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Planet Venus

Venus is one of the brightest planets in our solar system, it is always around a maximum of two zodiac signs away from the Sun. Venus is the planet of Love, beauty, arts, luxuries and attraction. Like Jupiter, it is also a guru, teacher and hence a counsel.

Some of the significations of Venus are : Wife/ Lover, Vehicles, House, Skin, Beauty, Luxury items, Marriage, Glands & veins, Arts, Nice Clothes, Bedroom, watery places, Kidneys & Bladder, Theatre/Dance, Models, South east, Eyes, nose, throat, neck, Music, Sex life, Ovaries/ uterus/semen, Voice, larynx.

Venus and your PERSONALITY

Venus is associated with beauty and generally people having Venus in prominent houses especially the kendra’s or trikona’s, tend to be very attractive. They have sharp features and a pleasing manner about them. They are naturally magnetic and people are attracted towards them, to talk to them without always knowing why they are pulled to them.

Venus the people’s person…

As I consider the 1st house to be a key part of a personality, I would say that Venus in 1st house makes a very social personality, always needing to be with people, talking and socialising as this is where the Venus feels comfortable, on the centre stage of life, dancing and acting. Obviously the nakshatra lord needs to be considered on how well they support this Venus, as for example if Venus is in nakshatra of ketu then it might somewhat be a bit more shy, or reserved in its performance , however the individual will still ‘want’ to be an extrovert internally but can’t do so fully.

Venus & flirting..

A prominent Venus makes one have natural flirting qualities- whether this is a subtle method of seduction or a purposely full on one. There is such a charm about these people that is hard to resist. They like music, movies and drama. They have good taste, and choice is almost always of an expensive nature, as Venus also represents money and expenditure.

Venus the counsellor…

Venusians tend to have a hot temper too, and like to be regarded as very important. Venus was the guru of the demons , known as shukaracharya, and therefore Venus people make good teachers but their style is very different compared to a jupiterian, as they are more testing and show a ‘tough love’ approach when needed.

Negative Venus..debilitated Venus

When Venus is in prominent houses but afflicted, then some of the fine qualities are lost, and the person may not take so much interest in their appearance or the way they dress, but this has to be extremely afflicted, as Venus generally is the planet of natural beauty.

A debilitated Venus or combust can mean there are periods within transits that the person gives up on their appearance and can’t be bothered to look after their appearance, not shaving, grooming, or caring about how they look. This usually corrects itself quickly either within 14 days of it starting (time period of Venus) or until the transit finishes.


Venus is the planet of Love and relationships, so it is soooo important when it comes to analysing a chart on marriage and relationships. Everyone wants love, and the placement of Venus shows the way or the style of loving that comes naturally to us.

Venus in marriage compatibility..

In relationship or marriage compatibility, it’s always good to look at the placement of Venus in both charts to gage an understanding of how compatible the ideals of loving of
the two people are. Big differences can lead to a long struggle in getting to know each other, and sometimes it might be impossible to change the way that naturally comes to you.

Venus in Saggi Man & Venus in Cancer woman..An Example

For example, a man with Venus in Sagittarius will naturally be someone who likes a lot of independence in their relationships, not wanting to be tied down and who subconsciously
hates the idea of someone ‘needing’ them. They will normally treat love and sex as a passion to hunt and get their ‘kill’, they love the chase, but once they have it, they are ready to get on with things and move on. Interest has gone after the result.

However a woman with Venus in cancer will naturally want the closeness, emotional connection in love, and they might not take so much interest in ‘the chase’ but their connection starts after they have decided to be with someone, and they then look for that same interest in their partner. They need to be needed and wanted.

In the above examples of Venus in Sagittarius man and Venus in cancer woman, you can see that there will be extreme differences in the way the give and expect love. It will be
hard to make it work unless there are other supporting combinations in the charts.

Love signs are such a huge topic which I will try to cover in a future article, but for now going back to Venus in love relationships…

Venus in 5th house – romance

Generally Venus in 5th house of romance gives a lot of opportunity for love affairs, and in early stages of life the person can go through a lot of heartbreak… so many lovers/ ‘wanters’ and not enough time!

Venus in 4th & 7th house – marriage partnerships

Venus in 7th in marriage gives a spouse who is very attractive, and at the same time raises your status after marriage.

Dig Bal Venus..

Venus in 4th also tends towards happy home, and things associated with the 4th house, as Venus is happy here due to it having directional strength, being Dig Bal in 4th. However another school of thought that has been practically in research is that, 4th house Venus actually makes a person quite flirtatious, and can cause situations to arise that can defame
them – 4th is opposite 10th house of status – so to keep the Venus strong, any extra marital affairs should be avoided.

Afflicted, debilitated Venus in Marriage

An afflicted Venus does however cause marital disturbance and a wide variety of factors within the chart need to be looked at carefully for this. A debilitated Venus, if not cancelled through neechbang yoga, causes petty disagreements, and the person to get wound up for no big reasons, or lack faith in their spouse. The main reason for this is that they have such high expectations, that ultimately become totally unrealistic, setting themselves up for failure, and they should really work at this to learn how to change these habits and thinkings.


Professions related to Venus lend towards the fields of musicians, actors, transportation, jewellery, poetry, singers, perfumery, restaurant, fashion, modelling and so on. These are
the traditional Venusian jobs so to speak. 

Venus and Business Partnering at work..

But in today’s day and age, a strong Venus conveys leadership qualities, it shows the ability to get on- communicate- relate and build relationships with people. In the business world, there is a term called Business partnering which is a skill many employers look for. This means the ability to partner across the business with different functions, sales, finance,  marketing, technical etc. A strong Venus in business gives you that ability and flair to present yourself – and the company /product you work for.

