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Pisces Positive & Negative Traits

PISCES is the twelfth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Jupiter and its symbol is a pair of fish.

Positive traits

Pisces people are very caring and generous individuals. Ruled by Jupiter they are generally noble and good hearted souls. 

There is a natural intuition within a pisces and they will sometimes make decisions based on a gut feeling, and it is often right.

Pisces people are very creative and imaginative and do well in careers related to arts such as writing or drama. There is a natural flair of emotion hidden in a Pisces as they are very deep thinkers. 

Many friends and relatives may come to pisces for advice or guidance, as they are known for their compassion and good counsel. They have a natural way of making people feel at ease, and this makes them very apt for careers in healthcare also.

Negative traits

A Pisces downfall can be that they sometimes confuse dreams or fantasies with reality. They can get so carried away in their own thoughts that it becomes hard for them to separate what is true and what is just an idea in their head. This can lead to frustrations with partners who may get fed up of bringing them back down to earth. Problem is Pisces cannot see what the problem is, they are so convinced about their own thinking.

Pisces is an emotional sign, and they therefore are prone to getting hurt. They must learn to be strong and train themselves to be practical where its necessary. Over sensitivity needs to be managed by a Pisces.

Because they are good hearted and try to help others as much as they can, they run the risk of being led astray or taken advantage of. A Pisces must learn to be able to say ‘NO’, and know where their helpfulness must draw a line.

Aquarius Positive & Negative Traits

AQUARIUS is the eleventh sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Saturn and its symbol is the water carrier.

Positive traits

Aquarius people maybe feel that they like to be different to others and have a certain uniqueness . Although they like to be around people, internally they may prefer their own company, and may often feel ultimately they are alone.

They actually understand others very well, as they are very observant. They can instantly pick up what others are all about. Being deep thinkers they are able to analyse situations from all angles.

They are loyal and when in a relationship, are devoted to their partner, whether they show this in a romantic way is another story!

Being an Air sign, Aquarius needs intellectual stimulation else they get bored easily, so they are very good at general  knowledge and keeping up with current affairs and all things new.

Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart and likes to help others when fighting for a just cause.

Negative traits

Aquarius may come across as being emotionally detached and this is because they have a strong desire to be independent, and others sometimes see this to mean that they don’t care about them. This is not the case, as Aquarius does care but just
cant help giving off an aloof appearance. They hate feeling constrained or restricted as Aquarius loves freedom.

Aquarius can come across as having a lot of pride, and for that reason sometimes they can a bit too defensive about things that are important to them. They want to be accepted as they are, and if anyone doesn’t like this, then Aquarius will end up purposely doing more of the same thing to annoy them further! They are secretly a big Rebel inside.

They sometimes lack tact when trying to get their views across, perhaps because it doesn’t really matter whether anyone agrees with them or not, as they feel they are enough to stand their own ground.

They have an unpredictable nature and can’t always control their tongue with diplomacy when provoked.

Capricorn Positive & Negative Traits

CAPRICORN is the tenth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Saturn and its symbol is the goat.

Positive traits

Capricorn are self made people and are known for their hard work and commitment in getting them where they are today.

They take pride in their work and often give more importance to professional concerns than regular home life. This is no bad
thing providing a healthy balance is maintained.

Ruled by the planet Saturn, capricorns are likely to have a reserved and somewhat stand offish nature. They are meticulous planners, and have great organisational skills.

Anyone can depend on them for getting things done, however they do not like to depend on others as they believe only they
themselves can do things in the ‘right ‘ way. Capricorns like to be in control and run a tight ship.

Capricorns are known for being great at managing tasks and sticking to timelines and budgets. They always look ahead
and this is one of the reasons why they do well.

Another quality that their ruler Saturn bestows is that it makes capricorn very practical and responsible, presenting a very prudent nature where it deters them from taking uncalculated risks.

Being an earth sign, Capricorn is very much in its element when they are grounded and have rational and realistic plans and

Negative traits

Some of the negative qualities that are associated with your capricorn sign are that they can be very stubborn once they
have made up their mind on a certain issue.

