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Astrology Case Study 1 – Judge Personality, Profession, Health, Marriage By Priya Kapil

For purposes of a Vedic Astrology case study I have shown below the analysis that can be carried out for one of my clients – who will remain anonymous, but for this case study we will refer to her as Mansha! This general analysis will be based only using D1 chart for ease.

To construct your own charts, the birth details are as follows:

DOB- 23 Aug 1981

TOB- 06:50am
POB- New Delhi, India.

I am trusting that you will draw up your own kundlis, along with supporting charts and dashas, but here is the main snapshot of the D1 chart for reference.

Questions for you to consider about her chart before reading my analysis below:
1) Determine her overall nature and personality
2) What are your findings on her profession
3) What are your findings on health
4) Comments about marriage

Analysis & Findings

Prediction on Personality
Mansha is a Leo rising sign, with moon sign of Taurus.
She is an extremely loyal and generous individual, and her family are the most important thing to her in the whole world. She would look after them to the highest standards always. She will look at the needs of her family before her own and can become very defensive if anyone says anything against them as she believes that the only meaningful thing in life to her are her blood and her husband’s family. She regards friends and other people as secondary outsiders and feels that she doesn’t need anyone else as she is happy in her own world.
This is the reason why she may have very few or no ‘best’ friends. It’s because she chooses not to get close to outsiders – but this does not mean that she is not sociable – as with the sun in ascendant she shows outwardly, that she is infact a people’s person and puts 100% efforts in with everyone.

Also having the sun in 1st house, she can be very fiery at times and get hot tempered quickly, but will calm down just as quickly. She needs a lot of love and attention being a Leo. She will totally melt if someone shows genuine care and appreciation towards her. She loves being the best at everything and likes to be rewarded through praise and admiration – and if she doesn’t get this praise or respect she can become irritable- because being a Leo person she needs to feel needed.

Moon exalted in Taurus, 10th, gives her a very persistent personality, and she doesn’t give up easily. She is very persistent and puts a lot of energy into whatever she chooses to do. But her downfall is her stubborn nature which also comes from this Taurus moon. Although she doesn’t hold a grudge against anyone, she does however find it hard to forgive and forget and this means bringing things in the past up again and again. If you annoy a Taurus person you have to work very hard for them to accept any apology!

Prediction on Profession & Finances

With her having mercury in the first house, she is in a job to do with talking and teaching. The Sun in lagna also gave her links with government which gave her a job as a teacher in a public school. Moon in 10th house again shows links with caring and children, hence she works in a school, an element of childcare.

She has Sa/Ju/Ve in the 2nd house- she is a person that will gradually get better at saving money. She does have a lot of potential for large expenses as Rahu is in 12th BUT generally I feel that she is cautious enough as Sa in the 2nd house does give a slightly reserved nature and she will definitely learn to save as she goes through life.

Prediction on Health
With all these planets in the 2nd, she is likely to have a sweet voice if you interpret the ju /ve. She is in fact also a good writer of poetry. She did have an ENT problem when she was younger as the Sa is afflicting the 2nd house.

The Mars aspect on 6th house has given her slight issues with digestion over the years and piles. This heat from being a Leo and also the mars affliction will give issues with being hot and fiery, so I did advise to keep the pitta dosha in balance.

Prediction on Marriage

In terms of the married life, in general there is nothing overly negative, except arguing domestically due to the nature of both husband and wife. This can be seen through the aspect of Sa & Ra on 4th house which shows a disturbance in domestic peace. Also the influence of Sun on 7th house- tends to make her a bit dominating and this is a part of her nature which she was told to adjust accordingly.

The differences which I saw were with her in-laws, as the Sa in 2nd house can affect family harmony, however her nature was that family is the only thing that is important to her, so she was ok in this respect. But I think the fact that she lived away from them, was the saving grace.

General conclusion
Finally, as a general overview of her chart, she will be settled abroad away from her birthplace as Ra in 12th and Sa aspect on 4th house do indicate settlement abroad. However she will be having trips back to her birthplace over the coming years. Overall future in Mansha’s chart, she has started a new golden period from 2015 in the form of the Jupiter Dasha which will last 16years. It will be the lord of the 5th and 8th house and it will make her more creative and wanting to do things differently in a good way. She will feel more positive and also there are chances of her income increasing through finding a good job/ new venture.

