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Using Vedic Astrology to EMPOWER YOU. Balance yourself by getting an insight into your Vedic birthchart, Your Kundli. Know your strengths aswell as the more challenging aspects that you need to work on to achieve your true potential. Find out more about your career, education, relationships, marriage, childrens astrology, health astrology, legal matters and much more through your personal reading by Priya Kapil. Receive guidance on how to work through obstacles and align with your positive energy to make the best of your best.

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Astrology Phone Consultation

Speak to Specialist Vedic Astrologer Priya Kapil about your personalised horoscope chart. Find out answers to your questions with remedial measures as necessary Book a 30 min/ 45 mins / 60 min session

Singles Love Horoscope Report

If you are single and looking to know more about when you will meet the right person, what type of person you are likely to attract, and what your nature in love is all about then this is for you

Marriage Compatibility Horoscope Report

This is for married couples and those looking to get married. An Indepth analysis of your natures, emotional needs, any key marriage issues and timings of significant periods

Career Horoscope

This report is for those that want to know more about how their horoscope chart affects their career.

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11 November 2022
It was lovely talking to Priya. I am going through a difficult phase and her practical advice on how to deal with them really helped. Many things she said about me were very accurate. I would certainly recommend going to her for a reading.
1 November 2022
It was a delight talking to Priyaji. Definitely recommend people to reach out to her for suggestions/guidance.
Priyanka P
Priyanka P
8 March 2022
I had a great reading with Priya, I’ve been really confused and worried about the direction my career has been taking and she accurately described everything over the last 1.5 years and also told me when I can expect to have more clarity. I also instantly felt much better after the reading and more confident in what I need to do. I had a 30 min call but still got a lot of value - Highly recommended and I will definitely book again, thanks again! 🙏
1 March 2022
I did a reading with Priya back in Nov 2020 and another reading a few weeks ago. Her readings are fantastic and Priya is able to clearly explain the reading so that is relatable to you. I like that what you get from Priya is not only an astrology reading but more importantly advice on how you can go about improving aspects of your life based on your birth astrology.
Antara Roy
Antara Roy
23 February 2022
I just got a reading from her and the experience was great! She was spot on about most of my traits and past experiences. I have gained a lot of perspective as to what i need to do next and how should i go about certain life choices.Highly recommend her
Rina sandhu
Rina sandhu
19 February 2022
Very accurate , precise and to the point also providing remedies /solutions. I enjoyed all my readings with Priya.
Tanvi Shah
Tanvi Shah
17 February 2022
Priya has always been my go to person for whenever I feel I need any guidance and advice on any major decisions. Her readings are accurate and she is to the point. Very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable too. I have been speaking to Priya for more than a year now and very satisfied with her guidance 🙏🏽 She has taught me mindfulness and living in the present moment 😃
Neal Parma
Neal Parma
14 December 2021
Had an amazing and accurate reading with Priya , I do not normally write reviews but felt it was needed on this occasion , I would highly recommend and will continue to go back to Priya in the future for further guidance.