Capricorn likes to stand its ground as they do genuinely believe that they are the expert on many things and therefore the solutions provided by them are the best ones! For this reason they may unknowingly annoy others, as capricorn finds it hard to listen to others ideas, because they are the ones that need to be in control.

The ambitious side in Capricorn can sometimes come across to others as being rude, harsh and sometimes insensitive. This
should be worked on, and it is probable that  as they mature, they will have learnt how to temper this side of their
personality over the years.

Sagittarius Positive & Negative Traits

SAGITTARIUS is the ninth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Jupiter and its symbol is the centaurian archer.

Positive traits

Sagittarius’ are very independent individuals, they love their sense of freedom. They are generally not possessive or controlling at all, they believe in ‘live and let live’ and do not like the idea of anyone being restricted or constrained, especially themselves. Hence in relationships, they offer the ultimate freedom to their partners, a sign of complete trust..and they also expect the same.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac representing higher power, and spirituality, and for this reason they my find themselves subconsciously, spiritually inclined. They want to know the root of things in a belief system.

Travelling is a fond love for sagittarius, they love exploring and seeing new things. They love the whole sense of history behind places, and archeology , old temples, ruins and buildings. They have a deep interest in mythology. They are very active and don’t get tired quickly.

A sagittarius has a positive outlook on life and is a generous person.

Negative traits

Due to their active nature, they can become quite restless, leading to feelings of anxiety or needing something to take the edge of at times. It is important for them to build in some quiet time for themselves. They find it hard to sit in one place for long.

Sagittarius has a bad habit of interrupting people mid conversation, this is not because they want to be rude, but it is because their mind is thinking of so many things all at once.

In relationships, Sagittarius can come across as unromantic or uncaring, they have an aloof nature and find it hard to express their emotions. Sometimes they ignore feelings and also the emotions of their partner, because they find it easier to pretend they have not noticed.

Sagittarius plays the blame game when they are in an arguement, they are not willing to listen or accept criticism, they will take their arrows and shoot straight back, in line with their archer symbol.

Sagittarius needs to learn how to sugar coat statements, their bluntness and lack of tact often gets them into trouble!

Scorpio Positive & Negative Traits

SCORPIO is the 8th sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Mars and its symbol is the scorpion.

Positive traits

Scorpios are born leaders, they always know what they want and think up plans of how to  achieve that. Ruled by Mars , they have a natural energy to get into action. Scorpio’s try their best at remaining focused on their goal.

They are very passionate about what they believe in and will defend these beliefs with all their might. For this reason they are also very faithful individuals, they value trust and loyalty, especially as they don’t actually trust anyone too easily in the first place. Once they do, then they can do anything for them.

Scorpios often have various nests around their house where they tend to hide things that are special to them, they may not even realise that they do this, but they often find things they think they have ‘lost’ in strange places, including money.

Scorpios are very passionate lovers, they are the most intense starsign, they offer a very deep and meaningful relationship to the person they are with.

Negative traits

As much as they offer a very deep side of themselves to their partner, they also expect the same back. This can be a problem if the person they are with does not naturally have the same expectations. This can lead to over possessiveness and control issues within a relationship.

Once a scorpio has lost trust in someone, whether it is a friend, family member or a business partner, then Scorpio puts up a barrier as a defense mechanism and will never let them re-enter that special trust zone again. Infact subconsciously, a Scorpio cannot help but feel vindictive and revengeful inside, whether they let these energies manifest is another story.

Jealousy can be an issue for scorpios as they often tend to compare themselves to others, or their material posessions against what others have. This can be quite a negative act for a Scorpio as it can make them feel low and depressed if they do not like the conclusion, or it can make them feel proud and egoistic.

Scorpios are extremely deep thinking individuals, and they need to be careful that they do not become over sensitive as this can lead to either not being able to control themselves crying, or to more serious  anger issues.

Libra Positive & Negative Traits

LIBRA is the 7th sign of the zodiac.