She needs to make sure she does not put on extra weight though as it could worsen her current health issues.

The overview above is a general analysis, as a detailed reading would be too much for purposes of a case study, but I hope this gives you a good indication of the logic behind some of the interpretations relating to this chart.

Marriage/ Romantic Compatibility Analysis

What is Compatibility? If we look at a dictionary definition it is “the capability of existing or performing in harmonious, agreeable, or congenial combination with another or others. A state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict”.

Astrologically speaking, it means much the same thing – marriage compatibility meaning how well the two entities can get on in combination with one another, in business partnerships, how well can the two partners perform and get along in an agreeable way so to develop the business. Compatibility is important so to get the best out of a union- a marriage – a partnership, so that it flourishes, develops, expands, adds value, creates ‘profit’ to both, is a cause of harmony and happiness.

If there is a lack of compatibility then it takes away value from the individuals in the union, it causes retreat, backward regression, creates ‘loss’ – be that loss of opportunities / money in a business sense or a loss of emotional energy, hopes and vision for future, in a marriage or romantic partnership.

Mostly, compatibility is known through trial and error of getting to know people, judging how well your interaction is with certain individuals – are they a cause for happiness for you or do they drain your energies. Are they adding value to your life or are they causing a strain – even if the latter is the case , compatibility is how do you both deal with these situations – are you able to resolve issues harmoniously in these situations or does it become a cause for a massive blow up.

In any case, gaging compatibility with another person, by getting to know them, takes time. How long? That depends on how much interaction you have with them on a daily basis, AND what situations you both have to face together, In this article I will focus on marriage compatibility.

Marriage Compatibility
Logic suggests that a person that is from a similar family background, religion, culture, would be more compatible than someone who is totally different. But is that always true?? I have found people having rahu, saturn especially in 1st, 5th , 7th and so on, generally feel more comfortable with people that are ‘different’ to them, and hence you will mostly see intercaste marriages/relationships/attractions at some stage in their life, Many times especially in the ‘traditional’ asian culture, parents spend their lives worrying about who their children will ultimately end up with and will that choice be accepted by themselves and society. Even from the child’s point of view, they do have cause for stress if they find that they are finding themselves more ‘compatible’ with people that are outside their normal society and family expectations. Please note this is a general statement and that times are changing, however I do believe that whilst some families are more open minded and do not consider these things as issues per se, there are however families that are of the traditional mindset.

Aside from the cultural side, there are a number of things that affect the compatibility of two individuals looking at marriage. There is :

Physical compatibility
 – attraction towards each other

Mental & Emotional compatibility – do both parties have similar ideas, and ways of dealing with things or are they totally opposite, do they share the same vision of life, how they want to develop with each other through life

Ways of doing things – is one person more tidy than the other – can the individual cope if the other person is a total mess maker and doesn’t understand partners need for tidiness, do they like the same activities 

Ability to communicate – are the two people happy to be open with each other – do they know how to communicate, listen, act accordingly? Does one person like talking in depth and exploring things and the other person cant handle it or prefers not to?

And I’m sure there are many more factors but I will keep this article to these factors for now.

Many times, people think everything is great and that they have a good compatibility – until a hard situation is thrown at them and then they have to see how they both will cope with it. If there is really a good compatibility on all of the above levels, the partners will agree with each other on what they feel is the best solution to resolve the issues, as they will have similar ideas, even if they do not have similar ideas, one partner may change his/her thinking to suit the needs of the other partner and compromise – as they have a good emotional compatibility and want to ensure that their partner is happy. Also they will be able to communicate rationally and calmly and listen to each other. 

However if there is a lack of compatibility in above factors, then there will be an inability to communicate rationally, and there will be no compromising, and there will be no solutions as both parties think opposite.

Astrological Marriage Compatibility analysis looks at the natures of the two people and how well they will fit in together. It takes skill and experience to do this accurately. The classical way that is mostly known is the traditional ‘Gun Milan‘, whereby the girl and boys matching is carried out through looking at the nakshatra that their respective moons are placed in. There are a total of 36 points via this method, and anything of 18 or above is deemed satisfactory. 