A strong Venus makes a good sales person as they are able to use their charm and magnetism to make the opposition onside. Same goes for politics.

Venus in 10th house, love at work

Venus in 10th house usually gives a nice working environment, flash office, friendly colleagues. It also shows that the person will have good relations with seniors and a good image in the workplace.

I have seen practically that if the lord of the 10th is Venus, or Venus is in the 10th, then the individual gets opportunities for love affairs through their place of work. Clients I have seen with these placements, often find their partner for marriage through work. If the Venus is the lord of your 10th or in 10th and is afflicted, it can cause dishonour or damage to image in unfavourable transits or dashas, and precautions should be taken to avoid any works or undertakings that are scandalous. This is also true if you don’t have this 10th placement, but are in the line of a Venus career such as modelling or glamour, media and so on. Remedies would be helpful.


Venus rules urinary system, genitals, reproductive system, hormones, glandular disease, sexual problems, skin, neck, throat and the pelvic area.

Venus in negative trik houses

If Venus is lord of the trik houses, 3, 6, 8,12, and it is placed unfavourably, it will cause some health disorder relating to where it is posited and what other planet it is sitting with. Similarly it can be said if it is in any of the trik houses, it is also affected.

Venus & Jupiter affliction

Afflictions with Venus and Jupiter have seen to cause diabetes as an example, but would require further analysis on other conditions in the chart. The same planet combinations
have also produced charts with problems of conceiving child, as Jupiter shows enlargement and on some instances it has shown issues of scar tissue growth in the fallopian tubes hence causing problems.

Venus & Moon, Sun, Mars afflictions

Unfavourable moon and Venus combinations also can cause issues with fertilisation, moon being the seed and afflicted Venus showing difficulties in sperm/semen.

Sun/Venus combinations can show problems arising with skin, inflammation, acne, and glandular fever.

Mars /Venus in 12th house can show surgery related to reproductive organs, activated in dasha or transit of concerned planets.

Please note that these are observations, and many other factors of supporting planets and aspects have to be considered in a chart before such conclusions can be drawn.

Make your Venus Stronger! Quick Remedies

– Venus Beej Mantra:    Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah

Or  Om Namo Shukraya Namah

– Donate items related to Venus: rice, sugar, white or pink materials, cow, silver item, ghee, yogurt, perfume, mishri.

– Worship Goddess Lakshmi

– Avoid extra marital activity

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of all good things when placed favourably in the native’s birthchart. It is graceful, pure, kind and full of benevolence. It is the largest planet in the solar system, and it is no surprise, that it represents ‘big’ things and expansion.

Jupiter is associated with good luck and blessings from the higher power, he is pious and wise. Jupiter is also known as Guru – and is exactly that, a teacher, philosopher and counsellor to all. A person with a prominent, well placed Jupiter is therefore learned and intellectual. They will always act as if they know it all and that their opinion is the best solution – and it often is.

Our Guru guides us, and therefore represents our inner conscious, morals and ethics that keep us on a good path throughout life. This is also partly why Jupiter is the karaka for the 9th house of dharma.  Jupiter also known as Dev Brahaspatti, rules the day of Thursday, and its colour is yellow. The items used to pacify Guru are Gram flour, turmeric, Gur, Chana Dal, Ladoos, Besan sweets, yellow clothing. The gemstone is Yellow Sapphire, which should be a natural stone, untreated, and unheated.

Jupiter & Medicine
In Medicinal astrology, Jupiter shows whether we will benefit from a medicine, healing the sick. In the body, Jupiter represents the liver, fat, ears, hips & thighs. As it is the planet of growth and expansion, a badly placed Jupiter can show the growth of a tumour, or enlarged organs. It causes Jaundice, not surprisingly bringing a yellow colour that it is representative

A Jupiter which is afflicted and has an aspect on or in the 3rd, 11th houses can show ear problems in an individual and similarly, cause congestion, cough & colds or other respiratory issues when negatively influencing the 3rd or 4th house. However, the positive influence of Jupiter on these houses can mean that any problems are also easily healed and recovered, or that any therapy received is beneficial and giving an improvement to the condition.

Jupiter & Career
Professionally speaking, Jupiter being the karaka for the 5th house also represents education and creativity, children. Hence the Jupiterian careers are, in the most general sense related to finance, law, religion, counselling and guiding – this can be in the form of advisors such as accountants, teachers (guru), lawyers (advisors). The 5th being house of speculation also means Jupiter has the luck boosting properties that it lends to this house, hence giving a possible leaning towards luck in stocks/shares – banking career.

Another area Jupiter is a karaka of is, Husband. In a females chart the Jupiter represents the other half. So it is useful to see the condition of the Jupiter when analysing marriage also. A favourable aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house can indicate a love marriage when looked in combination with other factors, and a good aspect on 7th house can indicate a blessing of
being happy and content – or atleast a positive blend to life’s ups and downs!

Jupiter negative..
It is said that Jupiter causes ‘Sthan-Haani’ when sitting in a house. This means that it is damages the significations of the house that it is sitting in to some extent, but gives good results for the areas that it is aspecting. For example, sitting in lagna, it may give the native immense good luck as it throws aspects on the 5th, 7th and 9th houses, however being in lagna, it may damage the individual’s personal confidence in themselves, thereby not letting them reach the level to which they would otherwise be.

The houses that Jupiter rules are Sagittarius and Pisces. An interesting thing to note here is that both zodiac signs have very different personalities and natural instincts and traits, despite them being both ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius is the adventurous, go-getter, very independent and hates the idea of being restricted or tied down to anyone. Yet Pisces being the softer personality, romantic, fantasising and idealistic nature, emotional and ‘really needing’ another. Yet both are ruled by Jupiter. In both cases, Jupiter shows the true and pure path – in Pisces people they have a strong sense of ethics and a need to be moral, and Sagittarius people are philosophers who fight for independence to be on a path for the greater good.