It is ruled by Venus, and its symbol is the scales.

Positive traits 

This is an airy sign and is ruled by the planet of beauty Venus. You have sharp features and a pleasant appearance.

Its symbol is the scales that represent balance, justice and harmony and these are things that are generally important to Librans.

Libra cannot stand things which are unfair to others, unethical or cruel treatment as this would make you feel very uneasy. This makes you a genuine, nice and noble individual.

They hate confrontations as they can make them very anxious, and therefore Libras try to keep within all rules and regulations as you don’t want all the unpleasantness of arguments to unsettle them and so they try to keep out of trouble.

Libra likes to maintain harmony, and for this reason, when arguments do start, they tend to quickly retreat backwards and want to settle things asap for the sake of peace of mind.

Libra likes to be with someone else all the time, they work best in groups or partnerships- and they want everyone to get on well!

They are always busy making everything perfect and balanced, a Libra likes to be organised!

Being an AIR sign, Libra’s are very fast in everything they do. They think fast and often come up with a solution to a problem before someone has even finished their sentence as their mind is two steps ahead. You are good at picking up and learning new things quickly and are good at telling others what you think they should do.

Negative traits

Whilst Libra is ready to take the stand against unethical behaviour’s when needed, on most occasions, they prefer to take the middle ground, and do not like being caught up in unnecessary issues with others. This can sometimes be seen as simply sitting on the fence and not being able to take decisive course of action / strong decisions.

Another reason that they try to keep in the middle is that Libra knows that they have the ability to sway from one extreme to the other very rapidly, and this can be very unsettling.

Being the sign of the scales, Libra has the tendency to be either very positive and energetic, or the total opposite, moody, drained and pessimistic not caring about how they come across to others. This is something that Libra will need to learn to control and keep more of a balanced approach to every day happenings.

Libra may see others opinions as the benchmark and do not often know what their own opinion actually is at times, and so can find it hard making up their own mind 

Virgo Positive & Negative Traits

VIRGO is the sixth sign of the zodiac

It is ruled by Mercury and its symbol is the virgin

Positive traits

Virgo’s are very analytical people, they have a sharp mind and can examine situations from an infinite number of angles. This is also true that they have a good eye for detail. They do well in careers where these skills are important such as forensics and accounting, and also law.

A Virgo likes to be organised and run a tight ship. They may have a number of planners or ‘to-do–lists’ neatly colour coded, as they love order and being able to tick things off as an achievement. They are forward planners and try to have their life planned out as much as they can – albeit they find it hard to handle if things do not run to plan. 

Virgos are methodical beings, they like things being done in a certain way and to a certain order. They love making their environment classy and pleasing to the eye, they do not like mess as they cannot function then. To them, the state of their surroundings represents the state of their mindset, so if you go to a Virgo house and notice it is not in it’s usual clandestine state, then understand this Virgo is stressed about something.

People born under this starsign  tend to be naturally prudent and economical, and understand the importance of budgeting which helps them in the long run.

Virgos are of pleasant appearance as they put a lot of effort into the way the appear to others.

Negative traits

Because they have a natural ability to analyse and critique things, they can come across as super fussy or high maintainence. They are excellant debaters and this also leads to a certain argumentative trait when people do not agree with their superior views.

Virgo’s can be a bit too obsessed with cleaning and some people who have afflictions to this star sign can have OCD problems, such as washing their hands too much, or turning on the kettle a certain number of times to feel ok. 

Virgo’s are an earth sign and are very practical, they cannot help but think of their own benefit in situations, which is not a bad thing, but it can come across as selfish.

Virgo carries a lot of pent up energies and must have a way to release these either through exercise or creative hobbies, otherwise there is a tendency to have problems with anxiety.

Leo Positive & Negative Traits

LEO is the fifth sign of the zodiac.
Ruled by the Sun, its symbol is the Lion.

Positive traits 

Leo’s are extremely generous and warm hearted individuals, they try to do everything within their power to please the people around them. They are the perfect host when having people around their own home or workplace.