Is Gun Milan the be all and end all…

Whilst this is a good method, it is not the only thing which should be considered. I have seen many times where the Guns are matching highly but yet marriage does not work out, and then there are cases where guns are really low but yet there is a good understanding. I do not discard Gun milan as it is useful and there is something in it, in that it does accurately pick up the emotional compatibility temperaments of both people, as it is based on the moon sign after all. However it does not tell us about the external natures of the people, and how they cope with situations and how that compares with the other individual. Therefore it is also necessary to look at rising sign /lagna of both people and how harmonious they are. Generally 1/7 relationships, 5/9, are fruitful. 6/8, 2/12 and 3/11 are more of a struggle in general terms.

With reference to my above 4 factors, I relate them to planets as in :
Physical compatibility – Venus – are the venus’s of the two people compatible by sign and placement? If yes they will share the same idea of love and have the same expectations and hence they have better chance of satisfying each other.

Emotional compatibility – Moon – healthy placements with respect to each others charts , by sign and placement, do they care about how each other feels and are they always trying to look after their partner and take care of them emotionally

Ways of doing things – Sun – are they both adventurous, do they share the same ideals

Communication – Mercury – do they both like talking intellectually or is one completely disconnected to what the other person enjoys discussing or talking about or even watching on tv??

As you can see there are many things that you should look at in a chart for compatibility – it doesn’t mean everything has to match perfectly, but just enough that both parties natures don’t disrupt each other. 

Up until a few years ago, I used to think that maybe two people with the same ascendant /rising signs would be a great match- but more recently, through experience I have changed my thinking. I think people with the same ascendents end up having the same good points but also the same bad traits, and therefore are probably unwilling to change themselves as they are both to similar. Whether that comes about through ego, arrogance or stubbornness, depends on whatever the situation is. Also people with the same signs would tend to go through the same transits – if positive then both would have very good times, but if there is a really negative transit for that sign, then both would go through a lot of stress and doesn’t seem to be that saving grace anywhere.

Dashas (timing) in the charts..
This brings me onto another point that might be useful to be considered in matching – the dashas- sometimes gun points, and nature compatibility can be great but if both people are going through a very long dash such as rahu or saturn or jupiter , venus – and these planets are malefic and negative for them in the chart, then generally the person is weakened and their natural personality may change during those times and they may lose patience and become something that they are not. If two people both with negative dashas join at the wrong time then again that can be a cause for concern. This is something that may be less of a concern anyhow, but its another factor nonetheless, however it is impossible to get a perfect matching so a compromise has to be carried out somewhere.

Manglik Dosh is another factor in matching

Manglik people are generally very passionate and energetic. They say a manglik should marry a manglik – but this isn’t always necessary.  I think in my opinion the reason why nature compatibility wise, why a manglik should be paired with a manglik, is to do with energy levels. A manglik will have a high libido in most cases and someone needs to satisfy that otherwise it will cause frustration to the person, manglik will have a lot of passion and energy and they need someone that can share that with them. If they end up with someone who is not passionate or does not have high energy levels then this naturally will cause issues at some point. However coming back to my point that manglik does not have to marry manglik- well if a person for example has a strong venus or a strong sun, they also will have high vitality and energy and this may match the energy of the manglik person also, so factors like these should be considered.

Sometimes despite having a matching done, things do not work out, and there are things that can influence that , either the details used for compatibility date /time/ place etc were inaccurate, or timing of marriage was in a forbidden period, or bad transits overtook the positive time, or black magic /evil eye, or indeed karmic debts working there way. However matching does try to highlight the negatives in a snapshot. A good matching is always dependent on the skills and experience of the astrologer, and indeed how much destiny wants to unfold to you at the time.

Nimitta & Shakun Shastra – The astrology of Omens

A very interesting branch of Vedic Astrology is Nimitta or Shakun Shastra, this is the astrology of Omens, or changes in the environment at the time a question is asked/ prediction is to be made/ or on the way to something auspicious, which indicates the outcome of the event.

