearance as they put a lot of effort into the way the appear to others.

Negative traits

Because they have a natural ability to analyse and critique things, they can come across as super fussy or high maintainence. They are excellant debaters and this also leads to a certain argumentative trait when people do not agree with their superior views.

Virgo’s can be a bit too obsessed with cleaning and some people who have afflictions to this star sign can have OCD problems, such as washing their hands too much, or turning on the kettle a certain number of times to feel ok. 

Virgo’s are an earth sign and are very practical, they cannot help but think of their own benefit in situations, which is not a bad thing, but it can come across as selfish.

Virgo carries a lot of pent up energies and must have a way to release these either through exercise or creative hobbies, otherwise there is a tendency to have problems with anxiety.