Overall Jupiter is a naturally benefic planet which showers its grace and good fortunes on an individual when placed favourably in a horoscope. It is the karaka for the 5th, 9th houses and also represents the guru (teacher), husband and children in a chart. The mantra for Jupiter is :
 ‘Om Gram Greem Groum Sah Gurave Namah’

Rahu In Astrology

Rahu is the north node of the moon, it is known as the head of the dragon, and is a shadow planet. It is mysterious, unexplained, explosive, and sudden in nature. It is a natural malefic planet, and always causes an affliction wherever it sits or aspects.

Some of the things that Rahu represents are: paternal grandparents (and old people), poison, snakes, prison, imprisonment, anger, addictions, gambling, theft, hidden things,  cheating/lying, violence, explosions, sudden things, dirty/unclean, bad habits, delay & obstacles.


Rahu is mysterious and scary at the same time. It gives an obsessive nature when placed in the 1st, 7th houses, a person gets all engulfed with a particular idea and will not rest till they have an outcome that they desire. Rahu is about desire and wanting things.

Wherever Rahu sits in your chart, that will show you what you subconsciously fear & desire the most. Some also say that it shows areas that you have to work on from past lifetimes. This will shape your personality to be able to deal with karma that’s due.

Rahu in the 1st house makes one very shrewd and manipulative, they have the potential to squeeze information out of people like detectives. In fact their nature can be very much like a detective, wanting to know everything, asking lots of questions, being suspicious, following people, stalking, and not trusting anyone completely. They have their barriers up and always on guard to protect themselves.


Rahu in 5th house of love and romance
Rahu is a negative planet, and in love relationships it can cause a lot of issues if it is badly placed or conjuncting any other planets.  Rahu in 5th house of love and romance, is non traditional, meaning it will introduce you to partners that are different to you in terms of race, colour, or caste. Rahu represents foreign. The person enters into love relationships without
thinking about how they will fit in with their family, or tradition. That is not important to them, unless there is aspect from other planets like Jupiter, which then means that the person has a lot of heartache trying to conform to traditional and family ways, but at the expense of giving up what they are attracted to.

Rahu here will also give high expectations of their partner, and they will want them to be an ideal lover. The problem is that the expectations will be unrealistic causing frustrations and arguments, spoiling the peace between them. If there is connection of other malefics, it can bring an explosive temper to the individual.

Rahu in 7th house and marriage

Rahu causes delay and obstacles in marriage, and many times a person just does not have the inclination to get married in the first place. In the 1st or 7th house, Rahu in marriage will give arguments and a lot of friction unless supported by some benefic influence. It is seen that Rahu in the marriage axis, gives trust issues to the marriage, and a lot of questioning
of the spouse, wanting to know every detail of where they are etc.  

Rahu brings possessiveness and obsessiveness to the marriage. This can result into controlling behaviour that is a form of bullying and can be very damaging to the relationship.

Rahu for these reasons is a strong reason for causing divorce and separation in marriages when in 1st, 7th or 4th houses (house of domestic peace).

The influence of Rahu is nearly always negative, the only thing that minimises it is the aspect or influence of strong benefics which mitigate some of the adverse results.

RAHU and your CAREER

The professions represented by Rahu are; out of the ordinary/ unusual professions, magicians, assassin, labourer, jobs related with alcohol or drugs/intoxicants/poison, illicit professions, thiefs/criminals, prostitutes, prison officers, circus people, researchers, electricians, detectives.

Rahu in 10th house and career

Rahu in career, especially in the 10th house has the ability to make a person rise very suddenly, and also fall very suddenly. Rahu is about sudden actions. In 10th house, it makes the person a very demanding boss. However as a subordinate, it may create such an environment for the person where they feel pressured, bullied, or made to leave a post.

Rahu is poison, so it can be seen that leaders of major pharmaceutical companies will have prominent Rahu in their charts, dealing with medicine, poisons, and research to find
cures for hidden diseases.

As Rahu is an expert in manipulation and thinking very quickly, this position also makes a person good in politics, and their rise is usually due to underhandedness.

Rahu transiting the 10th house will always give some disturbance to the persons job, and it will not be comfortable unless there are beneficial dashas in operation that mitigate this
affect. Rahu in 10th transit will defame or demote a person if they are already having issues at the workplace.

Rahu in 6th during transit will create situations of bullying in the workplace or backbiting.

RAHU and your HEALTH

Some of the things that Rahu represents in medicinal astrology are; poisonous bites, radiation, epilepsy, body pain including legs, addiction to things, heart palpitations, health epidemics, unexplained diseases, nervous diseases, tremors, paralysis, weak immune system, surgery, injuries due to accident, hormonal imbalance, gastric problem including indigestion.

Rahu generally causes unexplained issues in health. Sometimes a person can get so sick, and when the doctors have checked them, they can’t find anything significant, but yet the
person is suffering so much. This is the nature of Rahu.

Rahu in 5th house can cause severe digestion problems where acidity and gas cause a lot of pain and stress to a person, a connection with mars can also mean this exacerbates
into problem passing the stools, through rectum causing piles and other diseases.

Rahu represents poison, so when placed unfavourably it creates excess toxins in the body which if not eliminated adequately can cause a variety of diseases itself, and come out on the skin in the form of acne. Also a badly placed rahu makes one prone to addictions to alcohol, smoking, drugs or gambling. So they should stay away from these things in the first place.

Rahu is very sudden in nature, and sometimes a problem will start so quickly, but last so long. Rahu with Sun in transit can cause heart problems to the person or to their father.
With benefic influence this can be mitigated.