Omens are happenings or incidents that occur naturally, without knowing, that act as a forewarning about something that is about to happen. They can be interpreted as good or bad depending on the incident.

Omens can be sneezing on the way out somewhere, a cat crossing your path, twitching of body parts, seeing a coffin or funeral procession, breaking of glass, dogs barking for no reason and so on. 

Predicting through Omens
It is always good practice for an astrologer to be aware of his/her surroundings when making a prediction. They should be alert of their environment, as sounds, happenings and visions can be the universe’s way of answering the question asked. For example, a client asked the question how will my journey be abroad, and whilst he was on the phone and had asked the question, I heard a loud crash outside, it was a car accident, lots of screeching and not a great feeling. No matter what I would have seen in the chart of the person, that point could not be ignored, and I forewarned of possible danger and extra caution when travelling. 

Another example, one of my guides has told me about, was where a client had phoned him up and asked about his sick uncle, that when will he get better and any remedies. At the time the question was asked over the phone, the astrologer saw a funeral procession coming in front of his path. This intuitively let the astrologer know that the person’s uncle may not survive, and without looking at the horoscope it was put to the client sympathetically. And a few days later, unfortunately, the person’s uncle had in fact passed away. So what I am saying is that omens or Nimitta do matter, and any sudden, strange happenings at the time a horoscope question is asked, should be taken into consideration.

Different cultures have different omens

An example is a black cat crossing the path may be considered lucky in some cultures, whilst unlucky in others. But if someone is making the prediction, then the result that you take for it should be according to what the astrologer interprets it as, as they are receiving that message from the universe.

Nimitta is not just for Astrologers, it applies to everyone, and therefore can be implemented by all. Some well known general Omens are as follows:

• Black cat crossing path from left to right – unlucky, will not get success in your work

• 1 Sneeze before starting something new – inauspicious – person should sit down and attempt to go out a bit later.

• 2 sneezes before going out – auspicious

• Dog barking for no apparent reason- illness may come to the household

• Tripping, or falling when going up the stairs – loss in status

• Spilling a matchbox – very lucky, for the unmarried it means a new person is coming

• Right eye twitching for female – something inauspicious is about to happen (vice versa for males)

• Itching of left hand- money will be going out on unwanted expenses

• Itching of right hand – money coming in

• Itchy feet – a journey is indicated, or change of place

• Itchy nose – new romance coming up/ someone is admiring you

• Spilling Milk/ burning or boiling milk out of the pan – inauspicious

• Breaking of glass suddenly – is good, takes away the evil eye ( nazar)

We must be careful that Omens are not confused with everyday superstitions, the omens that are used in astrology or predictions are to do with things that predict what might happen as a result of the action that has happened.
So watch out! 

Kaalpurush Kundli In Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is an area which really fascinates me and I have a great interest in this. Our ancient scripture the Vamana Purana stated how the different signs of the zodiac were to be used as representing the different parts of a man’s body, this being the body of Lord Shiva – the KAALPURSH.

Kaal means time, and Purush means man. The Kaalpurush is therefore a representation of the man through time and its associated with imagining the body of a man being transposed over the whole of the zodiac signs, so that each limb, each part of the body falls into a particular zodiac house/sign. 

The Kaalpurush Kundli is massively Important when it comes to studying health & illness in a person’s horoscope – in my opinion! It is almost the ultimate roadmap to point you in the direction of making a useful prediction which may help the person to look into an area of concern before it is diagnosed medically, allowing the appropriate treatment to be planned before a problem gets to a worser condition.

If in a horoscope a certain house is afflicted then by using the Kaalpurush kundli you can determine what part of the body will result in an issue. You can judge the severity of the issue by looking at the strength of the house, and the strength of its lord and also that of the afflicting planet.