They are born leaders and naturally take the front seat on any projects, some of this is due to the fact that they love being in the limelight and having all the attention and praise for good work. Some of it is because they know that they are the best at doing everything. Sometimes it is hard for a leo to work as part of a team because they want to do everything themselves.

Leo’s are most creative and can think outside of the box. They are the best actors on the stage of the zodiac, and they are very good at expressing their thoughts, there is always some glamour and drama in the world of Leo.

For Leo, family is everything. They feel they are responsible for their family and put them first even before themselves. Leos are very loyal, and expect the same loyalty back. They purposely choose not to have a big circle of friends, they selectively decide upon having a couple of close associates who they regard as family.

Leo’s are generally positive and cheerful individuals, and they do not like to hold a grudge against anyone, and for this reason they feel very uncomfortable if they have had a fall out with a close friend or family member.

Leo is very ambitious and strives to achieve especially when faced with competition.

Negative traits

Leo genuinely believes they are the best candidate for most things, and for this reason sometimes they can come across as too proud or snobbish.

Leo has a quick temper, and so can be very loud when frustrated or in an arguement , almost to the point of being scary! But they also calm down just as quickly.

Leo needs praise and attention, they crave this, however when they are not given the recognition they deserve, this makes them negative and enter sulk mode.

Being a fixed sign, Leo can be extremely stubborn when it comes to what they believe in. They are not great fans of change, and they prefer things to carry on as they are, which can be a drawback in periods of adversity.

Leo needs a lot of time to themselves to recharge and face the world, more so than others. This is the trait of a Lion in the jungle, they must have time to lie down and sleep even through the day, or even just watch tv to their own accord. However this can lead to unproductivity and thus Leo must learn to shake this habit of laziness.

Cancer Positive & Negative Traits

CANCER is the fourth sign of the zodiac.
Ruled by the Moon, its symbol is the crab.

Positive traits Cancerians

Cancerians are ruled by the moon, so their underlying nature reflects the qualities associated with that. They generally
have moods that fluctuate, extremely upbeat with the waxing phase of the moon, bright and optimistic, and then around 15 days of downbeat behaviour through the waning stages of the moon.

Cancerians are extremely sympathetic; this is due to their naturally caring nature. They are motherly and nurturing, and have
a warm reassuring touch physically and mentally. They have fleshy hands that give that healing touch when someone is tired or lacks energy, they are able to give the best massage, usually because they genuinely want to make others feel better and take away their pain.

Cancer signs are fair individuals who cannot stand for unfair treatment towards anyone. They refuse to go against their
principals, and will not want to even ‘white lie’ on any application forms, as they believe in being ‘correct’ at all times.

Cancerians are generous people, and will not leave anyone at a loose end if they need help, even if this means that they
disadvantage themselves at the cost of making someone else benefit. They are extremely hospitable, and for this reason do well in hospitality based services.

When a Cancer person is positive, they are very self assured, and able to make good informed decisions, and prove the best
at giving guidance to others. They have an intuitive streak about them which makes them give good advice from their ‘gut’ feel/instinct.

The qualities of the moon as the lord of Cancer sign enable them to get on well with people from all different circles and backgrounds. They are good at talking and making others understand things. They are magnetic and a peoples’ person.

Cancerians are imaginative and creative and have good taste in fashion and home decoration, they are great at interior
design. Their houses are nicely laid out and have a relaxing atmosphere, the stereotypically homely feel to them.

Negative traits of Cancer signs

A Cancer person will be known for the emotional nature and over sensitive personality. They may either get angry and
lose their temper very quickly, or not get angry but instead go into a super sulking mode, bit like a crab digging himself into the sand to hide away.

The oversensitive nature that comes with a Cancerian, can be due to them having high ideals and expectations of situations
which are only suited to a fantasy world. Because of these expectations they develop a slightly nagging nature about them that can be especially annoying to others. The thing is, they don’t believe that they are nagging at all! Another factor related to this, is that their positive hospitable side actually turns into an over mummifying experience…too motherly to everyone without realising, but they mean well.