Rahu with venus and moon can also cause hormonal imbalance, and result in thyroid issues or menstrual irregularities.

Rahu and Saturn can cause depression.

Rahu and Mars make a person prone to infections of the immune system and blood.

Overall Rahu will always afflict the house and planet that it is with, or aspecting. It will always have some affect over the significations of that planet/house.


Recite Rahu Beej Mantra

“Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum sah Rahave Namah”

Recite Rahu Mantra

“Om Namo Rahave Namah”

– Feed the birds daily

– Donate to charity

– Donate items relating to rahu; black urad dal,
coconut, black/blue blankets to the needy

Ketu In Astrology

Ketu is the south node of the moon, known as the dragon’s tail. It is headless, therefore directionless. It is a shadow planet and is known for its spiritual qualities and the journey to attain salvation, moksha. Ketu is a detached planet, and therefore shows a detachment from certain things, depending on the house that it is sitting in the chart. Ketu is a natural malefic.

Some of the things Ketu signifies are; spiritualism, detachment, maternal grandparents, karmic results/lessons from past life, intuition/ psychic abilities, tantric practices, natural healing.


If Ketu is in the 1st house, the person speaks sharply and says things how they are without any care of how it comes across. They appear to be rude. They also are analytical and therefore are prone to starting arguments or petty quarrels when others don’t think in the same way as them. These people are very independent, as ketu has the quality of detachment, and in the 1st house ketu makes one very independent and egocentric. They don’t like compromising.

Sometimes, a badly placed Ketu in 1st house will give a lot of self doubt, lack of self  confidence which can cause a negative/ pessimistic personality, always complaining about things or comparing themselves to others.  On a positive note, ketu makes one spiritual; this is different from being religious. If Ketu is able to find a proper guru to guide it, it can reach extraordinary heights. These people are naturally intuitive, and if they try, they can develop their psychic abilities to help others. Many good astrologers, tantrics have highly placed ketus in their charts, as do healers.


Ketu is the planet of detachment, and depending on where it is in the chart, it gives a feeling of emptiness, a void in that area.

Ketu in 5th house, love and romance relationships makes it difficult to open up to the other person, and often appears a closed book. These people are never satisfied with their
lover as they set up such high and unrealistic expectations of what they want in a partner. For this reason they struggle at relationships.

They really want things to work, but have a feeling of something missing, and so a love relationship carries on but with arguments and struggles most of the time. They are quick to
end things and move on to something they think is better. But ultimately these are lessons that they are carrying forward from previous lifetimes, and fulfilling their karmic path. Eventually through the suffering and heartache, they learn the value of true love, and this is after they have had a few breakups.

Ketu in 7th house, and in marriage

In marriage, ketu in the 7th house is a factor which will cause a loss in domestic peace, similar to my article on Rahu. However with ketu, they will eventually become less bothered about their spouse and seek other things in life.  Ketu is not materialistic, and these are the lessons which the person will learn slowly, and through this process they get distant from what they originally thought they wanted in their partner.

Ketu in 7th house can cause divorce and separations, especially in the malefic dashas and transits over 1st or 7th houses. Ketu makes a person cry from deep within, this is all about the karmic lessons that they need to learn before the soul moves on.

Influence and aspect of Jupiter and benefics mitigate a lot of the effects, as does regular meditation and praying, thereby Ketu takes the person onto the path of higher spirituality.

KETU and your CAREER

Some of the areas that Ketu governs over professionally include; alternative medicine, ayurveda, pharmaceuticals, poisons, secretive affairs, occults jobs, healers, astrology, tarot, translators, paranormal experts, tantrics.

Ketu in 10th house and career

Generally Ketu will give ups and downs in the 10th house, as the person will take on jobs early on but will find that they keep changing frequently for whatever reason. These people like to work independently and we often see that they work better and with more stability as self employed people, or contractors working for themselves.

Ketu is mystical and spiritual, and it is not surprising that psychics, clairvoyants and tantric posess a link of Ketu with their lagna, 8th and 10th houses.

Ketu also represents animals, so aspect or relation with Mars can give opportunities of being in veterinary sciences.

Ketu with Jupiter can bring one into the line of spiritual & religious teachings or care of the elderly such as working in a care home.

Ketu and venus can bring in the line of secret affairs, or working medically in the area of gynaecology if there are other suitable factors for study of medicine in the chart. This doesn’t have to be as a doctor, it could be as a trainee, nurse or other works in for example, sexual health clinics.

KETU and your HEALTH

Some of the areas that Ketu governs in medicinal astrology are; sharp cutting instruments, fracture of bones, ulcers, drug addiction/intoxication, body pains, phobias, depression,
hidden diseases, intestinal worms/parasites, infections.

Ketu and hidden diseases and health

Ketu presents diseases that are hidden or not easily diagnosed. Depending on where it is in the chart, it will affect the body parts that are represented by that house- of it is badly afflicted or with lords of the 6th, 8th, 12th houses.

In the dasha of Ketu, a person normally suffers emotionally, and the stress from whatever is causing these overwhelming, explosive emotions, brings out the illnesses in their body.
Ketu with the moon especially is a predisposition for anxiety and depression.

Ketu with moon and Saturn can mean that the person has certain phobias that are deep seated, a fear of something.

Mars relation with Ketu brings surgery, ketu is the surgical instrument, and usually the surgery indicates removing something – ketu is the loss of things. This could be for example, removing a hernia, or appendix, or even an ingrown toe nail! All depends on the placement and strength of the planets involved.

Parasites, worms are an area of ketu, and tape worm, or some infection in the body relating to parasites is also a possibility of ketu. Ketu is the also the significator for poisonous bites, bee stings etc.

As Ketu is explosive in nature, it will create issues relating to fire in the body, or pitta dosh according to ayurveda, ulcers, skin boils can all be attributes of a malefic ketu.