We can also use the knowledge of the general nature of the planets as to how they might affect the health of the person. For example:

• Sun afflictions will cause issues with vitality, energy, general immune system

• Mars afflictions likely to cause issues through accidents, fire related incidents, rash/infections, cuts with weapons or through surgery

• Saturn is a slow natured planet, so can give problems that are very slow to develop but are chronic

 Rahu affliction, represents issues of a sudden nature, could be related with poisons, mysterious and unexplainable diseases, things which the doctor may not be able to find

 Ketu again would be unexplainable illness, hard to detect, insect related, viruses, and resulting in the loss of something

• Jupiter when a functional malefic or severely afflicted can cause excess growth, enlargement of something which is unnatural

Here is a summary of some of the things that we can take from the KP kundli:
1st House
ARIES – represents the Head, Brain, Skull
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause, headaches, fevers, migraines, brain malfunction, inflammation, accidents to the head, sinusitis

2nd House
TAURUS – represents the Face, neck, throat, larynx, right eye, nose, lips, chin, right shoulder
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause thyroid problems, throat disease, problems with swallowing, constant cough, oesophageal reflux problem, neck pain, ENT problems, tooth problems

3rd House
GEMINI – represents arms, right side, hand, shoulders, larynx, voice, right ear, lungs, upper respiratory tracts, nervous system
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause problems with breathing, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory issues, coughs & colds, ENT issues, ear infections/hearing problems

4th house
CANCER –represents the chest, breasts, lungs, heart, ribs
Afflictions to this house or sign can indicate breathing problems, breast problems, chest infections, tension or depression

5th house
LEO – represents Heart, Back, spine, stomach (upper abdomen)
Afflictions to this house or sign can cause poor circulation, heart attack, weakness of the stomach/digestion, back pain, cholesterol problems.

6th house
VIRGO – represents lower stomach (lower abdomens), intestines, kidneys, bowels, hip area
Afflictions can cause digestion problems, constipation, acid & gas, ulcers, diabetes, appendix problems

7th house
LIBRA – represents the reproductive organs, egg, semen, also kidneys, urinary system
Afflictions can cause fertility issues, sexual problems, urine infections

8th house
SCORPIO – represents genital organs, rectum
Afflictions can cause piles, inability to pass bowels properly, haemorrhoids, sexual arousal problems, prostate problems, hidden diseases related to Sexual activity

9th house
SAGITTARIUS – represents thighs, liver, hips,
Afflictions can result in high cholesterol, pelvic weakness, sciatica, obesity, liver diseases

10th house
CAPRICORN – represents Knees, spine, back, bones, joints, skin and teeth
Afflictions can cause knee problems, pain in legs, arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, skin and dental problems

11th house
AQUARIUS – represents legs, ankles, calf muscles, left ear and left hand
Afflictions can cause arthritis, rheumatism, leg pain from poor circulation, varicose veins, muscle pains, gout

12th house
PISCES – represents feet, left shoulder, left eye,
Afflictions to this house or sign can indicate foot pain, fluid retention, insomnia

There is a lot of experience and research needed to apply medical astrology in the proper and correct manner, so we cannot jump to conclusions without doing analysis on a variety of factors in a chart. We must consider the strengths of the planets, the house, aspects from benefics and afflicters. Also the dasha the person is undergoing along with the transit planets impact will determine whether or not they will see the problem that’s indicated in their chart or not, in this lifetime

Astrology Case Study 2 – Judge Personality, Profession, Marriage By Priya Kapil

My Client for this case study will remain anonymous, but we will call her Sandra. She has done well in her career up to now, but has struggled with her marriage. There have been instances of deceit and after a marriage of over 20 years, it now is beginning to fall apart.

As part of learning, you can use the details below to do your own analysis, and I will follow with my interpretations below:

DOB- 7th May 1968
TOB- 09:09am
POB- UK, London

I am trusting that you will draw up your own kundlis, along with supporting charts and dashas, but here is the main snapshot of the D1 chart for reference.

Questions for you to consider about her chart before reading my analysis below:

1) Determine her overall nature and personality
2) What are your findings on her profession
3) Comments about marriage
4) Current issues (as at 2016)

5) Analysis & Findings

Prediction on Personality
Sandra is a Gemini rising person. Looking at her chart she is a very social personality and peoples person outside the home, gets on with everyone, is a bit of a gossipy nature and generally likes talking. She has a Leo Moon, and is very generous. She can do anything for her family and can get quite defensive also – and this is what has happened, she has been taken advantage of by her husband who has taken all her assets and transferred them to his own name without her knowing, as she trusted him completely.