Cancer signs have a weakness in that they can’t let go of the past. Whether it’s an argument, an incident or a bad memory, they
find it extremely difficult to let go and move on. Even years later, they are able to recollect and bring it up as an example. This is not beneficial as it only harms them and creates anxiety and a sense of hurt.

Cancerians are generous and don’t like seeing anyone in distress, so they try their best to help people. This part of their nature can often get taken advantage of, where they find that the favours are not always returned, the generosity of both time and effort is not always reciprocated when they need help.

A weak attribute is that the Cancer person needs a lot of assurance about everything at times. Even if they know they have the full capability of doing something, they still need reassurance from another person. This can become burdensome on the  ‘other’ person, and drain their energies, which can result in them not wanting to be around them in the future. This lack of confidence causes the crab to retreat back into the sand.

Cancerians have hard lessons to learn as they grow up. When young they have a gullible nature, and may believe anything
someone says. This can get them into trouble on more than one occasion. With this the Cancerian grows wiser and more independent as a result.

Gemini Positive & Negative Traits

GEMINI is the third sign of the zodiac
Ruled by Mercury, its symbol is the sign of the Twins

Positive traits

Ruled by mercury, the air sign, Gemini is a social butterfly, they love to interact with people from all walks of life and get on at every level as they are able to adapt themselves to the personalities that they are with.

Gemini’s are highly intelligent intellectuals who are often great mathematicians or scientists, they are able to think outside the box and come up with ideas/solutions to complex problems by thinking in a mental capacity which is higher than others. This is another reason why they are very quick to learn new things or grasp ideas and concepts without much trouble. The  mercurial element in them is at its best helping them to be quick at everything and multi talented in technical, mechanical and
lingual areas. They are great at picking up new languages. They are good at writing, comprehensive literature and poetry.

The air element associated with this sign along with Mercury’s lordship makes Gemini’s very witty, with the ability to give a sharp finely tuned answer to questions, along with a great sense of humour. They are bubbly and their mood becomes infectious when in a group.

Gemini’s have a very seductive side to them and even in general public they can come across as charming and flirty. This is just their nature. They have very analytical minds and can quickly and easily see both sides to an argument before they decide which way they want to proceed.

Gemini’s are all about interaction with others, they need to be engaging with other people, and for this reason we find many Gemini’s in communication related careers.

Negative traits

Another part of Mercury’s nature is to be adaptable, and whilst this is strength it can also become a weakness. Gemini
people find it very easy to change their opinions based on who they are with. This can be seen as fickle, or disloyal if they are seen to be agreeing with one person on a certain thing and then have a changed view when they suddenly speak to someone else.

Because of this interchangeable side they have, and perhaps also a sign of a twin personality, they can be seen to be extremely moody. They may be downright upset or depressed one day and then the next they may act absolutely normal, as if nothing was wrong. The dual nature of the sign Gemini is also responsible for this trait. But this changeable mood can make them appear unstable in the worse cases, making others lose trust in them. Another disadvantage about the duality of this sign is that, they sometimes cannot make their mind up and end up choosing the wrong path/field.

Gemini’s have a selfish streak about
them, where they will look for their own advantage in situations. This shows
their practical nature and survival of the fittest instinct.

Gemini’s, ruled by Mercury are information hungry individuals, they want to know everything about everything, how something works, why someone acted the way they did, why the sky is blue what causes this etc. whilst this can be advantageous in a work related context, on a social front it can make the Gemini seen to be nosey and interfering in others business. Once they know the answers to their questions, they then like to communicate these to others – a negative of this is that they can be seen to be a Gossip.

This is a sign which needs intellectual stimulation, and if this doesn’t happen, they can become extremely bored and agitated. Gemini’s can be restless people and it is not surprising that they are prone to nervous issues. Again not surprising as Mercury also represents nervous disposition.

Overall Gemini is a lovely personality and has a lot to offer on all fronts !