Recite Ketu Beej Mantra:

“Om Shram Shreem Shraum sah Ketave Namah”

Recite Ketu Mantra

“Om Namo Ketave Namah”

-prayers to Hanuman ji & Ganesh ji

-donate items relating to ketu ; sesame oil, brown
blanket or clothing,

-feeding or caring for a dog

– feed the birds daily to release negativity

Moon In Astrology

The Moon is known for its magical, mysterious and supernatural significances from many ages, and in many cultures. Moon is used as a guide for festivals, calculating good muhurta

for starting auspicious works, and used in many religions as a means to when to break a fast. Moon represents our mind and emotions and how we instinctively react to things.

Our Moon sign is often enough to tell a great deal about who we are and our internal personality. Some of the things Moon represents are: 

Karaka for mother, happiness, state of mind/ mental state, beauty, milk & milk products, cow, water, face, blood & flesh, silver, pearl, fertility, fluids, feminity


It’s said generally, that people born when the moon is in the waxing phase (going from new moon to full moon, growing), are positive, ambitious and have a very infectious, vibrant and full of life type of attitude. Those born in the waning phase (going from full moon to new moon, decreasing), are less optimistic, more cautious, and things can get them down easily- in a general sense.

The moon is eloquent, graceful, full of beauty and charm, therefore those with a prominent and well placed moon in a chart, tend to be magnetic and attractive, they have an appeal
that is hard to resist. They often have many friends for this reason. Further to this they have a caring and empathetic nature, and are good listeners to others’ problems, offering good guidance as they want to genuinely help people.

This caring side and nature, can often get taken advantage of, and strong moon people often find that they learn various lessons in life the hard way through experience, which makes them stronger and wiser as they get older. 

Strong moon bestows a strong mindset and the ability to think clearly and make good decisions. It brings with it a ‘gut feel’ instinct which proves to be right, as these people are highly intuitive, and can even be psychic. A negative, or not so well placed moon, affects mental state of a person, and if it is highly afflicted, it can cause a person to be a pessimist, and negative all the time. It can cause extreme mood swings, which unsettle the person and the people around them.


Moon in 5th house, love & romance..

Moon in 5th house, makes one very creative and have childlike qualities, and infact love being around children. This attracts partners who admire this quality about them, and who yearn for a motherly, nurturing type of person that can fulfil their desires for a traditional family.

The 5th house placement of the benefic moon, makes the person enjoy gatherings, and so will want a partner that is an entertainer, and mixes in with their family and friends, in the same way that they would do. They love gatherings, parties and social events where they can shine.

Moon in 5th and casual flirting..

People with this placement need to be careful with their casual flirting, as in the house of love and romance, the moon can be mischievous, and send signals to people attracting them without realising. And because of this, they sometimes get taken advantage of in love relationships, because when a person shows interest in them, they find it hard to say NO, because they don’t want to hurt someone, so they end up seeing them or seeing how the relationship goes just because they find that easier then ending something. They are too caring about the partner, and put them first before even themselves.

In a relationship, a strong moon in the house of romance means that they need a lot of warmth and affection and crave this. It’s a necessity. It can almost feel that the person ‘mothers’ their lover.

Moon & confusion in love

A badly placed moon in the 5th house of romance, gives a lot of confusion in early relationships on whether the person satisfies their expectations of love. They will to and fro between being with them, and not being with them. But then will stay with them in a confused state just because it’s easier and less emotional then breaking up with them. This is not healthy for either lover. As the moon fluctuates during the month with the waxing and waning phases, so will the decisions and mindset of the person, first half up and positive about the relationship, and second half confused and ready to break it off.

Moon in 7th house marriage, and matching compatibility, Gun Milan..

In Vedic Astrology, moon has been given a lot of importance in marriage compatibility analysis, mainly called Gun Milan. I won’t go into too much detail about gun Milan in this article as it is a lengthy topic in itself, but in short, looking at the various associations of the girl’s moon and how they tally with the boy’s moon and its characteristics shows a general picture of their emotional compatibilities.

Moon in 7th house, gives a very royal feel to the person, and their partner will have characteristics of a ‘Queen’, as Sun is the king in astrology, so the moon is known as the queen.

People who have moon in the 7th house of marriage, generally develop a dependency on their partners very early on, they crave the warmth and caring from someone else. They feel very alone if they are not with someone. Another thing is that they hold their partner on a pedestal, they become completely absorbed and magnetised by them, making them think there is nothing else in the world that’s worth more than their partner.

They search for the traditional marriage, husband wife relationship. But when the moon is afflicted then this search becomes a frustration and a fantasy which they idolise over, bringing nothing but heartache.

Afflicted moon in 7th house

In many cases, a seriously afflicted moon makes one have tendencies of ending life if the marriage is not going well – and this needs to be analysed very very delicately by looking at all factors, dashas, transits, supporting planets and so on – you can’t just say that any badly placed moon will cause these tendencies, there are many delicacies to consider before this conclusion is made. But yes, in those cases, the person can fall into depression and think what is the point of living if not in a stable relationship- and this is not the right way to think,
as there are many things in life other than a ‘partner’ that can fulfil your needs, and there is always hope to meet new people who have evolved in their life and can offer you much more.

In cases of a positive moon in 7th house of marriage, then the person is very well connected with their spouse, and cares in a way that nurtures and ‘mothers’ them. Knowing their every need and thought pattern, as moon makes one very intuitive and having a power to connect deeply. They are brilliant cooks!

MOON and your CAREER

The moon governs professions concerning: shipping, navy, fishing, dairy, petrol ( fluids), hospitality, service and transportation related works, writing, acting, cooking/chef/restaurants, nursing, import/export, childcare.