Going back to her nature, she has a bossy nature, that once she makes up her mind its hard to change it. This stubbornness can be seen by the malefics, Ra, Ke and Saturn in Kendra, making her headstrong when she wants to be.

Prediction on Marriage & Family life
Ketu in her 4th house of family shows her domestic peace is disturbed. Ketu here makes her think that her parents and siblings are against her, that they don’t care about her, and that only she cares for them. Ketu is giving that misconception and making her detached from them, when the reality is that they care deeply for her. This position also makes her feel that she is treated differently to her brothers and sisters by her parents.

Looking at this chart, you can see that the marriage has been disturbed from the very start. She is Manglik, as she has mars in the 12th house. The marriage has been full of arguments and mars being with the lord of her 1st house afflicting the 12th house, actually made her a victim of domestic violence, with her husband abusing her. 

Another thing that can be said about the lord of her 1st house with mars in 12th, is that it makes her so confused about things in marriage related decisions. And there have been opportunities of interference by outsiders in the marriage. If you consider the Mars Dasha, her husband was actually involved with another woman, so deceit took place.
Her lord of the 7th Jupiter is with moon, and this has given her the power to keep going, and saved her from severe depression so far. It is also a reason why her marriage has not broken legally until now. However if you consider the dasha that she is going through at the moment, she is about to start Ra/Sa at the beginning of 2017, and Saturn is also going to be entering her 7th house in transit. This shows high chances that divorce will go through, as she is already beginning to think this way. Her husband has named all her assets and money under his name without her knowing and is ready to leave her, so the transit and dasha is supporting this separation we can see. And as transit rahu and ketu are making their way to moving into her 2nd and 8th house next year, we can therefore deduce that she is more likely to be at a loss in this matter.

Prediction on profession

She is very ambitious about her career, with Rahu in 10th house, it gives her a drive and determination to be the best and climb higher and higher. But Saturn also in the 10th delays her efforts and gives struggle, so this combination gives her a lot of frustration that why she is not reaching the top even though she is working so hard. Nevertheless, she is still on a high position, but she feels it is not good enough for her. 

Sun exalted shows she has the potential to get to senior management levels, and success cannot be ruled out, but it is with struggle. However in the right dasha timing this will take her forward. According to her dasha, she will do better after 2019 when she starts antardasha of mercury which is her lord of lagan. Even now she has chances of changing jobs, but because of the transits and current dasha starting in January of ra/sa it will bring her jobs that will not be according to her satisfaction. 

With Saturn entering Kendra 7th house early next year in transit, she has chances to relocate or move jobs for certain. However due to her stress levels with her marriage breakdown, she will not be able to concentrate to her best on this.
The overview above is a general analysis, as a detailed reading would be too much for purposes of a case study, but I hope this gives you a good indication of the logic behind some of the interpretations relating to this chart.

Eclipses in Astrology

Eclipses have had special significance in many religions and astrologies since ancient times. An eclipse involves the Sun, Moon, and the two nodes of the Moon: Rahu & Ketu

A Sun eclipse occurs when the moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun in such a way that light is blocked to the Earth. A lunar eclipse ( Moon eclipse) occurs when the Earth comes in between the moon and the sun in such a way that light from the Moon is blocked.

Sun eclipse is known as Surya Grahan in vedic astrology and a Moon eclipse is known as a Chandra Grahan. These eclipses usually come in pairs and we have around 4 each year. Starting with a full moon and followed by the new moon. Eclipses have had mystical significance all around the world, and it is said that there are special forces or powers of the universe that are activated at the time of an eclipse. It is practice for many religions to hold prayers or ceremonies at these times to take advantage of these special cosmic energies in play. However auspicious events are not carried out at these times such as weddings, moving into new home and so on. Since eclipse represents darkness.

Significance of eclipses in birth chart
When eclipses occur they bring about change in our lives, where that change happens, can be seen by looking at where the transit Rahu and Ketu are sitting in your birthchart for that year. For example at the time of writing, Rahu & Ketu are transiting Gemini/Sagittarius respectively, so wherever these signs are in your birthchart, that is the area that will be affected in your life. If you are a Sagittarius, it is likely your confidence, personality and general direction in life will be impacted, aswell as your relationships, as it is happening in your 1st-7th axis.

Eclipses bring about change and show us areas that we are going to have problems in at that time, and it subconsciously changes us and our paths to adapt to those changes in order for us to move ahead. We usually find these changes hard, and this brings out new learnings in us, for the best. It is also said that people who are born with an eclipsed chart have some pending karma to work through from previous births, and that area of life is represented by where their Rahu –Ketu axis is in their birthchart.

Transit Lunar Eclipses or Chandra Grahan affects us emotionally, as it involves the moon. The affects emotionally can be felt up to two weeks before the eclipse and a month after atleast – there are more complicated rules on exactly how long the impact lasts on each individual person and can be anywhere from 6months – couple of years – but the instant impact can be felt within a few weeks of the eclipse. Since moon is our emotions and mind, we can feel upset for no apparent reason, or anxious, depressed, withdrawn. When the moon is with planets that are fiery such as mars, you can experience anger, and explosions of temper with those that are around you, family, spouse, work colleagues.

Transit Sun eclipses or Surya Grahan make you question the path you are following, at a more practical level, are you in the right job, are you doing the right things at home, are you looking after your physical well being. Just because eclipses shake things up negatively around the time they occur, it doesn’t mean we have to be scared of them. The results of them after, can be positive, they can bring necessary changes for the better. New ways of life that are needed.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Eclipses according to Vedic Astrology
There are many rituals associated with eclipses in different cultures as I mentioned at the beginning. However according to vedic astrology there are a few things that should be done or should be avoided at the time of the eclipse to mitigate some of the effects of the disturbance in cosmic energies.
There are certain things that should be done at the time of the eclipse – these include 

• charity donations
• Jaap/meditation/prayers/mantras
• putting strand of grass in food items such as milk , yogurt, atta during time of eclipse

There are also certain things that should be avoided, these include:
• eating or drinking at time of eclipse – especially non veg/alcohol
• impure activities
• preparing food during time of main grahan (eclipse)

• For pregnant woment there is further guidance such that they should not look at the eclipse directly, and refrain from using knives. They are particularly susceptible to the vibes and cosmic energy at the time and should preferably stay indoors until the main eclipse time has passed.

Eclipses can be extremely emotional times for people and can cause anger/frustration/disappointment. tempers can flare high and generally cause irrational behaviours. So be aware of the energies and use this time for positive change.

Benefits of Guggal & Loban

Benefits of Loban & Guggal – If ur feeling negative, burn some Loban – If you’re feeling energyless and down for no reason , burn some Loban. 

There is a distinct and mostly pleasant smell released from burning Loban and Guggal on charcoal. It’s very smokey but somehow satisfying and calming.

It is one of the best cleansers and purifiers of the home or work environment and has the power to take away negative energy or vibes that might have been carried in by yourself or others unknowingly, also any nazar or evil eye.
Being used in prayers and rituals in many different cultures, it’s naturally positive and powerful and the smell also helps to lift mood and reduce negative feelings.
Burning guggal with ghee on charcoal along with Loban, cleanses the air as the smoke released is a natural pest repellent, keeping likes of flies and mosquitoes away.
If you feel you have nazar or are experiencing constant negative situations regularly , try burning Loban and guggal in your house for five consecutive Tuesdays and Saturdays and notice the change in the environmental energy around you

Saturns transits over other Planets in Birthchart

Saturn has various affects when it crosses the different sectors of a horoscope chart, but it can have distinct results depending on what planet it conjoins with.