Moon in business and careers impacts how well you can make relationships with people, which is very important in today’s fast paced world. People with a full moon in their charts
are naturally magnetic, and instantly attract people to like them. With this also comes jealousy and they may well find issues at certain times in life due to backstabbing / jealousy.

Moon in 10th house of career can cause a person to change their career multiple times throughout life. This is also true if moon is the 10th lord, as moon is a fluctuating planet, changeable. Moon in 10th house makes the person very concerned about their public image, and often they will have a much respected image. If this house is then afflicted, during
transit then there would be opportunities to be defamed, or lose their status.

Hospitality is an area which is very suited to the characteristics of the moon, where it nurtures or looks after others, as does nursing and childcare.

Some combinations with moon

Saturn with moon causes change of location and roles whenever they get together through aspect or transit.

Jupiter with moon causes rise in status or a due promotion to be received, along with an increase in wealth.

Rahu with moon, in career can cause a termination of employment that is very sudden, if aspected by benefics there will be some moneterial settlement with this.

Ketu with moon, makes a person cry in their workplace, as they are not able to take the stress of the situations they endure.

MOON and your HEALTH

In medicinal astrology, moon represents stomach, breasts, left eye, lungs/ breathing, fertility (egg), lymph, mucous membranes, nutrition, mind, colds, menstrual cycle

Severe affliction to moon will no doubt cause mental issues, and these can take the form of depression, bi-polar, psychosis, schizophrenia, and breakdown, more so if there is impact of another negative planet on the moon. I have broken down the combinations of these mental illnesses below.

Affliction by:
Saturn + Moon – depression

Ketu + Moon – loneliness, suicidal tendencies

Rahu + Moon + Mercury – Bi polar,

Rahu + Moon + Mercury + Mars – psychosis, schizophrenia

Mercury + Moon + Saturn – Nervous breakdown

These are some examples of the Severely afflicted combinations with moon which need to be analysed very delicately by looking at nakshatra placement, supporting benefics, strength of planets and dasha, transits before coming to a solid conclusion, as many times an aspect of a well placed benefic can mitigate much of the negative effects of these.

The other area moon represents is fertility. Moon is the seed or the egg in a female. Afflictions to this, especially if related to 7th house or 5th house, can cause a low egg count, or a hostile environment in the uterus which is unable to nurture the egg.

Jupiter afflicting the moon can cause problems with unnatural growth in the area it is in, such as tumour or enlargement of tissues, or problems with breast tissue.

Moon affliction in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th houses causes health problems due to excess fluid in the ears, nose or chest area, and impact of mars can cause recurrent ear infections or chest  infections. Moon also represents breathing and lungs, so person can be prone to asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions and allergies.

Moon affects the menstrual cycle of females, and thus is susceptible to fluctuations if afflicted.

Saturn afflictions to moon also can cause eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, as moon represents the food or nutrition in our chart. But Jupiter also needs to be analysed for this.


Recite Moon Beej Mantra

“Om Shram Shreem Shraum sah chandraya namah”

Recite Moon Mantra

“Om Namo Somaya Namah”

-donate items relating to moon; white items, rice, yogurt, sugar, white clothing, silver

-wearing a silver bracelet

-wearing a pearl ring or in locket

Planet MARS – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

Mars is the fiery, red, hot planet and is known as the God of War in Greek mythology and known as Mangal in Vedic Astrology.Mars is a natural Malefic with the ability to cause great havoc in a horoscope. Yet it can be beneficial when it is theyogakaraka in a horoscope of Leo and Cancer ascendants.

Mars is the planet of action and getting things done and can therefore give massive amounts of energy and ambition when placed favourably. It makes a person bold and confident of themselves, and also denotes courage in a chart.

Mars Positive traits
When Mars is placed favourably in a chart, it gives stamina, vitality and confidence in ones own self. It makes them achieve their goals because they have a plan that they stick to and put efforts into.A good Mars gives the person a flair for persuading people about their own point and getting them to do things theirway- this can also be called good manipulation abilities. They are also good at maths and applying logic to things, hence accountants and doctors/scientists have well placed Mars in their charts.Mars also takes a person into sports, and you may see that children with prominent mars in their horoscopes often love physical education and competitive sports as this is a channel for their abundant energy.Positive Mars gives the person the ability to heal quickly from illness and wounds and they have a strong healthy immune system subject to the placement of Jupiter.

Exalted Mars
In the sign of Capricorn, mars is exalted and here it has great strength. It makes one goal orientated and gives the power and ability to see through plans and projects. It makes the person a good organiser running a tight ship. Their ambitions are realistic and they are tactful and diplomatic, and respected in their fields.

Mars Negative traits
A negative Mars firstly makes a person prone to accidents and injury. A negative mars is one that is afflicted by othermalefic planets, or one that is placed in the dusthana bhavas (houses 6,8,12). Mars that is malefic makes one have an angry temperament and the high energy that the person has, turns into frustration and unsatisfaction. The assertiveness from an otherwise positive mars, turns into uncontrolled or poorly controlled, aggression. This can mean that the person does not think before they speak and loses respect from people, or a reputation of being a loud mouth. A badly placed mars causes moodiness and the person can be perfectly fine one day and then totally opposite the next. They have a quick temper but can calm down very quickly too if the right things are said. Therefore it can be said that they are sensitive people even though externally they will portray a tough wall.
If their Mars is with Moon, then they are hyper sensitive and very easily annoyed, and may have a nagging personality.Mars with other malefics when exceptionally badly placed by house and sign placement can cause the person to have a violent nature or be subject to violence in life.

Debilitated Mars
Mars placed in Cancer, in its sign of debilitation will make a person lazy, lethargic and frustrated. They will bemoody and lack self control. Mars is a fiery planet and represents action, so in the sign of cancer it is totally energy less and feels drowned, the frustration caused by this will make it cause havoc and spoil the significations of thehouse it is in.Mars CombustionMars with Sun gives a lot of energy to a person and also a strong immune system and quick thinking, brain power and quick wit. However Mars is combusted when it is within 17 degrees proximity to the Sun. depending on the degree of combustion it can weaken the Mars and influence the person’s nature to that associated with a weak malefic mars.

Mars’s friendship & enemity
Friends: Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Enemies: Mercury
Neutral: Venus , Saturn
Mooltrikona: Aries 0-12 degrees
Exalted: Capricorn
Debilitated: Cancer

Mars Karaka, MarsSignificationsMars is the bhava Karaka or significator for:

3rd House, younger siblings, courage
4th House, Buildings and land
6th House, Disease, illness
some of the things Mars represents include:Mars Significators:

Competitive Nature
Fiery Places
Mountains, Forests
Power Confidence
Weapons/ surgical instruments
Land, Property
Energy Levels

Planet Saturn – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

Saturn is a cold and restricting planet, it is slow and disciplined. It teaches lessons through hard work and struggles, after which a person becomes stronger, wiser and more practical about life Saturn has a lot to do with justice and is a karmic planet, and the saying ‘what goes round comes round’,takes effect in a person’s life when there are significant Saturn transits

in the persons horoscope chart, during sade sate or dhaiya, or during the maha and antar dashas of Saturn. This planet is also a moksha karaka.Saturn can take a person to great heights of achievement but can also reduce them to rags, hence it is aplanet which many want to appease and keep calm in their charts.

Saturn Favourable, positive traits
When Saturn is favourably placed in a horoscope and it is devoid of malefic influence, it has the potential to take a person to great fame, riches and respect from the public. This is especially if the person is an Aquarius or Capricorn where Saturn is the lord of their ascendant.Saturn when favourable gives a person meticulous planning and organisational skills and the stamina to work around the clock if necessary to achieve their objectives.A well placed Saturn gives the person the ability to speak very diplomatically, while internally being very shrewd and clever. This nature allows the person to get ahead in both career and life in general as they win the trust of people in authority and therefore get what they want to move ahead.A person is able to make good judgement, and has great observational skills, good common sense, and a business mind set with a favourable Saturn in their birthchart. They are practical and magnetic, evenif they are not necessary good looking they are still attractive to people and have a following.They have good leadership qualities and find themselves in managerial positions. A strong Saturn is also good for the person to have their own business.

Exalted Saturn
Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra. Here it will give results depending on the house that it is in. It gives one the ability to attract people to them, and make the most of other people, a good power to manipulate people nicely.

Saturn Negative traits
A malefic Saturn can cause all sorts of upheaval in a person’s life when it comes to the dasha of Saturn, or during Sade Sati, dhaiya, transit over birthchart houses.Saturn is restrictive and gives struggles when it is unhappy in the sign it in. it can delay events, and make the person feel as if they are taking one step forward and 3 steps back. The aim of Saturn is to make a person learn an area thoroughly and hence it slows out the process and makes a person totally absorbed in their situation until they understand the core of the matter. Only then it allows for them to move ahead.Saturn when placed badly gives a depressed, pessimistic outlook on life. The person feels low in self esteem, loses their self confidence and is unsatisfied with what they have. It gives a feeling of laziness, feeling tired, and constantly under mental pressure. with stress related headaches/neck shoulder pains/body aches.There are a host of illnesses, diseases that come about as the result of a malefic Saturn, and most of these are slow to develop and are chronic. Where a positive Saturn gives the person diplomacy in speaking, a negative Saturn will do the opposite, and tarnish the self image of a person, make them say things without thinking and have a rude or impolite way of speaking, rough manner about them.During unfavourable Saturn transits, including sade sati and dhaiya, there are financial losses and discord with family members or people of authority.

Debilitated Saturn
Saturn is debilitated in Aries. Here it becomes uncontrolled and unhappy and creates misery for the person, disturbing mental peace, financial security and creates struggles to get ahead in life.

Saturn Combustion
Saturn is combusted when it is within 15 degrees proximity of the Sun. this is not a good combination, Saturn and sun are enemies and this gives the person a bad temper and a lot of frustration. They do not have cordial relations with their father who may live away or have health problems. There are likely to beproblems with the law and people of authority during the dashas or transits of these planets.

Saturn’s friendship & enemity

Friends: Mercury, Venus

Enemies: Sun, Moon, Mars 

Neutrals: Jupiter 

Mooltrikona: Aquarius 1-20 Degrees

Exalted: Libra 

Debilitated: Aries

Saturn Karaka, Saturn Significations 

Saturn is the bhava Karaka or significator

4th House, Real estate
6th House, chronic disease, debt
8th House, longevity, chronic illness, accidents, inheritance, loss
10th House, career, fame
12th House, Losses, isolation, expenses, separation

Some of the things Saturn represents include:



West direction





Blue Sapphire



Legs, calves 



Chronic disease

Insect infected places

Black clothes


Laboured workers 

Old people’s homes

Black lentils

SUN – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

The Sun is the King of all the planets. Plants, animals, humans, we all depend on its light energy for survival, an Earth without the Sun cannot exist, it has great importance in both Astronomy and Astrology.The Suns nature is hot, fiery and bright. It therefore has the ability to both burn out whatever it touches, and blind them with its light- thus can be called a cruel planet and is known as a natural malefic.