Saturns transit impacts in different ways but one thing in common is that it brings struggle, suffering and delays when it is afflicted by malefics, or placed in enemy sign, or is weak.
some of the affects of when saturn passes over other planets in natal birth chart can be as follows:

SUN- fathers health is impacted, or other male family person or father figure, demotion at work or loss of status, frustration

MOON- impact on mothers health, depression, emotional hurt, financial loss

MARS – Bullying at work/home, loss of status, risk of criminal proceedings, accident & injury, fear and phobias

MERCURY – financial impact and need to be conservative in business, false promises risk, sexual disfunction, mental stress anxiety

JUPITER – stress, worries relating to children, decrease in spiritual devotion or religious activities, lack of concentration in exams or studies

VENUS- attraction of wrong people, possibility of affairs that will lead to trouble, health issues to female family members, separation from spouse

SATURN – changes in location/residence or workplace, stress and struggles leading to positive changes, issues on land or property or expenses relating to buying/investing in property

RAHU- neck pain, body ache, development of mysterious chronic illness which doctors are unable to diagnose straight away, relationship issues, risk of being trapped or problems with authority

KETU – setbacks to health, family disputes, inheritance disputes, hospitalisation or imprisonment, isolation.
this is all ‘possible’ impacts, but a lot needs to be analysed in a chart to come to an informed conclusion as strengths of planets, their conditions, placements with benefics, dashas etc all matter.

To find out how the current transits are impacting your birthchart, contact me now for a personal consultation.

Scorpio the Detective

Scorpio’s are the super detectives of the zodiac. If u know a Scorpio you will understand that they are always trying to test whether you are true to them or not; they are as good as the secret spy agencies in gaging what the reality of a person is.

It is very hard for a Scorpio person to trust anyone completely… and for this reason they always have their barriers up because it’s a defence mechanism to not get hurt.

If you are with a Scorpio partner, be prepared for them to ask you a million questions because it is through these questions that they will understand you to the deepest level and build that deep connection that they crave
There will be a number of “tests” that you have to pass before Scorpio opens up to u. And if you betray them or hurt them , they will never totally forgive you and be ready to feel the sting of revenge ! 
Scorpio’s are very passionate and caring
Can be known as possessive and somewhat obsessive too. But this is because their love (or hate) knows no boundaries.
Be in for a deep deep connection if you have anything to do with a majestic Scorpio 

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Is Your Jupiter making you too NICE?

Jupiterian people or people who have a strong Jupiter influence in their horoscope are very noble and generally do the “right” thing. They can be overly nice and always willing to help people even at the cost of sacrificing themselves.

Jupiter influence on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 10th house in a horoscope can make a person have qualities that make them a good counsellor, advisor, and guide people in the right way. This person always wants to help and can’t see people in trouble and not do anything about it.

If you have such a placement you may find that you make a lot of sacrifices for others which take a lot away from you, yet the people you do it for don’t appreciate it. You are taken for granted.

It can be in any scenario, whether it’s in your career where you work like a dog but employers don’t recognise the extra time you put in, it can be in relationships where you seem to do everything in your power to make your partner feel easy when they are down but they don’t reciprocate when you need them, or it can be in a family environment where you give up your own identity to stay n look after the house and kids but no one realises what you have given up to do so. It can also be when you have helped friends in their time of need by giving money or resources but it’s not remembered or returned or just taken as granted.

In essence Jupiter makes a person too nice and willing to go out of their way to help others. Unless there are other planets that help give a more sharper edge to them, and make them a bit more selfish, a Jupiterian will sacrifice themselves to make sure the other person is happy.

This is not always a good thing.

2020 will see Jupiter briefly enter into Capricorn before coming back into Sagittarius. Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for Jupiter.

This means it’s where it is weakest in a horoscope. However weak can mean that its qualities will be different to the norm. Could be that Jupiter is less sacrificing and noble here than usual… hence giving a more cutting edge approach.. it might be time for being more selfish and looking after your own personal interests.

2020 Jupiter in Capricorn is calling for jupiterians to try thinking about themselves for a change.

Stop Compromising your life to make others more comfortable, make YOURSELF comfortable first. If you are putting a 110% in at work – then sing about it and make people notice you! If you are getting walked over in relationships – turn those tables and demand the respect and care you deserve! If you have sacrificed your life to maintain a family – make time for yourself and schedule a calendar of where you get the breaks you need! If you hAve helped friends then make sure they value it by setting ground rules! Basically don’t take any s#%t because you are too nice.

2020 Jupiterian Resolutions…sometimes you need to be selfish to be selfless.