Although if placed well in a chart it can be very beneficial and take a person to great heights, and this is the part of its benefic nature, the royal king of the planets.The burning out properties of the sun generally lead to the word combustion. The sun has the ability to combust theproperties of any planet it sits with in a horoscope within certain proximity. When a planet is combust then it means its significations have become weak. This means that the things it represents, for example if it is Jupiter as lordof the 7th house, then areas relating to marriage are affected, the area of children ( Jupiter as karaka for children), study/education, liver (parts of the body the planet represents), etc become WEAK. This happens all when the sun is too close for comfort, and the light from it effectively makes the planet look invisible. 

Combustion degrees of planets
The degrees for combustion are different for each planet, but generally I take the rule that if a planet is within 5 degrees of the sun, then it is majorly affected.Jupiter is combust within 11 degrees of proximity of the sunMoon is combust within 12 degrees of proximity of the sunMercury is combust within 14 degrees of proximity of the sunSaturn is combust within 15 degrees of proximity of the sunMars is combust within 17 degrees of proximity of the sunVenus is combust within 10 degrees of proximity of the sun

Sun’s friendship & enemity
Friends: Mars, Moon, Jupiter
Enemies: Venus, Saturn
Neutral: Mercury
Mooltrikona: Leo 0-20 degrees
Exalted: Aries
Debilitated: Libra

Sun Karaka & Sun Significations
The Sun is the bhava Karaka or significator for the 1st House. This is as it represents the soul, the body, face and general vitality, confidence of a person

Personality traits of Positive Sun

A person with a strong unafflicted Sun is a loyal, confident and noble person with a royal manner about them. They are positive and energetic with a pleasant look. They have leadership qualities as the Sun is the King of the cabinet, so therefore naturally bestows them these qualities to rule and lead.Benefic Sun placement gives courage and conviction to the person and they are able to talk with great power and pride, and have followers or admirers both at home and work, people look up to them. Sun posited favourably in a chart gives an x factor, magnetic quality attracting people towards them and a warm character.

Personality traits of Negative Sun

A negatively placed or malefic Sun manifests the cruel or harsh tendencies of the Sun to surface. These make the Kingly approach of the person more like a strong dictator who promotes fear in his kingdom to get his work done.The person can become proud and arrogant, self centred and dominating. They have a tendency to say things bluntly without caring about how rude it may sound to others. They can be on a power trip and want to prove that they are the best and everyone should do what they say.A debilitated Sun is also negative. Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra where it loses its energy and vigour, causinga lethargic attitude, lack of self confidence. In work scenarios it can mean the person is not respected or their opinion doesn’t count.

Planet MERCURY – Nature, Significations& positive/negative traits

Mercury is most commonly known as the planet of communication. Mercury is a eunuch planet, neither masculine nor feminine. It is said that mercury generally takes on the characteristics of the planet that it gets aquainted with, so if with a benefic it can do many good things, but if posited with a malefic planet, it can behave negatively.

Mercury Positive traits

Mercury when placed well in a chart gives strong communication skills and the ability to get on with people from all different backgrounds, as the mercurial element helps the person adapt and change according to the environment that they are in.A strong mercury gives a person good intellect and a good memory. They do well in learning languages and have a great knack for picking up technical skills. Software programmers, IT professionals, translators/interpretors and teachers have strong mercurys in their birthcharts. They are witty individuals and able to respond quickly to any statement or problem needing a solution, because they think so fast. For this reason they are also very good in arguments, they are mega analytical and think of things from all the different angles to truly dissect and assemble whats going on before they make their point.A well placed mercury gives good intuition and the ability to go with a gut feeling- which is usually right.

Exalted Mercury

Mercury is exalted in the sign of Virgo – which is its own sign. An exalted mercury gives good intellect, intuition and psychic nature, good command over speaking and communicating, a marketing & sales affinity, a very analytical mind and the need to be a perfectionist.

Mercury Negative traits

Mercurys negative nature can make a person over analytical, and this can hinder them as they tend to ask 100 questions about each and everything. They have a need to know the ins and outs of everything, and they are not satisfied until they have all the knowledge at their finger tips. This can make them seem nagging, obsessive and a disruptive force in teams.Poorly placed Mercury can give a bad memory, and a depressed mental state. As mercury also represents the nervous system, it can cause anxiety, panic attacks and a hyper or depressed mental state in people. Many mental disorders can be attributed to a combination of weak or afflicted mercury with other planets. Mercury badly situated can give a person a complex about themselves. It also has the potential to give bad habits, or repetitive behaviour such as Obsessive compulsive disorder. These are exacerbated through stress and stressful situations. Mercury when weak can make a person stammer or stutter, with language problems in life. 

Debilitated Mercury

Mercury is debilitated in the sign of Pisces. Here Mercury is over sensitive and irrational. There are unrealistic expectations and ideals which leads to dissatisfaction in the house that its situated in. May give a withdrawn and introvert personality.

Mercury Combustion

Mercury travels quite closely to the Sun, so it is not unusual for Mercury to be conjunct with the sun in a majority of charts. The theory is that mercury becomes combust at 14 degrees proximity to the sun. I don’t necessarily believe that the qualities of mercury get severely disadvantaged. Sun and mercury combination also gives rise to Budhaditya yoga which makes one intellectually clever.

Mercury’s friendship & enemity
Friends: Sun,Venus
Enemies: Moon
Neutral: Mars, Jupiter , Saturn
Mooltrikona: Virgo 15-20 degrees
Exalted: Virgo
Debilitated: Pisces

Mercury Karaka, Mercury SignificationsMercury is the bhava Karaka or significator for:
2nd House, speech
4th House, Education
7th and 10th House, Business & commerce

some of the things Mercury represents include:

Mercury Significators:
Sisters & friends
Young nature,
Quick Wit & Sense of humour
Nervous system
Green clothing
Green Lentils
Green Emerald
Good Speech
Technical fields
Business, Accounting
Maternal Uncles
Brass & alloys